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Kegel Exercises for Men: How to Train Pelvic Floor Muscles?

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Men can also strengthen their pelvic floor muscles with some powerful exercises, like kegel. Well, there is no doubt that kegel exercises for men have many benefits and also enhance sexual performance. You may have read everywhere about kegel exercises for women, but now studies about kegel exercises for men have turned the tables.

Men who have had posture surgery and need better bladder control can go with kegel exercises. It is a type of pelvic floor-strengthening exercise. Men who experience erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation can also get benefits from these exercises.

This article will help you learn a detailed view of how these exercises can help men.

What are Kegel Exercises for Men?

These exercises involve the strengthening of muscles below the bladder. It contributes to controlling urination and better bladder control. The weak urinary sphincter may be the result of prostate cancer which brings on symptoms, like urinary incontinence. Some studies show positive results of kegel exercises in men for better control of the bladder.

What are the Benefits of Kegel Exercises for Men?

Kegel exercises are very beneficial for both men and women. Many people experience uncontrolled bladder or weak pelvic floor muscles due to many reasons. Some people may experience weak pelvic muscles as a result of prostate surgery. Men can get the kegel exercise benefits in the following ways:

  • Prevent urine leakage and stool
  • Improve bowel and bladder control
  • Prevent premature ejaculation
  • Aid in achieving an erection
  • Help in the emptying of the bladder completely
  • Aids in controlling wind passage

How to Do Kegel Exercises for Men?

Before you start working on strengthening muscles, you need to know some simple yet important facts, such as:

Are You Working on the Right Muscle?

Dr. Idrees Ahmed who is one of the renowned chiropractors and physiotherapists in Pakistan says that it is important to learn about what muscles you are working for. You can simply identify the pelvic muscles that need your attention. For example, you can stop urination in midstream. It is controlled by your pelvic floor muscles. You can even start these exercises even by lying or sitting down.

Once you identify the pelvic floor muscles, make sure that you use the right technique. For example, you tighten your pelvic muscles and hold the contraction for 3 seconds. After this, let it relax for 3 seconds.

Make sure that you focus on what you are doing. Some people may stop breathing, which is not needed. You can try these exercises three times a day.

What are the Easiest Kegel Exercises?

Imaging contracting and holding your pelvic floor muscles is one of the easiest kegel exercise. You can perform these exercises even while lying down or sitting. Over time, you can see an improvement in bladder control and also in sexual function.

How You Should Try Kegel Exercises?

You can try kegel exercises even after you urinate. It helps to remove the urine from your bladder completely. When you do any physical activity which involves pressure, try to contract your pelvic floor muscles. For example, if you are about to cough or sneeze, contract your pelvic floor muscles. It is good practice to control the bladder.

When You Need Help from an Expert

Sometimes, people do not get the idea or identify what muscles they should work on. Here, they should get help from an expert as a professional can help and suggest what they can do to strengthen their muscles. A healthcare provider may check by inserting a small probe into your rectum. It will help identify the pelvic floor muscles that you need to work on. You can consult with the best urologist if you experience an uncontrolled bladder. 

Trying Kegel Exercises Cost Next To Nothing!!

Trying kegel exercises has nothing to lose. You can perform it anytime, anywhere with a great focus level. Kegel exercises for men bring many positive muscle-strengthening effects.  Experts from Maroof International Hospital say that your daily routine needs only a few sets of pelvic floor exercises that can increase bladder control and prevent premature ejaculation. Treatment plans often include kegel exercises to increase their effectiveness.

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