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Outpatient Manager

The complete workflow starting from Appointment Scheduling, Clinical Notes, Prescription and Billing will be digitized. Doctors and Receptionist always stay connected.

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Inpatient Manager

Inpatient management becomes simple & quick through easy to use interface. Allocate Beds, Add Reports and Discharge Patient through drag and drop functionality and customized templates.

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Accounts Management

Financial accounts and all purchase, expenses, payments can be added to maintain ledgers. Receipts can be directly imported from Outdoor & Indoor Patient Departments.

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Reports & Analytics

Analyze your Hospital using interactive reports on Departments, Patients & Financial Data. Use data to improve process flows and make your hospital more efficient.

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Laboratory Management

As the test is booked at reception request is automatically sent to Laboratory. Laboratory operators can then feed the results and print attractive reports. Doctors can also digitally view the reports.

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Inventory & Pharmacy Management

Maintain and manage your Hospital stock including pharmacy, equipment, stationary and other assets. Get automatic notifications when stock gets expired or crosses re-ordering levels.