Healthwire's Editorial Policy

Who We Are?

We are a digital healthcare company that is currently working on bringing a modern, quality and affordable healthcare ecosystem in Pakistan. Our Mission is to act in accordance with the need for public healthcare. We set out on 24th March 2015 to be one of the first IT companies to digitally transform healthcare notions in Pakistan.
Currently we are working on creating authentic database information, advanced patient referrals, appointment flows and classified consumer healthcare. Our aim is to serve all distinctive, high-quality services of healthcare in B2B and B2C constructs.

Editorial Values

All of the content is produced in light of strict editorial integrity and quality that is carefully monitored.
Our editorial values correspond to our audience's expectations. We believe in total transparency, openness, expert commentary, and reader trust.
Our content charter has been created by understanding the following rules:

  • To enlighten people with authentic, credible medical information in the form of blogs, news, diseases, treatment processes, and the availability of medical experts through our esteemed platform.
  • To understand the complexity of medical procedures and therefore conduct a thorough validation of extensive research and review.
  • To ensure each and every information piece is factual, evidence-based, and precise.
  • To demonstrate an authentic database forum without an inclination towards factious pieces of information.
  • To reflect and uphold ethical cultural values.

It is, therefore, Healthwire’s duty to establish set standards for a periodically reviewed process of creating and publishing content.

Editorial Workflow

  • 1

    Planning and Research

    Extensive research is done through creating a Unique Research Journey For each content entry.
  • 2

    Content Structure

    The structure is outlined, and well-coordinated to meet our set content standard.
  • 3

    Content Creation

    The quality of content creation is ensured to create authentic content, after multiple discussions.
  • 4

    Referencing and Citation

    Each content piece created is referred from original documents, medical journals and review articles.
  • 5

    Content Reviewing

    the finalized content goes through a repeated cycle of review process before getting shaped into its expected quality form.
  • 6

    Consistency Assessment

    It is ensured that the information written is reader-friendly, as well as with the infographics/ pictures/ quotations used are in sync with our quality standards.
  • 7

    Periodic Updates

    Our team periodically reviews and updates content to keep up with latest research releases.

Editorial Policy for Our Editorial Staff

  • References, Sources and Citations:
    Maintaining academic, journalistic and research integrity is one of the most sought-after standards for our research. Sourcing and citations are strictly taken with proper set guidelines. Our top source of reliance is peer-reviewed journals, high authority websites, academic institutions, official government agencies, and other highly respected medical organizations. Each and every citation is clearly mentioned in each and every piece of information present on the website.
  • Plagiarism
    We have zero tolerance for plagiarism and copied content. We have efficient systems and tools to detect plagiarism. ‘Quotations’, ‘Official statements’, ‘Press Release Systems’, ‘Medical Facts and Information’ may be given space to be quoted within the content to support the topic addressed.
  • Editorial Independence
    The editorial team encompasses complete independence over the content. No unrelated partner is given the liberty to change or copy the content whatsoever.
  • Subject Matter Expertise
    we create and cover content regarding sensitive health-related topics that are carefully vetted after extensive training in research, source, and reporting.
  • Content Updates
    we have a thorough content maintenance schedule that is regularly updated. Whenever new information is released, our writers update them accordingly keeping in mind the clinical guidelines, product updates, abrupt healthcare alerts.
  • Links to other sites
    we have a thorough content maintenance schedule that is regularly updated. Whenever new information is released, our writers update them accordingly keeping in mind the clinical guidelines, product updates, abrupt healthcare alerts.

Content Creation & Review Process / Content Framework

Our content creation process has been established after many modifications to establish a strong backbone of everything we create. To ensure everything is published in accordance with our standards, we ensure

  1. Earning and building audience trust
  2. Exercising empathy, accuracy, and transparency across all forms of content
  3. Continuous process of updating and monitoring content
  4. Establishing clear and high standards from all creators, writers and contributors

We understand different channels in healthcare. Health information can become very overwhelming because of its availability everywhere. Our creators at Healthwire, are working relentlessly to change that.

Establishing content strategy- each publication is thoroughly discussed, searched before establishing strategies.

Training Our Writers / Contributors

You come for correct, authentic information which is why it is our responsibility to fulfill by establishing high writing standards. We present our content with the utmost unbiased agenda, with a balance between scientific facts and figures and perfectly calculated comprehensive information for our audience.

We have research-backed information pieces distributed with our writers who each have a unique set of strengths. Their work in return is upheld to the highest of honest standards before presenting it to our audiences. To understand how our set of frameworks for content, here is our criteria for different forms of published content:

  • Our Quality starts from our Team
    All the selected writers are ensured to have somewhat understanding of a strong scientific background where they are further selected on strict multiple process criteria. Each writer is then trained through multiple channels of content generation. With gradual confidence building, their expertise is cultivated and then tailored in the right area. Currently, we have an amazing team that utilizes their practices in their relevant area of expertise.
  • All of our health information is carefully reviewed and edited by medical experts
    We have a team of professional healthcare professionals that come from extensive medical-industrial backgrounds with varied experiences in content and especially research. With their varied medical research background, they contribute quality research, strategy, and content to our platform.
  • All the content is thoroughly vetted and verified by an efficient team of medical experts
    All the contributions and brands with partners are carefully evaluated if they are to provide or contribute in any form of content. However, whatever the integrity of the brand dictates, Healthwire is not accountable for their research or content integrity matters that are present on their platforms.
  • Consumer lab tests, diseases content is created by expert medical writers and editors
    Each and every piece of information has been carefully reviewed in contrast with acknowledged medicine platforms worldwide. Consumer drug information content is created by skilled medical editors.
  • Our News team stays on top of any new information released
    Our expert science journalists are always taking into regard all the parameters for worthy news content for credible news production. The news content is then reviewed by the editor in position. Every single day, the news team is trained to dig deep and hunt the best of medical news and research that is the most current and up to date.
  • All content is checked and reviewed multiple times to stay abreast of any chance of errors
    Each content piece is retouched, edited, and prioritized to stay in check with rigorous quality.

