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Also known as Pediatricians, Children Doctors, Baby Consultants, Child Specialists, Kids Doctors, Baby Doctors, Doctors of Peads, Mahir-e-imraz-e-itfal, Bachoun ka doctor, بچوں کے سپیشلسٹ ڈاکٹر , ماہرِ امراضِ اطفال

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Best Pediatrician in islamabad - Dr. Malik Qaiser Awan

Dr. Malik Qaiser Awan

Pediatrician • Neonatologist

Dip. in Infectious 19 Year of Experience
PMC Verified 95%
Best Pediatrician in islamabad - Dr. Abdul Salam Wazir

Dr. Abdul Salam Wazir

Cardiologist • Pediatrician • Pediatric Cardiologist

FCPS 26 Year of Experience
PMC Verified 95%
Best Pediatrician in islamabad - Dr. Nauman Naseer

Dr. Nauman Naseer


FCPS 12 Year of Experience
PMC Verified 95%
video consultation doctor card
Best Pediatrician in islamabad - Dr. Talat Pervaiz

Dr. Talat Pervaiz


MD 19 Year of Experience
PMC Verified 95%
Best Pediatrician in islamabad - Dr. Muqadar Shah

Dr. Muqadar Shah


FCPS (Peads) 14 Year of Experience
PMC Verified 95%
Best Pediatrician in islamabad - Assist. Prof. Dr. Asma Kanwal

Assist. Prof. Dr. Asma Kanwal

Pediatrician • Pediatric Cardiologist

F.C.P.S (Pediatric Cardiology) 16 Year of Experience
PMC Verified 95%
Best Pediatrician in islamabad - Dr. Abida Faiz Talpur

Dr. Abida Faiz Talpur


PAEDS 6 Year of Experience
PMC Verified 95%
Best Pediatrician in islamabad - Dr. Muneeba Iqbal

Dr. Muneeba Iqbal


FCPS 5 Year of Experience
PMC Verified 95%
Best Pediatrician in islamabad - Dr. Qurat Ul Ain

Dr. Qurat Ul Ain


FCPS 6 Year of Experience
PMC Verified 95%
Best Pediatrician in islamabad - Dr. Muhammad Yousaf

Dr. Muhammad Yousaf


MBBS 7 Year of Experience
PMC Verified 95%

What is Pediatrics?

Pediatrics is a specialized field of medicine. It deals with the study, research, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various types of diseases plus disorders related to infants, children, and teenagers.

Who is a Pediatrician?

A pediatrician or child specialist is a doctor of pediatrics. A child specialist is responsible for diagnosing and treating all kinds of health conditions in infants, children, and teenagers.

بچوں کے اسپیشلسٹ ڈاکٹر کو پیڈیاٹریشن یا ماہرِ امراضِ اطفال بھی کہا جاتا ہے۔ ماہرِ امراض اطفال بچوں میں ہر طرح کی بیماریوں جیسا کہ نمونیہ، ڈائریا، دمہ، اور چکن پاکس کی تشخیص اور علاج میں مدد فراہم کرتے ہیں۔ اس کے علاوہ پیڈیاٹریشن بچوں کی صحت کو برقرار رکھنے کے لیے والدین کو تجاویز بھی دیتے ہیں۔ 

When to Visit a Child Specialist?

You need to immediately visit a pediatrician if you observe a change in your child health. Some of the major symptoms as per condition are as follows


 for your children when you notice the following symptoms in your child.


Cough, on the other hand, is a symptom of many illnesses such as bronchitis, flu, and cold. Hence, you need to visit a child specialist for coughing when:


It is one of the scary symptoms. Vomiting in children can be due to any food allergy, gastroenteritis, or flu. It can lead to severe dehydration. Consult a child specialist immediately if any of the following symptoms are present:


It is a common symptom in children. They can get irritable for various reasons. However, it can be a sign of illness as well. So, you need to consult a child specialist near you when:

اگر آپ کا بچہ کچھ مسائل جیسا کہ بخار، کھانسی، قے، یا بے چینی کا شکار ہو جائے تو آپ کو فوری طور پر اپنے بچے کو پیڈیاٹریشن کے پاس لے کر جانا چاہیئے۔ بچوں میں اگر طبی علامات شدت اختیار کر جائیں تو انہیں کنٹرول کرنا قدرے مشکل ثابت ہو سکتا ہے، کیوں کہ بچوں کا مدافعاتی نظام بڑوں کی طرح مضبوط نہیں ہوتا۔

With Healthwire you can immediately connect with the best pediatrician near you in Islamabad. You can also visit a top pediatrician in Islamabad for vaccination and regular health checkup of your child.

What Are the Other Names of Pediatricians?

A pediatrician in Islamabad is also commonly known as

How Many Types of Pediatricians are There?

Pediatrics is a broad field of science that is further divided into various subspecialties depending on the area of concern.

