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10 Weight Loss Tips that will Actually Work

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How to lose weight still remains the most sought-after tip of the century.

We have all had our fair share of how to overcome whacky weight loss. From bitter green juices to dieting plans, we all have been our own ‘health experts’. Most of our self-acclaimed health expert phases backfire and lead to failed weight loss results and more misinformation.

But just as there is a lot of misinformation, there are a lot of ways you can achieve good weight loss through following some simple weight loss tips at home.

No! we are not advocating any recipes or foolproof ways of getting rid of your fat, but rather there need to be some interventions in your lifestyle that are going to eventually help you with major weight loss.

Natural Weight Loss Tips that You can Start Today!

1. Take your Time in Eating

As children we are often conditioned to eat as quickly as we can, to finish our platters up as quickly as possible. However, with time, it turns out eating quickly can be very hard on your stomach and your metabolic activity. Eating slowly has been scientifically proven to boost your metabolic activity. When you take your time to chew your food your brain sends signals to your stomach to stop entertaining more food, due to the prolonged chewing activity.

Tip: always make sure that you are chewing to the count of 10.

2. Bite it while you Write it

Numerous studies on effective weight loss tips have shown that journaling down your eating log is going to help you stay on track with your eating activity. When you write down what you have had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, it becomes easy for you to be mindful of your eating activities. It also helps in putting your perspective on what will help with your system and what will not.

Tip: download a journal app and write a record of your daily food log.

3. Walking for Weight Loss

One of the best weight loss tips at home is walking. Walking for weight loss has been a foolproof way for people who find heavy workouts hard. Consciously incorporate walking into your routine. Take a couple of stairs to your work. Place your belongings to distant places, and walk to get there. Most people think that walking for a couple of minutes will not add to their daily activities. What they do not know is that according to research even five minutes of movement ever hour will set the right tone for a healthy body.  

Tip: Use an online app to count your daily steps and establish a walking goal.

4. Cook and Prep

This particular tip will not only help with your weight loss but also aid in a healthy lifestyle habit. The best way to achieve healthy cooking is to plan your weekday meals on a Sunday. Buy small containers and assort them on different weekdays. Use a mix of meat proteins, vegetables, fruits, and nuts to portion your meals. Simply start with lunch and then move up to dinner. For breakfast, you can simply use a cup of quick oats, keep them overnight and then use them as breakfast or lunch.

5. Balance your Hunger

It is always important to balance between hunger to know whether you are eating out of hunger or to simply eat. This is also important to distinguish between emotional eating and hunger eating. The best way to eliminate consistent hunger is to keep small portions of snacks throughout your day.

For example, taking an apple and eating it with almonds or peanut butter is one of the healthiest snacks. Similarly, you can always keep a pack of quick popcorns in your bag. Dry fruits, carrots, and cucumber sticks are some of the most calorie-deficit snacks that most definitely aid in your weight loss journey.

6. Never Skip Meals

One of the worst and most misinformed weight loss tips is intentionally skipping your meals. If you want to lose weight fast, you have to reprogram your mind into eating more BUT controlled meal portions. Make this a simple rule of thumb is to never ever skip your meals no matter what the circumstances are.

Golden tip on how to lose weight?-  Always honor your hunger and never starve your body of the rightful nutrients it needs.

7. Drink lots of Water

One of the best ways to overcome your uncalled hunger pangs is severe dehydration. Research also backs up that drinking two glasses of water before your meal helps with your weight loss fast. Water helps you feel fuller and keeps you less occupied on your plate. Drinking a lot of water also helps in sleeping you better at night and overall aiding in metabolic detox of your body.

8. Organize your Plate well

A basic tip in weight loss is to ensure a variety of food groups in your daily eating routine. Keep your plate colorful. If you do not know how to create a platter that will help in keeping you full, then here is what you can do. 

  • First begin with having the largest portion of protein on your plate (chicken, fish, mutton, or beef). 
  • Followed by vegetables ( a mix of kachi sabzi and fruits). 
  • The least count should be of your carbohydrate ( roti or rice).

Tip: most of the time we tend to eat roti more than our other food groups. The best way to keep in check with your count is to break the roti into a few pieces and mix it with your curry and vegetables.

9. Never Eat your Full

Always follow the 80% rule. 

In this weight loss tip, you eat your full to 80% and keep your hunger till 20%. Once you start feeling full, pause. One of the best ways to incorporate this tip in your daily routine is to prepare your plate using smaller portions and then stop eating when feeling full, pause and then eat again when you start feeling hungry.  

10. Skip Liquid Calories

Most of your calories come from flavored sweetened beverages that will hinder your weight loss. Research has shown that less intake of sweetened beverages results in meaningful weight loss. If you are a soda lover, simply replace your carbonate cravings with sparkling water. Just replacing few ounces of carbonated drinks can help you in 10,000+ calories per month!

One of the Best Ways on How to Lose Weight is to Stick to our Basics. 

Now, what do I mean by basics? Remember when our grandmas would soak our rotis in desi ghee for lunch and dinner, THAT is our basics.

 Drinking ‘Thanda Doodh’ and never ever knowing what the keto diet really is. Drinking plain water without fancy mixes. Having fresh seasonal fruits, having homemade butter and jams. These are our basics. 

Fancy fad diets may help for a week or two. In some cases, you may also lose drastic weight. However, 5 years down the lane your doctor would not be able to diagnose your fad diet as the cause of your sick liver. This is how fad diets work. 

They give you temporary results with long-lasting (sometimes even permanent) side effects. 

If you ask me our simple Pakistani diet plan for weight loss is the best. Now I am not suggesting pakoras, samosas, oily qormas; rather the light-hearted chutneys, salad, daal, and homemade sabzis. 

Consider Today as your Day 1 to your Healthy Meaningful Journey!

If you are looking for a Pakistani diet plan for weight loss, you can book an appointment with one of our top dietitians.

Let us know which of these tips worked for you and share with us what helped you in losing weight!

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