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5 Powerful Benefits of Bone Broth; A Nutritious Health Drink


The secret to youthful skin, strong immunity, and amazing energy are right here in this article. No this is NOT clickbait. Rather a very hearty sister to sister (or mister) tootkay sharing of the powerful benefits of yakhni.

Yes yakhni. One of the most popular natural drinks of the 21st century.

Yakhni in English is commonly known as ‘Bone Broth’.

Bone broth or in our native language ‘Yakhni’ is a fully loaded nutritious punch of health in just 2 sips.

Yakhni is prepared with brewed bones and connective tissues. It is a great source of energy for joints, immunity, and maintaining a healthy digestive system. Previously yakhni has been a dietary supplement to heal inner health. What makes this simple recipe stand out so much? Let’s find out.

What is Bone Broth?

Yakhni is a simple recipe. All you do is simmer some good bones and connective tissues of animals for a couple of hours. In some cultures, few other ingredients are added to enhance the taste and benefits of yakhni. Some popular choices for yakhni in Pakistan are beef, chicken, and mutton.

Yakhni can be consumed on its own or in the form of soups and gravies.

Yakhni has been a major part of foods across all cultures from pre-historic times. The inedible parts of animals were boiled into the broth as a form of drink.

Some other popular choices for bone broth are using connective tissues, such as feet, beaks, wings, etc.

How to Prepare Yakhni?

To make the best out of the benefits of bone broth or yakhni, you must consume it without much additives. To make a simple yakhni all you have to do is;

  • Take 4 liters of water
  • Take 1 to 2 kgs of any animal bones (preferably, mutton or farm-fed chicken)
  •  Add salt and pepper to taste
  •  Add 1-2 tbsp. of vinegar

Simply put all of the ingredients in a big pot, and let it sit to simmer for a couple of hours. Ideally, letting it simmer for over 10-20 hours. Once the broth is prepared, allow it to cool down, then strain all the liquid, and discard the rest.

For the best benefits of yakhni, it is ideal to use a variety of bones such as feet, wings, beaks, and knuckles of the animal.

Adding vinegar will enhance the benefits of bone broth. You can also add a variety of vegetables to give it a soup-like consistency.

What are Some Major Benefits of Bone Broth?

There are immense benefits of bone broth. For one, it is a rich source of protein. The minerals and healthy vitamins present in animals’ bones, make this liquid gold more appealing. Here are some impressive ways yakhni has been helping our health.

It Heals your Gut

Bone broth has been known to help people with the leaky gut syndrome. People who have leaky gut syndrome have porous intestinal lining and have holes in it. The nutrients in yakhni help ‘patch’ the troubled intestine, eventually easing chronic diarrhea and constipation. Apart from that, it is also a great source of nutrition for people who have food sensitivities.

How does it heal your gut?

For the scientific proof of the benefits of bone broth, we can look at all the minerals in the bones of different animals.

Most animal bones have calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other essential minerals that are found in our bones. Bone marrow has abundant vitamin A, Vitamin K2, zinc, iron, and omega fatty acids. All of these are beneficial for a strong protein collagen buildup.

This protein collagen buildup turns into gelatin that produces several essential amino acids. Moreover, these minerals become faster to absorb as all these minerals are released into the water that your body can easily absorb!

People who miss out on taking multivitamins can have a small cup of bone broth daily to fulfill their daily requirements.

It Boosts your Joint Health

As we have previously talked about collagen and how it helps with certain amino acids. It is also the main show stopper of the protein present in bones, ligaments, and tendons. Collagen buildup is one of the best benefits of drinking bone broth.

When you regularly consume yakhni, with a tie, your body starts building up its own connective tissue. Bone broth naturally has two major proteins that help in building bone muscle. Enforcing this, multiple studies have shown that how these two proteins have lessened joint pain and eased the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

It Helps with Weight loss

One question that is often asked is ‘is bone broth good for your weight loss?’ The answer is a massive YES!

Bone broth is surprisingly low on calories, and big on satisfying your hunger. If we look back at ancient times, people would eat more watery broth foods, gravies, and soups. This is why because soups give feelings of fullness and decrease body weight and belly fat.

One of the main benefits of bone broth is that it promotes muscle mass. This is important for people who are trying to lose weight and for people who are trying to gain weight. In both cases, there is more buildup of protein that cuts down the stored fat and increases overall stamina and strength. In one study, 53 overweight men trained for weight loss while regularly taking collagen. The study proved that over time their muscle mass increased and their body fat drastically decreased.

Benefits of Bone Broth for skin

Personal storytime.

Last year in winters I struggled with heavy patchy and dry skin. No amount of creams or oils came to my rescue. The harder I tried, the more my skin acted up. As it was during winters, I caught a cold as well. To heal my flu, my mother graciously forced me to drink freshly brewed bone broth. Just on the third day, I noticed a sheer glow on my skin. There were no patches. No itchiness and no signs of dryness, just within THREE DAYS!!

Now, why did it work for my skin?

Again, it was the natural collagen. My new skin cells multiplied in number. The new cells were stronger to retain hydration longer. The result? Plumper, youthful-looking skin.

You do not have to consume gallons of yakhni, but having a cup a couple of times a week can truly help your skin from the inside.

Yakhni Helps with Brain Health

An important pretend ‘glycine’ is found in yakhni. This protein is crucial for stimulating sleep and relaxation in our bodies. Many studies have shown that glycine helps in relaxing the brain and enhances the quality of sleep. If you are a working person like me, you must know the importance of quality sleep. What truly sold me out was a particular study that showed people deeply falling asleep after they took yakhni.

So what did we learn about Bone Broth?

That the benefits of bone broth are immense! It is jammed packed with nutrients. And there is no single way to consume it. Though the research for yakhni is still in process, from personal experience it is one holistic recipe of health, healing, and wellness.

Whether it is for skin, strength building or simply to arm up your inside, one cup of bone broth can truly make a difference. Why not try it today and share it with us in the comments? Though let me try to help you and share some commonly asked questions with you?

How much bone broth should I drink daily?

If you do not have a lot of tolerance for bone broth try with one cup a week, then take it up to 3 times a week. I am currently on the 3 times a week mark and it is serving me well.

How about chicken broth benefits? Is it any good?

It certainly is! Try to have ‘desi murghi ki yakhni’ once a week. If not, then beef bone broth is a good option as well.

How about the benefits of drinking bone broth for breakfast?

That is even more amazing. Breakfast is important for your gut health and what is better than a natural potion of some amazing nutrients and minerals.

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