Tropin (6000IU) 1 Pre-filled Injection

Tropin (6000IU) 1 Pre-filled Injection

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  • Manufacturer Avior Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Generic Name erythropoietin
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Product Information

  • Ingredients

  • Dosage Form

  • Uses

    It is indicated in Anaemia associated with chronic renal failure in haemodialysis, in adults on peritoneal dialysis and non-dialysed adults. Anaemia and reduction of transfusions in adults receiving chemotherapy for solid tunours, malignant lymphoma or multiple myeloma. To increase yield of autologous blood. To reduce exposure to allogenic blood transfusions in adults prior to major elective orthopaedic surgery with high risk of transfusion complications
  • Side Effects

    Raised BP headache, thrombosis, flulike symptoms, seizures, skin reactions, rash, stroke, GI upset, palpebral oedema, musculoskeletal pain, cough, pyrexia. Rarely, pure red cell aplasia; withdraw and do not transfer to other erythropoietins. Inj site re-actions
  • Precautions & Warnings

    Hypertension; Carefully monitor BP and discontinue treatment if BP uncontrolled. Ischaemic vascular disease, epilepsy, chronic hepatic disease, porphyria. Thrombocytosis; monitor platelet count for first 8 weeks. Correct other causes of anaemia before treatment; iron supplements may be necessary. Risk of thromboembolic events; monitor Hb levels. Chronic Renal Failure Patients: Regularly monitor for loss of efficacy in patients administered r-HuEPOs via the SC route. Risk of shunt thrombosis in haemodialysis patients; thromboprophylaxis is recommended. Hyperkalaemia: Monitor serum electrolytes

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