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Gaviscon Syrup – Uses, Side Effects, and Price

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Gaviscon syrup is one of the best gas-relieving syrups in Pakistan. It contains compounds like alginate that act as antacid or antiflatulent (that helps in relieving gas). 

Alginates work by forming a protective barrier in the stomach that blocks the stomach acid from coming up to the esophagus (the throat). In short, it inhibits acid reflux.

As far as the Gaviscon syrup uses are concerned, it is used to treat heartburn, acid indigestion, upset stomach, and sour stomach. The best doctors in Islamabad recommend Gaviscon out of all the syrups available in the market. 

Just like other medicines, you need to be sure of the dosage of gaviscon syrup as more than needed if taken can affect your stomach.   

Gaviscon Dosage and Strength

It is recommended to take 2 to 4 teaspoons (5ml spoonfuls) 4 times a day after meals and at night before sleeping. 

Children from 6 to 12

The dosage of Gaviscon for children from 6 to 12 years of age is 5 to 10 ml after meals and at bedtime.

Children above 12

The dosage for children above the age of 12 and adults is 10 to 20ml after meals and at bedtime.

If we talk about the strength of gaviscon it is available in 120ml liquid.

How to Take Gaviscon Syrup?

While looking at Gaviscon syrup uses, it is noted that it must be taken by mouth before meals and at night time. Do read the product package and use the syrup as prescribed by your doctor. It is best to not take Gaviscon on an empty stomach.

As gaviscon is a syrup it must be made sure that you shake the bottle before taking the syrup. You can also refrigerate the syrup for better flavor. Do not freeze it. It is best to not mix the syrup with other fluids. You can only drink some water after having Gaviscon.    

What are Gaviscon Syrup Uses? 

Some of the common uses of Gaviscon syrup include: 

What are the Uses of Gaviscon syrup in Urdu?

گیویسکان سیرپ کے اردو میں استعمال کیا ہیں؟

 گیویسکان سیرپ کے استعمال مندرجہ ذیل ہیں

  سینے کی جلن –

غذا کی نالی میں ایسڈ داخل ہونا –

بدہضمی –

بد ہضمی کی وجہ سے معدے میں جلن کا احساس –

What are Gaviscon Syrup Side Effects?

Some of the side effects of taking Gaviscon are mentioned below: 

In order to get rid of constipation, you can also take Skilax Drops and for Nausea, you can rely on Motilium tablets

There are other serious side effects of Gaviscon. But these are very less likely to occur. These include: 

  • Fainting
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Muscle weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Unusual tiredness

The use of the Gaviscon must be stopped if any of these side effects get serious. If the complications persist, it’s best to visit the doctor.

What are the Warnings and Risks for Gaviscon Uses?

The warnings and risks that come with the use of gaviscon are mentioned below: 

Pregnancy: The use of Gaviscon syrup in pregnancy is not yet defined yet. Do consult your doctor before using this medicine. 

Lactation: There is no definite data that supports the use of gaviscon during the lactation period of a woman.  

What are the Precautions for Gaviscon Use? 

It is very important to inform your doctor about any kind of medicine that you are taking. Make sure to inform your doctor if you are allergic to magnesium or to aluminum hydroxide. Gaviscon may have ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. 

In order to save yourself from allergies, you can take medicines like fexet tablets as prescribed by your doctor. 

What are the Interactions of Gaviscon Syrup with Other Drugs?

Gaviscon can interact with other drugs but it all depends on the use of the medicine. Some products might interact with Gaviscon like:

  • Calcium acetate
  • Phosphate supplements
  • Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate

What is Gaviscon Price in Pakistan?

The price of Gaviscon syrup in Pakistan is PKR 85.58/bottle of 120ml.

What Medicines are Available as Alternatives to Gaviscon in Pakistan?

The medicines available as alternatives to Gaviscon include:

  • Bismol 120ml
  • Mucaine Syrup
  • Hilgas Syrup

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