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How to Become an Empath – Effective Ways to Nurture this Humane Emotion

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Empathy – Are we born with it or do we develop it over time?

Empathy is a concept that is often related to a fixed emotion rather than something that can either be learned or developed over time. But it is one side of the coin. Because recent researches say that you can actually train your brain to develop empathy in one way or another. 

But why is empathy such an important human trait and why should you give two cents to become an empath? 

It is because empathy helps with your personal growth as an individual. 

It is a common perception that empathy is derived from personal experiences, growth curves and the way one is shaping up his or her life. It is true but that does not mean that you cannot develop it. There are some empathy training exercises that are actually the answer to how to become an empath. 

Before diving into the details, let us learn what empathy is and who are empaths. 

What is Empathy?

Ever heard of the phrase ‘putting yourself in another’s shoes? That is an idiom which is the clear definition of empathy. Empathy is a humanitarian trait that allows one to understand the emotional state of another person without judging or being condescending. It means to put your logical or rational argument aside to acknowledge and recognize the other person’s point of view. 

A simple example of empathy is to sympathize with another’s longing or suffering by imaging yourself in their place and envisioning the question – what would you feel if you ever go through something like that?

Putting yourself first and judging others regardless of their emotional baggage is something that is easy for us all. But it takes a lot of courage, compassion and patience to become an empath. 

Who is an Empath? 

An empath is a person who is aware and attentive to other people’s feelings and emotions. They are able to develop a deep human or emotional connection with another person. 

Their ability to draw a connection with others might be a gifted trait or something that has been developed over the passage of time with the help of observation and understanding. Science is currently understanding how to become an empath. 

According to various research groups, it is possible for people to mirror the traits of those with who they are in everyday contact or are emotionally connected. This theory is solidified by the presence of mirror neurons in the brain. Mirror neurons allow us to exhibit the same habits that we adore in our everyday communication with someone. Such as how someone says good morning or how they respond when you congratulate them on their little achievements. 

Neurologists are convinced that empaths have an abundance of these mirror neurons in them which makes the whole process of understanding an easy thing. 

How to Know If You are an Empath or Not?

Wondering if you are an empath or not or can you become an empath? You first have to recognize the empathy traits. Because being an empath not only promises better humane features but is also a way to manifest good health. Listed below are some of the characteristic features of an empath. 


Compassion is an emotion which allows one to understand the sufferings and longing of another. A compassionate person takes every possible measure to relieve others of their suffering. It is fueled by the desire to help. 

Note: Compassion is derived from a Latin word which means “to suffer together.”


Empaths are often intuitive as they trust their gut. As they are attuned to the feelings of others, they are able to pick on subtle hints or information. This helps them to be more present at the moment. 


Empaths are people who pay a little more attention to even trivial matters. They care gently about the concerns, needs, emotions, wishes and fears of others. They tend to remember even the minor personality traits of a person. Empathetic people are willing to go the extra mile to make someone feel appreciated and acknowledged. 


Another empathy trait that makes empaths stand out in a crowd is their ability to read the room. They catch on to the slightest hints and are more prone to even the slightest change in one’s behaviour. 

From loud noises to an unnoticeable change in one’s tone, empaths are quick to take notes of such things. 

How to Become an Empath – Various Empathy Training Exercises

Becoming an empath is like stepping up your emotional scale and achieving being a better human being. But the sought-after question here is how to become an empath.

Without further ado, let us learn the various aspects of empathy training. 

Master the Act of Listening

The art of conversation is when two people share their mutual interests or areas of conflict with one another. But we often tend to just hear what the other person is saying so that we can commute a rational response. This is fine as long as one is just debating about an everyday routine. 

But when the topic turns a serious and more mature turn, that is when you need to be actively listening to what they are trying to say. An easy approach on how to become a better empath is by paying attention, not in the face of response but just listening. 


According to the neurologists in Hameed Latif Hospital, Listening is an important trait and one needs to master it to become a true empath. 

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

This point is the fundamental brick on your journey of how to become an empath. We are often tired of our own routines and tend to be a bit superficial in our day-to-day communications. While listening to another person, we might be quick to label them as over-the-top or overdramatic. 

But rather than being judgemental what if we are able to provide them with the edge of simply being a human? 

This will give you enough room to analyze their actions based on their past experiences and thought processes. Furthermore, this is also how you are able to become an empath.

Read Between the Lines

This is in fact a continuation of the previously discussed point.  When you are in any setting be it professional or intimate, try to notice the little details in people. Rather than ignoring them, you should try to look for the human being inside them. 

Another thing that can help you in becoming an empath is to understand that you do not have to be in physical connection with others to feel empathy for them. You can implement the art of noticing the little details in people’s lives, who outline your everyday routine. 

For example, the person who is taking your coffee order, and the security guard who welcomes you into the building with a bright smile. These interactions if you are able to look closely are your little connections with humanity. 

The more open and appreciative you are of people who are playing even a small role in making your everyday life simple, the more you will become an active part of a community. This is not only important for becoming an empath but is also essential for becoming a better human being.

Look for the Common Things

An essential ingredient in your quest for how to become an empath is to overlook the prejudices and find the common ground. Rather than paying attention to what makes you stand out in a crowd, look for ways to blend in with the rest of them. 


For this practice try to look at the things that are common in you and others. This will enhance your experience of communicating with people and will aid you in becoming a better empath. 

When you are able to find a common trait, you are able to blend better, your communication and people skills improve and you eventually become a better empath. 

Becoming a Better Empath – Becoming a Better Human 

Empathy or the act of understanding the emotional state of a person is something that all of us have in ourselves but on different levels. Remember that it is possible for you to nurture this emotion with the help of the above-mentioned empathy training exercises. 

Being an empath has its own pros and cons. But one thing is for sure it trains you to become a better version of yourself. If you need more consultation and valuable tips you can reach out to the best psychiatrists via healthwire.
Remember that Being an Empath is not a weakness, it’s a strength!

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