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5 Promises for Empowering Health on Women’s Day

5 Promises for Empowering Health on Women's Day

“I’ll overcome my anger issues, I’ll lose 20 kgs of weight, I’ll maintain my calcium intake, or I’ll ensure a hygiene routine or what not”

You know, you know. You might have heard all these words before or there are chances that you have said them too. However, just like the previous times, you were more likely to forget these health resolutions, making another promise for some other day.

Well, you are not alone in this! All of us keep on making plenty of such resolutions and then forget that they never existed. After being consistent with them for a day or two, we revert to our old behavior patterns, continuing this make and break cycle.

Why’s of Neglected Feminine Wellbeing  

No matter if its mind and body, committing to good habits has been a big yet part, only if we could stick to them. But that’s one of the many struggles, women in particular, have to go through. The part of a woman’s life not only takes in an unfair distribution of household responsibilities, but also bears with disregarding their own health, 364 days an year (considering Women’s day as an exception).

Let’s face the fact that! Just walk down your memory lane and think about the number of times you have seen women around you neglecting their own health and happiness. A hundred or thousand times may be!

While juggling with multiple roles, women around us tend to set high standards for them themselves. But when it comes to women’s health, these flawless performers often don’t realize the cost at which they are doing it.

Promises for Empowering Health on Women’s Day

If you are also taking your health and happiness for granted, Women’s Day is the high time to start it!

Well, the reason is pretty clear! Women’s Day is celebrated every year on 8 March to recognize the role of women in every walk of life.

Just like every year, International Women’s Day 2021 has just passed and it gives us a chance to re-analyze our health resolutions and revise them to get the significant outcomes. Ladies, let’s make these 5 promises for a better physical and mental health

Let’s begin with mindfulness

Women are mostly seen multitasking but without realizing the fact that they aren’t mindful of their own health. Trying to manage things at once, from meal preps to laundry and commuting to work. But during all this hustle, you don’t really think of living in the moment.

But remember that your own mindfulness is more important than anything else in the world because you can’t pour from an empty pot. You need it to have a better physical and emotional wellbeing and reduce the stress

Be kind to yourself

Despite having the kindness factor in them, women often tend to be harsh on themselves. Concerning this situation, let’s promise to be more kind to yourself this women’s day. It’s completely fine if you don’t feel like going to work or you don’t want to prepare a meal for the next day.

This women’s day, promise that you will judge yourself less and will be more kind to yourself. You won’t over burden yourself and learn to celebrate yourself. Look for the women in your surroundings and offer the support you have been looking for, because kindness is the most powerful tool.

This women day, promise regular health checkups

Many times health problems are concerning because they aren’t timely diagnosed. This lag often leads to disease complexity and makes it harder to be treated. Thus, frequent health checkups are a must. But we have seen women skipping their regular health checkups for countless reasons.

Remember that you need those checkups not because you will get the same report but to ensure that your organs are doing well. Many women’s health problems including breast cancer, PCOS, diabetes, osteoporosis can be countered and managed with early diagnosis that is only possible with routine body exams.

Promise one physical activity daily

How any of your health promises can be completed without taking in food and workout. Remember that your health isn’t only limited to eating less and eating right! Your body necessarily requires a workout to work well. Health benefits of workout can’t be denied, from keeping your mind and body alert to reducing your stress levels, workout does it all.

This women’s day 2021, promise that you’ll be adding at least one physical activity to your daily routine.

I’ll do mono tasking     

You are preparing breakfast, replying to email, packing school bags, all at once! You are not alone, many women are efficient multitasks and are known to manage multiple things at once. But remember that it’s completely fine to not do it all at once. You can complete your tasks one by one without pressurizing yourself and more importantly, mono tasking will not make you any less of a woman!

Bottom Line!

Women around the world struggle and go through a lot and are often found neglecting their own health and happiness. But now it’s the time that you promise your own well-being and reanalyze the cost at which you were doing it all. So ladies, this women’s day, learn to ask more and reclaim the lost part of your identity because

“When there is a woman, there is magic”

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