Inocef (500mg) IV Injection
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Inocef (500mg) IV Injection

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Product Information

  • Uses

    This injection is indicated in Severe respiratory and genitourinary tract, bone and joint, abdominal infections, sepsis, meningitis
  • Precautions

    It should be used with caution in Severe renal and hepatic impairment. Do not use in pregnancy unless absolutely indicted. Monitor FBC during prolonged treatment. Non-severe hypersensitivity to other B lactams

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  • Side Effects

    It may cause GI upset, skin reactions, blood dyscrasias. Rarely pseudomembranous colitis, raised liver enzymes, glucosuria, oliguria, haematuria, bronchospasm, phlebitis at inj site, urinary and biliary precipitates, pancreatitis, nephrolithiasis, haemolytic anaemia, positive Coombs test

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