About Us

Healthwire is a Lahore based technology startup on a mission to improve access to healthcare in Pakistan. We are using technology to empower patients and make practices more efficient. We are helping patients in finding doctors according to their need and then booking appointments with doctors. Healthwire is a free service that enables patients to find a doctor or dentist, to credibly research and understand their clinical interests and specialties, assess their academic credentials and achievements, and book an appointment via any internet-connected device. A visit to a doctor normally starts with unanswered phone calls, lack of information about doctors availability and it usually ends with long waiting hours before appointments. Healthwire solves these problems by helping patients find a doctor and then book a free slot within seconds.
Simultaneously, we are helping digitize clinics and hospitals all over Pakistan. Our practice management solution digitizes workflows and helps doctors in giving an even better healthcare experience. Our solutions are simple yet powerful, built to grow and manage your practice. We have managed to digitize 250+ health setups across 14+ cities in Pakistan. We are going strong in our mission to digitize clinics and hospitals all over Pakistan.

Our Team

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Hamza Iqbal

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Aamir Mughal

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Shehbaz 3c3fbc2ff11c6571513f496927afe5195ec82211fc030fa3ab334f9d543124e7

Shehbaz Bashir

Chief Product Officer (CPO)