223 Top Certified Dermatologists/Skin Specialists in Karachi

Also known as, Jild Ka Doctor, Skin Specialist, Skin Doctor, ڈرمیٹولوجسٹ, جلد کا ماہر


Dr Aisha Humaira



9 Years Experience

MBBS, Diploma in Dermatology, Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine, Certified in Thread-lifting

Who is a Dermatologist?

Dermatology is a study of skin, nails and hair diseases.

A dermatologist or a skin doctor is responsible for assessing, diagnosing, treating, and preventing all kinds of skin-related diseases and disorders, including nails and hair.

A dermatologist or skin specialist performs both medical and surgical treatments to deal with over 3000 conditions. Dermatologists in Karachi also perform cosmetic surgeries.

Dermatologists in Karachi

Karachi being a major metropolitan city, is known for its top doctors and hospitals. People from all over the country visit Karachi to get the latest treatments from the advanced medical healthcare facilities.

Currently there are 4000+ dermatologists in Karachi that are providing latest treatments and services to all skin diseases.

When to See a Dermatologist?

You can see a dermatologist or skin specialist if you have any skin condition. Some people want to get rid of spots or moles that affect their appearance. Skin doctors also perform cosmetic procedures, like cheeks lift, botox, chin surgery, etc. for people who are conscious about their appearance related to skin texture, nails, and hair.

There are some conditions that may go away with time, but you should visit a dermatologist if the symptoms get worse.

What Skin-Related Procedures Dermatologists Perform in Karachi?

To treat the skin condition or disease, skin specialist performs of Karachi are providing multiple services, such as:

  • Microneedling 
  • Mohs surgery 
  • Hydrafacial 
  • PRP
  • Microdermabrasion 
  • Laser hair removal 
  • Chemical peel
  • Botox injection 
  • Cosmetic injections 
  • Skin Biopsies 

How to Choose Top Skin Specialist in Karachi?

To choose the best dermatologist near you via Healthwire, always consider the following points:

  • Years of experience
  • Qualification of Doctor
  • What services the doctor provide
  • Read the reviews 
  • PMC Verified Check

You can also get help through online video consultation from a certified dermatologist via Healthwire.

Best Dermatologists in Karachi -Book an Appointment

Now you can easily book an appointment with qualified and expert skin doctors from every part of Karachi. Healthwire’s top male and best female dermatologists in Karachi are famous for their extensive treatment for skin-related issues. Our best dermatologists in Karachi are practicing in well-reputed hospitals and private clinics.

We at Healthwire help you in finding the ‘best skin specialist near me’ easily, so that you can easily connect with the dermatologist or skin doctor of your choice.

To book an appointment with the best dermatologist in Karachi, you can call at 042-32500989/021-37130261or opt for an online video consultation anywhere from all over Pakistan with our specialists, subject to their availability hours.

Frequently Asked Questions
When should you visit the best skin doctor in Karachi?

If you are suffering from any skin, hair or nail issue, you need to visit the best skin doctor in Karachi without any delay. The reason is that skin issues need to be addressed urgently. If however, you are unsure about how often you need to see a dermatologist/skin specialist, you can ask your primary healthcare provider or general physician for their recommendation. From consultation to treatment, our best-reviewed dermatologist in Karachi will help you in drafting the customized treatment plan as per your condition.

Which doctor is best for skin allergy in Karachi?

A dermatologist or skin allergy specialist in Karachi can help you in treating your skin.

What is the difference between a skin specialist and a dermatologist?

Whenever someone wants to seek professional medical help for skin issues like moles, acne scars, skin reactions, ageing of the skin, or skin cancer accumulation they are always directed towards a ‘skin specialist’. A dermatologist is also the same as a skin specialist, however, a dermatologist may have specialized further into any of the advanced branches of dermatology.

What are some common skincare tips advised by a top skin specialist in Karachi?

Every individual has a different type and nature of skin. Therefore it is always best to visit a skin specialist to know better about your skin needs and wants. However, one thing that top 10 dermatologists in Karachi and other best skin specialists in Karachi advise regardless of your age is the use of sunscreen and hydration for our skin.

How to find the best dermatologist in Karachi for Hair Loss?

Hair loss is becoming one of the increasing health concerns in Pakistan. But now, connecting with the best dermatologist in Karachi for hair loss is just a click away. To book an appointment with the best hair specialist in Karachi depending upon patient reviews, fees, experience and location you can easily call us at 02137130261 or you can also visit Healthwire.pk to view the list of best hair doctors in Karachi.

Who are the best dermatologists in Karachi?

You can find the list of all the best and top dermatologists in Karachi exclusively at Healthwire.pk.

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