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Aapki Sehat, Hamari Tarjeeh

Healthwire is on a mission to make quality healthcare more accessible and affordable for 220 Million+ Pakistanis. We believe in empowering our users with the most accurate, comprehensive, curated information, care and enabling them to make better healthcare decisions.

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Wide range of medicines

Ivagen (5mg) 14 Tablets Ivabradine 5mg Rs. 378.0 Rs. 420.0 Add to Cart
Emhart (10/80mg) 14 Tablets Genetics Pharmaceuticals Rs. 289.8 Rs. 322.0 Add to Cart
Vaseline Intensive (Aloe Soothe) 100ml Body Lotion Rs. 332.5 Rs. 350.0 Add to Cart
JMS Scalp Vein 22G Infusion Set Rs. 95.0 Rs. 100.0 Add to Cart
Pampers 5 (Junior) 8 Baby Diapers Rs. 339.0 Add to Cart
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Corporate Wellness Program

Empower the wellbeing of your employees

Free live video consultation with doctors along with fitness sessions. Exclusive discounts of medicine and lab tests and much more. Upto 14% off on all medicines, Upto 40% off on all chugtai Lab tests

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