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5 Health Tips for Men you should Never Ignore

5 Health Tips for Men You should Never Ignore

We all are aware of the importance of a healthy body and a healthy mind. While we love to talk about health and fitness which resonates with every individual, today we are going to talk about health tips for men. Usually working men have busy schedules and strict deadlines to follow, which makes them less inclined towards their diet. The follow up? Trash cans full of takeout and junk food. Here is how you can be more proactive about your health by following these simple and easy health tips for men.

Men Health Tips

1- Regular Doctor Visits

Most men are not very keen on keeping up to date with their regular doctor appointment. In a fast paced world they would go as far as completely ignoring their signs and symptoms. Taking out time to regularly visit your doctor can help you many ways. Your doctor will help you monitor your weight loss, your cholesterol levels, your cardiovascular activity, blood pressure levels and other important health factors.

2- Avoid Junk Foods

The worst thing you can do to your body after long shifts of work is eating processed oily junk food. Packaged and processed foods are full of sugar, salts, artificial additives, Trans fats and many uncalled for calories. You can still tantalize your taste buds while eating a wide variety of foods. Some good healthy food for men can be;

  • Lean meat- Whole meat burger patties, skinless smoked chicken breast, bbq chicken/beef tikkas, grilled steak.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables- fresh juices, salads, baked vegetables, fruit salsa, vegetable burger patties, fruit as a snack.
  • Good healthy fiber- red beans curry, red beans and chickpea salad, chickpea made humus, spinach curry.
  • Whole grain products- cereals, brown rice and whole grain breads for your sandwiches.
  • Nuts- half cup of mixed nuts over your morning cereal or yoghurt, use them as a snack or simply granola bars as a mid-evening snack.

3- Get Moving

Heartache is the most prevalent disease in men. This becomes even more of a concern when you are stuck at a 9 to 7 work schedule with no regular movements. Regular exercising is one of the best ways to help prevent any cardiovascular diseases. A little go regular workouts, small impact workouts, and light exercising can help you maintain your overall muscular health too. Here are simple fitness tips for men on how you can incorporate a light exercise activity in your daily schedule. Try to get at least 30 minutes of high impact exercise such as running, HIIT Cardio OR 60 mins of low impact intensity such as jogging, brisk walking, playing some sport. It is also important that you consider 2 sessions of muscle training with weight lifting for stronger muscles.

4- Vitamins

If you are eating a well-balanced diet, you must be getting your sufficient amount of vitamins but that is highly unlikely for most of us these days. It is important to get your vitamins for optimum health benefits. Taking enough good fatty acids such as omega 3 fish oil capsules or eating fatty fish at least thrice a week. This is mostly important for men’ health for better supply of vitamin D3 and muscle development. Your doctor can advise you on supplements and other healthy multivitamin. See! This is why you need a doctor!

5- Give Smoking a Break

According to WHO, Pakistan is one of the 15 countries who has acute tobacco related diseases. Through smoking you are not only harming your own health but you are also putting other people in danger through passive smoking means. The reports from Center of Disease Control and Prevention shows how secondhand smoke exposure can result in acute health conditions like emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). If you are not much concerned about your own health you might as well stop doing it in public to put others at health risk. You can also be at great risk of developing cancer.

6- Your Mental Health is Important

Studies show that men are often more prone to stress disorders and depression. However on the contrary men’s mental health is the least sought after topic. This is mainly because of the taboos and stigmas we have associated with men about how they have to exhibit strength and stability through all stages of their life. It is important for you to understand that your physical well-being is too different from your physical well-being. In order to achieve the ‘healthy man’ pedestal you do not have to shy away from seeking professional help. All you have to do is ask for help from a professional, walk to a counselor at your workplace or your university, or even just as simple as opening up to a trustworthy friend. You will be surprised at the amount of relief you will feel once you have talked your heart out. Taking out time for yourself is another important aspect men feel guilty about. You can enjoy your own company with your best buds, family or spouse. Take a light strolling park, go for swimming, attend a concert; there are so many ways you can help relieve your mind from your daily stresses.

7- Take care of your Skin

This may seem like the least bothered healthy tip for men, but this is more important than you think! Melanoma is a type of skin care which can easily develop in men, especially if they are over 50. To lower your risk of developing melanoma, here are some simple steps you can start to protect yourself from harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

  • Apply a thin layered non-sticky/oily sunscreen with at least 30SPF.
  • When you step outside, for example, coming to and from the office , make sure you cover your arms well with full sleeves.
  • Wash your face with a suitable face wash or organic soap as soon as you come home after your work. You should also do that after your workout sessions. Wash your sweaty face and body as soon as you cool down after your workout.
  • If you live in cold and harsh weather consider applying a moisturizer cream suited for men’s skin.
  • Once a week indulge in a little pampering routine by scrubbing your skin followed by applying a mask suitable for your skin type.


Be as outgoing, ambitious and adventurous as you can be. Not only will it improve your mood but it will also boost your overall health. You can now look for our panel of top specialists through Healthwire. Simply book an appointment for free or opt for video consultation as your regular checkup from the comfort of your home. 

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