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Penro (500mg) 1 Vial Injection

Penro (500mg) 1 Vial Injection

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  • Manufacturer Bosch Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Generic Name Meropenem
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Product Information

  • Description

    Meropenem is a powerful antibiotic from the β-lactam family, used to treat severe infections caused by multidrug-resistant bacteria. When administered, it is absorbed into the bloodstream, where it exerts its antimicrobial action by inhibiting multiple enzymes involved in cell wall synthesis, specifically EP-transferase, leading to imbalances and a weakened cell wall that eventually ruptures, killing the bacterial cell. Its broad spectrum of activity against resistant strains makes it a crucial tool in treating severe infections, but resistance can still occur, requiring surveillance and research. It is always used judiciously due to its potential for adverse effects and the need to preserve its efficacy for severe infections. Meropenem is primarily eliminated through the kidneys and is relatively large, resulting in protein binding in serum, which reduces its free concentration and neurotoxicity.

  • Ingredients

  • Drug Class

    Carbapenem Class Beta-Lactam Antibiotic

  • Dosage Form

  • Uses

    Unveiling its multifaceted uses and transformative applications as follows:

    • Meropenem is used to treat serious bacterial infections that are caused by either gram-positive or gram-negative bacteria.
    • It is used to treat infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria, for instance, penicillin-resistant Escherichia coli and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).
    • It is also used to manage other serious infections such as pneumonia, intra-abdominal infections, and bacterial sepsis.
  • Dosage

    Tailoring Treatment for Optimal Health, Prescribed Medication Dosage is:

    • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)- Adults • 500 mg intravenously (IV) every 8 hours for 3 days.
    • Skin and Skin Structure Infection (SSSI)- Adults • 500 mg IV every 8 hours for 7-14 days.
    • Bacterial Meningitis- Adults • 1,000 mg IV every 8 hours. Some patients may require higher doses, up to 2,000 mg IV every 8 hours. Treatment should continue for at least 7 days and may be continued for a longer period depending on patient response and tolerance.
    • Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia (HAP), Community-Acquired Pneumonia (CAP), and Lung Abscess- Adults • 500 mg IV every 6 hours for 7-14 days. Treatment may be continued for longer periods in severe cases.
  • In case of Overdose

    Meropenem is rarely fatal, but overdose can lead to harmful symptoms that require urgent medical attention. Should an overdose occur, the patient will likely experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and decreased blood pressure that could cause long-term harm and complications if not properly addressed. To treat these side effects, excessive hydration and the possibility of dialysis may be required. For future prevention, the drug dosage will be carefully managed to avoid a similar outcome.

  • Missed Dose

    When it comes to dealing with a missed dose of medication like Meropenem, it is important to remember that there are no hard and fast rules, and it all depends on the specific medication and the patient's individual situation. In general, it is safe to take the missed dose as soon as possible unless it is almost time for the next scheduled dose. In this case, it is better just to skip the missed dose and resume the regular dosing schedule. However, to be absolutely sure, it is always best to follow the specific instructions given by a doctor or medical professional. Following the dosing instructions provided by qualified medical personnel is always the best choice, and patients should speak to them about their specific situation when dealing with a missed dose. Doing so will allow patients to make informed decisions based on expert advice and guidance that takes into account their personal circumstances. It is crucial to avoid consuming extra doses or increasing the dosage without medical supervision. This could potentially lead to harmful side effects or even a dangerous overdose. Remember, when in doubt, always consult with a trusted medical professional for the best advice and guidance for your unique situation.

  • How To Use

    Meropenem is an intravenous medication that is typically administered in adults at a dose of 500 mg every 8 hours for 7-10 days. It is essential to follow the specific instructions provided by your doctor or pharmacist and to consult with a medical professional for personalized directions. Here are the general steps on how to take it:

  • When Not to Use

    Discerning instances where this medication may not be appropriate:

    • Are allergic to meropenem or any of the ingredients in the formulation
    • Have kidney problems or a history of kidney problems
    • If you are currently taking Meropenem 500mg and experience any adverse effects, please seek immediate medical attention
    • It is important to provide your medical history and list of medications to your doctor before taking Meropenem
  • Side Effects

    Unraveling the side effects lurking behind this medications are as follows:

    • Digestive problems
    • Allergic reactions
    • Skin reactions
    • Breathing difficulties.
    • Digestive problems
    • Muscle pain or cramps.
    • Joint pain.
    • Tingling in fingers or toes.
    • Slurred speech or temporary loss of coordination.
  • Storage/Disposal

    Meropenem is a prescription medication that treats bacterial infections and should be stored appropriately to ensure its effectiveness. It is available as a powder or liquid suspension and should be stored in a cool, dry place like a refrigerator, away from heat or light. The temperature should be maintained between 2°C and 8°C (36°F and 46°F).

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