Loxicam Tab 15mg(R-4)

Loxicam Tab 15mg(R-4)

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  • Generic Name Meloxicam
Similar Formula Medicines

Product Information

  • Description

    Meloxicam is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that helps alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. It achieves this by blocking the COX-2 enzyme, responsible for synthesizing prostaglandins, hormone-like substances that promote inflammation, fever, and pain responses. By limiting the formation of prostaglandins, particularly PGE2, Meloxicam reduces these uncomfortable symptoms. However, like other medications, it comes with some side effects. Some common ones include nausea, heartburn, dizziness, and headaches, while more severe side effects such as ulcers and bleeding are possible with long-term use or higher doses. It's crucial to emphasize that this is a simplified explanation, as the complete mechanism involves more intricate cellular and biochemical processes. Should you want more information or any specific details, feel free to ask, and consult a healthcare professional for appropriate usage of Meloxicam or any medication.

  • Ingredients

  • Drug Class

    Non Steroidal Anti-Inflamatory Drugs (Nsaids)

  • Dosage Form

  • Uses

    Unveiling its multifaceted uses and transformative applications as follows:

    • Relieves pain from various conditions such as arthritis, postoperative pain, and reduces inflammation.
    • Effective for treating different forms of arthritis.
    • Indispensability for postoperative pain management.
  • Dosage

    Tailoring Treatment for Optimal Health, Prescribed Medication Dosage is:

    • Fever- 15mg once daily
    • Arthritis- 15mg once daily
    • Osteoarthritis- 7.5 mg once daily
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis- 7.5 mg once daily
    • Ankylosing Spondylitis- 7.5 mg once daily
    • Dysmenorrhea- 7.5 mg once daily
  • In case of Overdose

    Meloxicam is a drug that serves medicinal purposes when taken properly but can be potentially dangerous if too much is taken. If you know or suspect that someone has taken an overdose of Meloxicam, it is vital to get immediate medical attention for them. Emergency medical crews or a trip to the ER is necessary, and it's important to give them as much information as possible about the overdose, like when it happened and if any other substances were involved. The doctor will list the potential signs to look out for and how to manage the complication. Attempting to treat it at home without a medical professional is not advised.

  • Missed Dose

    If you miss a dose of meloxicam 15mg, it is crucial to take it as soon as possible. However, if it is close to the time for your next scheduled dose, it is recommended to skip the missed dose and continue with your regular dosing schedule. It is not recommended to double up on doses to make up for the missed one. Following the dosage instructions provided by your physician or pharmacist is essential to ensure you adhere to the regimen correctly. Note:

  • How To Use

    Before you start using Meloxicam 15mg to treat your pain and inflammation, you should always read the medication guide provided by your pharmacist. This essential guide will give you all the information you need to know about the drug, including its benefits, potential side effects, and safety precautions. Following the provided dosage instructions is crucial, and Meloxicam is usually taken orally, either once or twice a day, depending on what your doctor has directed. It's vital to follow the dosage instructions strictly. The typical dose for adults is 15mg once daily, or 7.5mg twice daily. However, this dosage can vary if you have certain medical conditions or if there are extenuating circumstances, such as if you are elderly. To maximize the drug's effect, you should take it at the same time every day. Ideally, you should take it at the same time as a daily activity, like eating a meal or going to bed, to help you remember to take it. It's crucial to swallow the tablets whole, not crushing or chewing them, as this will disrupt the slow release that provides steady pain relief over a longer period. If you have difficulty swallowing tablets, you can take Meloxicam with a glass of water with a small meal or mouthful of milk, to help avoid an upset stomach. You should use Meloxicam for as long as your doctor recommends, and it is typically used for short periods, depending on the severity of your symptoms and your condition. It's important to avoid alcohol while taking Meloxicam because it can exacerbate side effects like stomach irritation.

  • When Not to Use

    Discerning instances where this medication may not be appropriate:

    • Are allergic to Meloxicam or any of its ingredients.
    • Have a history of asthma or other breathing problems.
    • Are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Meloxicam may cause harm to the fetus.
    • Are breastfeeding as Meloxicam may pass into breastmilk and harm the baby.
  • Side Effects

    Unraveling the side effects lurking behind this medications are as follows:

    • Dizziness
    • Blurred vision
    • Dry mouth
    • Constipation
    • Diarrhea
    • Itchiness
    • Vaginal discharge
    • Throat irritation
    • Stuffy nose
    • Fatigue
    • Headache
    • Nausea
  • Storage/Disposal

    Meloxicam is a medication that should be stored in a cool, dry place at room temperature. Precisely, this temperature equates to 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius). Ensure that the medicine is stored away from heat, moisture, and light. Avoid keeping it in the bathroom or close to a sink as these areas usually have higher humidity levels. It is essential to keep Meloxicam out of reach of children, pets, and individuals for whom it hasn't been prescribed. Ensure to always keep the medication in its original container, keeping the expiration date visible and unchanged. The expiration date is the final day the medication is assured to be effective and safe. Discard the medication if it has expired.

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