Some of the major types of pediatricians in Islamabad include

You can easily consult with a top child specialist in Islamabad for a comprehensive treatment plan for your kid via Healthwire.

What Conditions and Diseases do Pediatricians Treat?

You can consult a certified child specialist in Islamabad for the treatment of common and rare diseases in children.

Some of the common diseases treated by a child specialist in Islamabad are:

Other common diseases in children include polio, pneumonia in children, respiratory tract infections, dwarfism, growth disorders, choleostasis, scarlet fever, hiccups, hepatitis A, etc.

What are the Most Common Diseases in Children in Pakistan?

According to the data shared by National Emergency Department Survellience in 2015, children under 16 years of age suffered from the following diseases:

The National Institute of Child Health  (NICH) is one of the largest tertiary care pediatric hospitals in Karachi. The research conducted in its emergency department in 2019 reported that respiratory and gastrointestinal health issues were more prevalent in kids. The breakdown of emergency cases in NICH was:

In the case of infants and children, 37.3% cases of respiratory issues, 16.4% of gastrointestinal issues, and 15.9% of multisystem health issues were common.

So, if your child suffers from any health issue you can easily consult with the best peads doctor in Islamabad. You can also find the best peads clinic near you via Healthwire.

Scope of Pediatricians in Islamabad

Infectious diseases are the biggest reason for the death of children in Pakistan. Each year, 60% of children under the age of 5 in Pakistan die due to such diseases. WHO reports that there are three major contributors to child deaths in Pakistan which are pneumonia (21%), diarrheal illnesses (18%), and neonatal infections (15%).

This ratio shows that there is a dire need for pediatricians in Pakistan. However, there are very few universities in Pakistan that offer pediatrics. 

So, if you have an interest in becoming a pediatrician, you’ll have to study biology in matriculation and intermediate. Pass the medical exams. Get admission in MBBS. Then, you need to do a specialization in pediatrics.

How is Pediatrics Improving in Pakistan?

Over the last few decades, pediatrics has seen great potential in Pakistan. According to the research conducted by Agha Khan University, pediatric emergency medicine has evolved as a potential subspecialty. iPediatric surgery is another subspecialty that is going to be a game changer for pediatric services in Pakistan.

Some of the major advancements in pediatrics worldwide and even in Pakistan are:

What are Common Services Offered by Pediatricians in Islamabad?

Some of the common services and treatments offered by the top child specialists/pediatricians in Islamabad are:

Our child specialists in Islamabad can help you with a customized treatment plan according to your child’s condition.

How to Choose the Top Pediatrician in Islamabad?

To choose the best child specialist near you in Islamabad via Healthwire, always consider the following points:

You can also get help through online video consultation from a certified and best-reviewed pediatrician in Islamabad via Healthwire.

How Can I Book an Appointment with the Best Child Specialist in Islamabad?

Healthwire has now made connecting with top pediatricians in Islamabad more accessible, fast, and easy. You can now book an appointment instantly with a male or female pediatrician of your choice in Islamabad, anywhere anytime.

To book an appointment with the best pediatrician in Islamabad you can visit Healthwire or call 04232500989. You can also opt for 'online consultation' with our expert child specialists anywhere all over Pakistan with our specialists, subject to their availability hours.

For affordable, accessible, and quick healthcare services all over Pakistan, you can rely on Healthwire because we believe in 'Apki Sehat Hamari Tarjeeh'.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the fee range of the Pediatrician in Islamabad?

Depending upon the doctor’s practicing hospital, education and experience, the fee for a consultation with a Pediatrician is between 500-3000 (PKR).

How can I book an appointment with the top Pediatrician in Islamabad?

To book an appointment, find the list of the top Pediatrician in Islamabad or call 04232500989. You can also opt for the video consultation anywhere in Pakistan with the Pediatrician, subject to their availability hours.

How can I find the best Pediatrician near me in Islamabad?

Visit Healthwire or download the healthwire app to get connected with the best Pediatrician near you in Islamabad.

How can I find the most experienced Pediatrician in Islamabad?

To connect with the most experienced Pediatrician in Islamabad visit Healthwire. Search for the speciality you are looking for, and you’ll be directed to a list of Pediatrician in the Islamabad. Visit the doctor’s profile to review the experience of any doctor.

How do I choose a Pediatrician?

Finding and connecting with a good doctor is important for proper diagnosis and treatment. You need to consider the following points before you visit a doctor:

  • Make sure the doctor is PMC verified
  • Make sure the doctor is experienced
  • Check for the reviews about the doctor
  • Check the services that the doctor is offering
  • Check the hospital in which the doctor is practicing

Who is the best Pediatrician in Islamabad?

Following are the 5 best Pediatricians in Islamabad:

  • Dr. Malik Qaiser Awan
  • Dr. Nauman Naseer
  • Dr. Abdul Salam Wazir
  • Dr. Muqadar Shah
  • Dr. Abida Faiz Talpur