Nuberol Forte (50/650mg) 15 Tablets
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Nuberol Forte (50/650mg) 15 Tablets

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  • Uses

    This medicine is indicated in Acute and chronic painful muscular conditions, tension, headache, dysmenorrhoea, non-articular rheumatism.
  • Precautions

    Orphenadrine should be used with caution in patients with Tachycardia, renal, hepatic or cardiac impairment, hypertension, micturition disorders. Elderly. Withdraw gradually.Paracetamol should be used with caution if patient have been diagnosed with liver or kidney impairment,If sensitivity reaction occurs,discontinue paracetamol

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  • Side Effects

    ORPHENADRINE: Dry mouth, nausea, blurred vision, dizziness, confusion, tremor, GI upset, restlessness.PARACETAMOL: Rarely, blood disorders,GI adverse effects

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