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Want to boost your employee’s well-being? Opt the Healthwire’s optimum employer’s healthcare solution!

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What We Offer

The quality versatile features for your healthcare.
Virtual Doctor
Virtual Doctor Consultation
Unlimited free healthcare video consultation with our certified listed doctors for employees and family.
Regular Healthcheck
Regular Health Checkup
Annual health checkup for the employee and family for a healthy life.
Lab Test Discounts
Lab Tests Discounts
Avail discounts for diagnostic lab testing from our listed laboratories.
Free Medicine Delivery
Free Medicine Delivery
Free medicine delivery service all over Pakistan right at your doorstep.
Insurance Claim Handling
Insurance Claim Handling
An exclusive integrated solution to help you digitalize insurance claims.
Hr Dashboard
Comprehensive HR Dashboard
Advanced analytical dashboard, to keep track of work-force health and healthcare facilities availed.

Value for Organization

Our Wellness Program encompasses healthcare services for your organization.
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Benefits to Management
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Reduced healthcare cost
  • Improved productivity and performance
Benefits to HR
  • Enhancement in employee engagement
  • Identifying fraudulent claims
  • Tracking of healthcare spending
Benefits to the Employees
  • Unlimited free video consultation
  • Employees’ wellbeing
  • Discounted Lab tests and free medication delivery

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Considering the changing digital healthcare trends, Healthwire has devised a comprehensive corporate health program. This health program focuses on an employer’s approach towards improving an employee’s health. Our wellness program covers the healthcare benefits for both employees and employers.

This wellness program will help in reducing the trend of sick employees at work, increased productivity but also decreases the medical healthcare cost and insurance premiums.

So, let’s support your employees and organization digitally , swiftly and remotely.

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