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Rawalpindi, commonly known as ‘Pindi’ is the fourth most populous city in the country. Known for its advanced medical institutes, expert doctors, and some of the best medical research institutes in Pakistan, Rawalpindi is an important healthcare hub in the country.

Rawalpindi also caters to the highest number of patients within the region. People from all over Pakistan visit Rawalpindi for their health issues to get consulted with the top and best doctors in Pakistan. Rawalpindi is, therefore, is one of the central cities for advanced medical facilities within the region at both government level and private level. 

Specialists in Rawalpindi

The person who is pursuing medicine as a potential career has immense options. From practicing medicine to opting for a full-time researcher, the field of medicine is both holistic and attractive for anyone who is opting for it. 

In Rawalpindi, you can find more than 100+ various specialties and subspecialties of doctors. These doctors include general physicians, various surgeons, cardiologists, gynecologists, cosmetologists, dermatologists, dentists, diabetologists, neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, ENT specialists, etc. All these specialists are providing their services to humanity 24/7. 

The number of doctors in Rawalpindi is increasing each year. All of these doctors are practicing in renowned hospitals and clinics at the government and private levels.

How to Become a Doctor in Rawalpindi

Becoming a doctor is not an easy job, rather it’s one of the toughest yet holistic jobs ever. In order to get admission, first, a student has to clear an entrance test for medical colleges and universities. After the entry test, they can get admission to the medical colleges depending upon the merit. 

Students can choose either MBBS or BDS. BDS is completely a different field of medicine that deals with dental medicine while MBBS includes the rest of the clinical fields of medicine. 

MBBS requires 5 years of study and then 1 year of house job in the hospital. While BDS includes 4 years of study and 1 year of house job. After this, doctors can further do specialization in various fields.

Registration Process for Doctors

All the dental and medical practitioners need to get registered and licensed from the Pakistan Medical and Dental Association (PMDC). Without registration and license, they can’t practice in either hospitals or clinics.

Fee Range of Best Doctors in Rawalpindi

The consultation fee of the doctors in Rawalpindi ranges between (500-3000) PKR depending upon the specialty you are consulting. 

Medical Advancement and Services of Medical Experts in Rawalpindi

The doctors in Rawalpindi are providing exceptional healthcare services. The patients can benefit from the doctors from the consultation to the diagnosis, accessing, treatment, vaccination, and prevention of the diseases and disorders.

In the past decade, due to the advancement of technology, doctors can now connect with their patients in just a few minutes. The improvement in the telecommunications sector has further boosted telehealth or telemedicine services. The doctors can also check the medical records of their patients easily by the practice management software. Online video consultation has further made the practice of doctors in Rawalpindi easy, as now they can give consultation to the patients easily anytime, anywhere all over Pakistan. 

All these digitalization trends have made appointment booking and instant medical checkups a hassle-free process. You don’t have to wait for hours to get your appointment and consult with the doctor. “Doctor Online”, “Doctor On-Chat” and “Audio or Video Consultation” with the doctor have made things easy for the patients who are unable to physically go to hospitals or clinics from “far-flung areas” and can’t travel.

Healthwire-Best Doctors in Rawalpindi

In current times, connecting with any certified and best doctor in Rawalpindi is extremely easy. Considering the changing trends and need for digitalization, Healthwire is providing a platform for the patients to connect with the doctors in a seamless way. has the list of top qualified and well-reputed doctors from various specialities and subspecialties having advanced medical expertise in their respective fields. Doctors of Healthwire are highly dedicated and committed to providing the best medical facilities without compromising the privacy of the patients. 

Our doctors in Rawalpindi are known for their expertise, services, treatment, and prevention of diseases along with the research in the medical field. You can easily explore the list of reputed doctors on Healthwire who are nationally and internationally certified. All these doctors provide you with a full spectrum of treatment, preventive medicine and personalized treatment plans for the patients. 

Connecting with Doctors in Rawalpindi is a Click Away! helps you in connecting with the best doctors in Rawalpindi near you for exceptional medical services in an affordable fee range.

To make an appointment booking with your doctors, has further simplified the process that helps you save time and money.

You can easily call at (04232500989) or click on a “book an appointment” option at, to schedule your appointment at your ease with the doctor of your choice. You can also opt for a Video Consultation depending upon the availability of the doctor.

Consult with Top Specialists in Rawalpindi

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Frequently Asked Questions
Who are the best doctors in Rawalpindi?

You can find the list of best doctors in Rawalpindi exclusively at Healthwire.

What is the fee range for the best doctors in Rawalpindi?

Generally, the fee range for the best doctors in Rawalpindi is between 500-3000 (PKR) depending upon the city and speciality.

How can I book an appointment with the best doctor in Rawalpindi?

To book an appointment, check the list of the best doctors in Rawalpindi or call at 04232500989.

How can I find the top doctors in Rawalpindi?

You can find the list of top doctors in Rawalpindi at Healthwire, according to the speciality and expertise of a doctor.

How can I book an online consultation with a top certified doctor in Rawalpindi?

To book an online consultation, Check the list of top certified doctors in Rawalpindi providing online consultation or call at 04232500989.

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