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5 Mushroom Benefits – How Does it Prevent Cancer and Heart Attacks?

Mushroom Benefits
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When it comes to deciding on nutrient-rich foods for your diet, mushrooms are the best option for you. They are not only full of many nutrients but also low in calories. Unlike many white foods such as rice and pasta, they improve your health and prevent the body from germ or bacteria harm.

Mushrooms benefit health in many ways. For instance, there are high levels of antioxidants in mushrooms which eliminate free radicals from the body. Elimination of free radicals is important because they can cause oxidative stress and some other health conditions.

Additionally, mushrooms also contain copper, selenium, vitamin C, choline, beta-glucan, B vitamins, and potassium. Mushrooms are not only full of vitamins and minerals but they also have many flavors and textures that you can try.

This small plant improves the flavor of your foods without adding many calories and fat. You can choose any type of mushroom to use for improving your health. In this regard, just don’t use random mushrooms from parks or gardens because they can be harmful to the body. Instead, go to a grocery store near you and buy your favorite type of mushrooms.

Benefits of Mushrooms

The regular use of mushrooms in appropriate amounts can benefit your health in many ways:

1- Reduces the Risks of Cancer

New scientific studies are confirming the importance of mushrooms in our daily lives. A review of seven studies (1966-2020) shows that eating eighteen grams of mushrooms every day can reduce cancer risks by 45%. Eighteen grams of mushrooms are equal to 1/8 cup or two medium-sized mushrooms.

When you consume mushrooms the body gets ergothioneine, which is a powerful antioxidant and amino acid. This antioxidant can effectively slow and prevent cellular damage in the body.

There are many types of mushrooms such as oyster and maitake that contain ergothioneine in higher amounts. However, every type of mushroom will lower the risks of cancer. Additionally, there will be a huge reduction in cancer risks if you avoid cancer-causing habits while consuming mushrooms.

Read more about cancer-causing habits.

2- Boosts Brain Health

Well, it is a desire of every person to stay healthy as they age. However, not every individual is able to fulfill his desire, because twelve to eighteen percent of people after sixty years of age experience mental problems. These mental problems include mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, and memory problems.

A healthy diet full of effective foods such as mushrooms is essential to avoid mental problems when aging. A study indicates that individuals who consumed two servings of mushrooms in a week experienced lower odds of cognitive impairment.

The important compound in mushrooms, ergothioneine, is responsible for preventing mental problems. Because this compound possesses anti-inflammatory properties and prevents brain inflammation. As mentioned above, this compound also prevents cancer.

3- Lower Intake of Sodium

The high consumption of sodium can increase high blood pressure significantly, especially if you are experiencing hypertension. When you consume sodium, it causes the body to retain excess fluids. High retention of fluids in the body increases blood pressure.

For reducing sodium intake and high blood pressure, adding mushrooms to your diet will be good for you. Because mushrooms naturally contain sodium in lower amounts. An entire cup of mushroom contains only five milligrams of sodium.

Mushrooms have a savory flavor that’s why they make an end to the need to add salt to your cooking. Therefore, add mushrooms in reasonable amounts to your cooking for reducing the salt intake.

You can also consume pink salt instead of regular salt for decreasing the consumption of sodium.

4- Supports Immune System and Bone Health

Mushrooms have exposure to UV radiation and because of that, they contain vitamin D in healthy amounts, a study reports. A half cup of mushrooms can provide 46% percent of vitamin D for your daily needs. High levels of vitamin D in mushrooms make them a perfect choice for combating deficiency.

According to a nutritionist from Evercare Hospital, mushrooms are a rare source of vitamin D because many plant-based foods do not contain this vitamin in high amounts. Without getting vitamin D in appropriate amounts, it is impossible to maintain healthy bones and immune systems.

The body gets most of the needed vitamin D when it comes to exposure to the sun. Several factors such as busy routines and the winter season can minimize sun exposure, and the body will not be able to get enough vitamin D.

In that case, if you have limited exposure to the sun then consuming foods such as mushrooms will be effective for getting vitamin D. The consumption of vitamin D from mushrooms will help you prevent bone problems such as osteoporosis, liver problems, etc.

5- Mushrooms Benefit Heart Health

The presence of flavor enhancers in mushrooms such as glutamate ribonucleotides reduces the need for salt. No doubt, this flavor enhancer tastes better than salt. These compounds not only improve food taste but also prevent heart diseases.

As mentioned previously, mushrooms are low in sodium and calories. Therefore, they don’t increase blood pressure and other harmful health conditions that can lead to heart attacks. Additionally, you can consult a cardiologist for substituting mushrooms with other foods to improve heart health.

Besides knowing the benefits of mushrooms, many people want to get answers to questions related to mushrooms. These questions and their answers are mentioned below.


Are mushrooms a vegetable?

There are conflicting views about the class of mushrooms. Some people classify it as a vegetable and others call it a plant. It is not important what you call mushrooms, whether a plant or vegetable. The important thing is that you need to use them for improving health.

Is a mushroom good for everybody?

Usually, mushrooms are safe for everybody. However, if you are experiencing some health problems then consult with your doctor before using mushrooms to get nutrients.

Are mushrooms good for skin health?

Mushrooms are a good source of vitamin D and many antioxidants that can improve skin health and reduce some skin problems such as acne and wrinkles.

The Final Words!

Mushrooms can reduce the need for salt in your cooking. In this way, you consume sodium in lower amounts, and high blood pressure tends to decrease. A nutritionist can provide more details about the efficacy of mushrooms. You can easily reach a nutritionist through Healthwire in case of need.

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