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How to Stop Hiccups – Easy Tips and Tricks to Try!

How to Stop Hiccups
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*Hiccup* *Hiccup* *Hiccup*


“Wait, I think it’s over”

*Hiccup* … damn!

Once is funny, twice is funnier, and anything more than that can be bothersome. Almost every one of us has had hiccups at one time or another. But how to stop hiccups? These usually go away on their own within a few minutes. But these hiccups can be no less than a headache when they start interfering with talking and eating. For some people, hiccups can last longer than just a few minutes and go on for hours.

For this, a lot of people try out old wives’ tales in search of how to get rid of hiccups. Some say telling someone to scare you can help, others say drinking a sip of water helps. Well, you are probably going to be disappointed as these don’t work. Although there are some remedies that can actually work. 

Before we dig into that, a better approach is to understand the causes that can make you have non-stop hiccups.

Why Do Hiccups Happen? 

Dr. Muhammad Usman Naeem, a renowned Gastroenterologist with 19 years of experience, says that hiccups happen when the diaphragm begins to spasm involuntarily and unconsciously. The diaphragm is a very large muscle that helps you breathe in and out.

When it spasms, the vocal cords snap shut as a result of a sudden inhale. This then causes a distinctive ‘hic!’ sound. I know you must be eager to know how to stop hiccups.

In some cases, hiccups come and go. But, lifestyle factors that can cause hiccups include: 

  • Carbonated drinks
  • Spicy foods
  • Being stressed and emotionally excited
  • Eating too much or too fast
  • Exposed to quick changes in the temperature

If you feel like you are too stressed, your doctor might suggest medicine like an alprazolam tablet to control anxiety.    

How to Get Rid of Hiccups

Some of the common methods that are used at home to answer how you get rid of hiccups in 10 seconds are mentioned below.

Posture and Breathing

Regardless of where you are, when your hiccups begin, try these breathing and posture techniques.

Breathing into a paper bag: Take a paper bag over your mouth and breath in and out slowly to get the answer to how to stop hiccups. Deflate and inflate the bag. Also do not use a plastic bag.

Holding your breath for 10 seconds: Inhale a gulp of air and hold it for almost 10 to 20 seconds. 

Hug your knees: Sit in a comfortable place and bring your knees close to your chest and hold them there for two minutes. 

Chest Compression: Compress your chest gently while leaning forward.   

Some of the breathing techniques that can relieve stress can also help in preventing hiccups. 

In some cases, these methods do not work and help you get rid of hiccups. So, try eating and drinking several foods to help yourself. 

Things to Eat and Drink

Taking a drop of vinegar: Take a drop of vinegar on your tongue to know the answer to how to stop hiccups, and wait till you feel the taste of it.

Drink ice cold water: Sipping on ice cold water can help in stimulating the vagus nerve stopping the hiccups.

Honey and Peanut Butter: Take peanut butter and honey and allow them to dissolve in the mouth for a bit before swallowing them. 

Biting a slice of lemon: Biting on a slice of lemon with a little bit of salt can also change the taste of the mouth and can help a lot with hiccups. Rinse your mouth afterward to protect your teeth from staining. 

Swallowing granulated sugar: Take a pinch of granulated sugar on your tongue and let that sit there for 5 to 10 seconds to know how to stop hiccups. Swallow it afterward. swallowing granulated sugar is also one of the common hiccup remedies. 

Drink from the opposite side of the glass: Try and drink water from the far side of the glass by tipping the glass up under the chin. 

Pressure Points

If two of the above techniques do not work for you, then go for pressure points to get the solution to how to get rid of hiccups. These are the areas of the boy that are sensitive to pressure. Applying pressure to these points can relax the diaphragm or stimulate the phrenic or vagus nerve. 

Press your Diaphragm: The diaphragm separates the lungs from the abdomen. To get an answer to how to stop hiccups by pressing the diaphragm, use your hands to apply pressure to the area that is just below the end of the breast bone (sternum). 

Pull out your tongue: Pulling your tongue can stimulate the nerve muscles of the throat. Do it by pulling out the tongue by holding your hand and gently pulling it out. 

Squeeze your palm: Apply pressure on the palm of the hand by using your thumb. 

Massage the carotid artery: Massage the carotid artery present on the sides of the neck. It is the one that is used to check the pulse by touching the neck. How to stop hiccups with this? To do this, lie down and turn your head to the left, now massage the artery on the right side in a circular motion for 5 to 10 seconds. 

Other Hiccup Remedies

Here are some of the other ways that can help you get rid of hiccups. 

Poke the back of your throat: Gently take a cotton swab and poke it on the back of your throat. 

Distract yourself: Play a game, fill a puzzle, or do some calculations to distract yourself.

When to Contact Healthwire

If you regularly get hiccups and they last for more than a day then there might be something wrong with your gastrointestinal lining. And the doctors sometimes prescribe gaviscon syrup to get solutions for how to stop hiccups.
In case of any emergency, Healthwire can help you connect with the best gastroenterologist near you by contacting Bajwa Hospital.

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