Lewdes (5mg) 10 Tablets
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Lewdes (5mg) 10 Tablets

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  • Description

    Desloratadine is a second generation tricyclic histamine receptor antagonist. It is an active descarboethoxy metabolite of loratadine. Desloratadine is a non-sedating, long-acting acting histamine antagonist with selective peripheral H1-receptor antagonist activity. Desloratadine after oral administration; selectively blocks peripheral histamine H1-receptors because it does not enter the central nervous system; that's why it does not cause drowsiness.
  • Uses

    Used to treat symptoms of allergy like; runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing. Aids in relief of nasal and non-nasal symptoms of seasonal and perennial Allergic Rhinitis. Treats chronic spontaneous Urticaria and Hives.
  • Dose

    Dose must be taken according to doctor’s advice only; doses given below are suggested as supportive literature for better understanding in some areas of requirements. For adults and children of age above 12 years: 5mg daily.
  • Over Dose

    Symptomatic and supportive measures should be taken after overdose. Dose of 250mg/kg or above is lethal.
  • Missed Dose

    In case you missed any dose, take the next dose as soon as you remember, but don't double your next dose to compensate for the missed one.
  • How To Use

    Take orally after a meal or as your doctor prescribed.
  • When Not Use

    Should not be given to patients with hypersensitivity to loratadine or desloratadine or any of its component mixture.
  • Precautions

    Dose should be adjusted in patients with liver or kidney problems.
  • Side Effects

    Tachycardia Palpitation hypersensitivity reactions Psychomotor Hyperactivity seizure elevated liver enzymes and hepatitis (rarely).
  • Storage

    Store below 25°C. Protect from sunlight, heat and moisture.

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