Exlor (250mg/5ml) 60ml Suspension

Exlor (250mg/5ml) 60ml Suspension

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  • Manufacturer Indus Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Generic Name Cefaclor
Similar Formula Medicines

Product Information

  • Description

    Cefaclor advanced formulation is a pharmaceutically-modified form of the orally active cephalosporin, cefaclor. It is a semisynthetic cephalosporin antibiotic for oral administration. Cefaclor, which is an active component of this drug works like the penicillins, a beta-lactam antibiotic. It works by binding to specific penicillin-binding proteins (PBPs) located inside the bacterial cell wall, and inhibits the third and last stage of bacterial cell wall synthesis. After that cell lysis is mediated by bacterial cell wall autolytic enzymes such as autolysins.
  • Ingredients

  • Dosage Form

  • Uses

    Acute Bronchitis and acute exacerbations of chronic Bronchitis , Pharyngitis and Tonsillitis, H. Influenza, uncomplicated lower urinary tract infections, eradication of streptococci from the oropharynx, Ear Infections (Otitis Media) and Lower Respiratory Tract Infections.
  • Dosage

    Dose must be taken according to doctor’s advice only; doses given below are suggested as supportive literature for better understanding in some areas of requirements. Adult dose: In case of capsule or oral suspension: Usual dose is 250-500mg after every 8 hours, maximum daily dose in case of severity of infection is 4,000mg daily. Child dose: Child dose of >1 month in case of capsule or oral suspension: Usual dose is 20mg/kg daily in 2 or 3 divided doses; may increase to 40mg/kg daily in divided doses. In case of severity of infection the maximum dose is: 1,000mg daily.
  • In case of Overdose

    Signs and symptoms following an overdose of Cefaclor may include nausea, vomiting, epigastric distress and diarrhea. Absorption of drugs from the gastrointestinal tract may be decreased by giving activated charcoal.
  • Missed Dose

    In case you missed any dose, take the next dose as soon as you remember, but don't double your next dose to compensate for the missed one.
  • How To Use

    Cefaclor may be given orally without regard to meals. Food doesn't affect its absorption.
  • When Not to Use

    Cefaclor is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to ceclor and other cephalosporins.
  • Side Effects

    Rash Vomiting Dyspepsia Headache Fever Dizziness Somnolence In liver; transient elevation in AST, ALT and alkaline phosphatase. In the kidney; transient increase in BUN or creatinine.
  • Precautions & Warnings

    Antibiotics including Cefaclor , should be administered cautiously to any patient who has demonstrated some form of allergy particularly to drugs.
  • Storage/Disposal

    Store below 25°C, at a dry place.

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