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What we Offer!

We make your healthcare delivery easier.
Manage logistics
Appointment Reminder
Booking, rescheduling and cancellation of appointments reminder via SMS.
Referrals Outsourcing
E-health Records
Digitally integrated and versatile templates for patient E-health records.
Monitor kpis
Electronic medical prescription is generated directly into the pharmacy order.
Generate Reports
Generate invoices & keeps a track of patient billing and pending payments.
No Upfront Cost
Real Time Query Handling
Reduced risk of workflow delay due to the real-time solution of the queries.
Patient Portal
Patients can book, cancel & reschedule appointment and view reports via any e-device.
Staff Training
Secure Video Consultation
Connect with your patients remotely providing them with best medical advice.
Compliance Security
Operational Efficiency
Easy, secure and automated reports to monitor performance and accounts.

We Manage It!

We offer outstanding services for improved management experience.
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An integrated dental checkup chart for personalized treatments and health records.
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Generate prenatal care chart to effectively record/access/ analyse the patient during pregnancy.
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Generate an automated reminder for vaccination schedule and a reminder to patients.
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Integrated eye charts and eye prescription formats to store and print the health charts easily.
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Digital deworming and vaccination plans. Reminders sent automatically via software.

Why Choose Healthwire?

Healthwire provides you with various practice management benefits.
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Efficient and Effective Processes
  • Easy to use
  • Time-Saving
  • Compliance & Security
Integrated Workflow
  • Free Staff Training
  • Schedule Patient Visits
  • Transformed Query Handling
Competitive System
  • Increased Revenue
  • Optimized practice
  • Complete transparency

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Healthwire’s Practice Management Software is an effective, simple and easy solution for your extensive complicated work of patient care, and receives quick and accurate remuneration to optimize your daily workflow and increase the revenue opportunities for every speciality.

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