What is Urology?

A urologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the urinary tract and studying the male reproductive system. A urologist is famously also known as a genitourinary doctor. 

Usually, a patient is recommended to a urologist after a physician suspects some condition underlying the bladder, urethra, kidneys and adrenal glands. urologists are specialized in examining the fertility and reproductive health of men including reproductive disorders.  They will carefully evaluate your case and provide an individual diagnosis. They are also trained in general healthcare as well with conditions especially revolving men's health issues. They are fully licensed for providing the right treatments and guidance of men's reproductive organs.  Nonetheless, the expertise of a urologist is not limited to just treating men's reproductive conditions, they are also trained for carrying out surgeries and prescribing preventive medication.  

Health of Male Organs and Hormonal Imbalance | Consult with urologists

urologists treat a wide range of issues which include men's health issues such as hormonal imbalance.  In the case of hormone disorders, you should consult with a ‘urologist’ immediately. Your urologist will go through a thorough examination of your reproductive health and may suggest certain lifestyle changes to make.   

Services by Healthwire Genitourinary Physician

The services and treatments offered by our urology doctor are, but not limited to:

  • Male infertility 

  • Kidney disease 

  • Renal transplant 

  • Urology oncology 

  • Bladder prolapse 

  • urinary tract infections.

  • Involuntary loss of bladder control in men

  • Prostate cancer, testicle cancer in men 

  • Enlarged prostate

  • Erectile dysfunction 

  • Peyronie’s disease 

  • Painful bladder syndrome 

  • Kidney stones 

  • Prostatitis 

  • Pediatric urology 

  • Urethral stricture 

  • Endourology

Certified urologists for men in Pakistan | Just a Click Away!

A urologist in Pakistan is a licensed medical healthcare practitioner who has undergone standard MBBS, followed by a specialization in urology from a recognized institute. It is important for a urologist to carry a license for practicing from a recognized board or state. Pakistan has many top qualified urologists who are best in their field. In order to help you, Healthwire is providing you with easy access to Pakistan’s Best urologists. You can find the complete list of both male and female urologists from all over Pakistan with their detailed information of expertise, practicing location, and timings.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why would you need to see a urologist?

You should see a urologist when you get urinary infection, kidney stones, or any kidney tract problems. Men also consult urologists for their reproductive health systems.

What does a urologist do?

The first visit to a urologist begins the process of determining the cause and best treatment course for the urological condition. Typically, the urologist will initially review the patient's full medical history, and especially in relation to past urological issues.

What procedures does a urologist do?

The urologist may recommend an ambulatory, office-based procedure. It may be cystoscopy, a minimally invasive procedure that examines the bladder and urethra; urodynamics, which assesses bladder functionality for patients who have incontinence; and/or a biopsy.

When should a male see a urologist?

It might be due to an enlargement of the prostate, kidney stones, or even tumors of the kidneys or bladder. If you see blood in your urine, or if your primary care physician finds microscopic blood in your urine during a routine screening, you need to be seen by a urologist

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