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Dr. M. Khawar Nazir

Boston Aesthetics, Lahore

Healthwire has helped me a lot in organizing & improving my practice in a better way. Healthwire helps me in scheduling appointments and maintaining medical records. I will recommend other medical professionals also to use Healthwire for better services.

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Dr. Tauqir Ahmad

Signature Skin Care, Lahore

With Healthwire we have transformed our booking system and increased patient attendance rates. With the back end support of a highly professional team our Patient Case Management System has been digitized.

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Dr. Omer Sheikh

Dentist & Dentist, Lahore

Healthwire is a wonderful system for clinic management. It has moved us away from paperwork and has digitized our practice. Messaging service to patients has helped in growing our practice in many new ways. Keep up the good work!

Dr. shah faisal

Prof. Dr. Shah Faisal

Head of Dept. Orthodontics & Incharge Clinical Affairs, Karachi Medical and Dental College

Healthwire System is a start of our digital era in Health Sector. It is helpful to manage record digital with details reporting of all departments which are easy to access at any time. It is highly recommended for all health setups.

Dr. zubair abbasi

Dr. Zubair Ahmed Abbasi

Dr. Zubair & Associates, Karachi

I have recently started Healthwire which is very useful and made my life easy. I am very organized with my patient’s Treatments, Prescription, appointments and record keeping now. I am carefully recommending this software for all doctors.