Product Pages

The product pages are created in alliance with the product team. Our products are first of its kind to present a wholesome digitised healthcare ecosystem in Pakistan. Each and every requirement is curated, discussed with different experts before presenting it in front of our audience. Our main product pages consist of two main business models with their own set of requirements.

  • B2B
    For B2B we have a very consumer client trust content generation where we ensure each and every feature is highlighted to take in client confidence and trust.
  • B2C
    For B2C we produce content the way we would like to consume as consumers for our own and our families well-being. Our approach towards this particular sector is to build a strong correlation between credible information and what the client is looking for.

Blog Pages

For the best of information, our blogs are discussed amongst the writers, reviewed with experts, and then finalized through looking at different Google trends.

Information Pages

Our information content is solely for the satisfaction of our audience. We only wish to create more quality and present more credibility than other platforms for us to stand out.

Our Vocabulary prioritizes empathy, inclusivity, and precision

What we read, we reflect.
Keeping this in mind, we want to make sure we are publishing that is relevant, credible, clear, and authentic, and real-life content. We encourage our writers and editors to maintain a tone of warmth, empathy yet keep in mind the progressive trends that need to be reflected in the content that is created.
At Healthwire, a conscious language is a long-term commitment that goes on with more focus on audience and health communities’ engagement. We believe we are a judgement-free zone, where we share stories to empower people to let them know that they are not alone in their struggles. From taboo topics to mental health struggles, we aim to cover each and everything that resonates with our readers.
We just do not stop here. We believe in evolving ourselves. Whether it is language, stories, or our information, everything is seen from the perspective of a reader, and that is one aim Healthwire will always seek to uphold.

Health Information is continually changing and so are we..

Every form of information is changing, old ideas fade, and new trends emerge. We are fully aware of changing momentums which is why we are always quantifying our content after a set interval. You can verify this through certain references that are a tiny reflection of what our editorial process seems like. Some of these are, but are not limited to;

  • Each content produced is given a published or written date on the site.
  • Every piece reviewed is mentioned by who it has been reviewed by.
  • Fact checked information is verified as fact-checked.
  • Any information on doctors mentioned is PMC verified.

Apart from timely updates, immediate action is taken if there is any submission of credible feedback that will help us grow.

Our Collaborations

As mentioned earlier, we are open to collaborations and are always seeking to learn and grow. If you have a relevant platform you want us to collaborate on, Healthwire will very much like to become a part of your achievement.
Please note, that we do have a strong reviewing system through which we maintain our set standard as well as establish new milestones. By all stretch and length, we would like to establish the same set of rules for all the collaboration we become a part of.

Apki Sehat Subsaay Pehlay

We do not believe in fluid content, rather we practice a very honest and direct approach with our readers. Any information present on our site in accordance with the scientific finding will not be subject to change, just because it may not align with anyone’s individual values. Medicine is a blunt field and we like to portray it in the same manner without any self-edits.

Help Us become Best for You

You are our first and foremost priority. Whatever we write is for you. Our writers, editors, and contributors all aim to strive for having a healthy relationship with our readers.
We have established a stringent policy to allow you to help us grow and become better for you. We are continuously working hard. Evolving hard and trying our best to become the number 1 medical content provider of Pakistan.
We truly love when some of you try to connect with us. Let us know in the comment section below to let us know if there is any feedback we should know about.

Write for Us/Become a Part of Healthwire Family

If you want to become a part of our Healthwire family, you are welcome to send in your pitches. For a pitch to be approved you must consider the following guidelines;

  • You have to pick a relevant topic from the given categories son our blog (kindly visit the blog page to know).
  • Your pitch should come with a title, and short intro, main body, and compulsive conclusion.
  • The pitch should be no longer than 500 words.
  • All the reference articles used for the pitch should be mentioned.
  • Pitches are to be sent to [email protected].
  • No follow-up emails will be entertained.
  • If your pitch is approved, you will be informed in 2 weeks’ time.
  • In case your pitch is rejected you will be well-informed about the reason for rejection.
  • Any information on doctors mentioned is PMC verified.

Team of Experts

Dr. Jawad Khan

General Physician

5 years experience


Dr. Shifa Shah

General Physician

4 years experience


Dr. Haris Bin Sohail

General Physician

2 years experience


Our Writers

Aiman Tahir Laghari

She is a microbiologist and content manager, who is ambitious about creating quality and empathetic healthcare content.

Maria Amir

Maria Amir is the leading Content Editor. She aims to inspire an informed healthcare ecosystem in Pakistan while working through strategic content trends.

Iqra Zafar

A researcher, writer and philanthropist who wants to contribute towards a healthier community.

Seemab Latif

Seemab Chaudhary is a healthcare enthusiast who inspires the audience to shift towards a more wholesome and healthier lifestyle.