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Best Exercises for Normal Delivery and How to Do Them Right?

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Pregnancy… A life-changing experience for every woman!

From conception to delivery, every other stage of pregnancy requires preparation. An important part of these preparations is planning or training for normal delivery. 

Among many other recommended ways for normal delivery, there has been a lot of debate on exercises for normal delivery.

There are already many recognized benefits of working out during pregnancy and one of them surely takes in the body’s preparation for normal delivery. 

Let’s talk about the workout choices in pregnancy for normal delivery!

Exercises for Normal Delivery

Looking for some easy and effective workout choices for normal delivery? Here are some of the best picks to go with:

Pelvic Stretching

Many women suffer from pelvic pain because of pregnancy-induced changes in the body. Workouts that focus on your pelvic health are among many exercises for normal delivery. There is nothing difficult in this and all you need is a ball or pillow for doing pelvic stretches.


How to Do Pelvic Stretches?

Here is how you can do pelvic stretches:

  • Lay on your back while stretching your legs
  • Keeping your back straight and ensure your feet are on the ground
  • Repeat this 20 times.

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Wall Slide 

This pregnancy is recommended in the first trimers and helps to stabilize your alpine and abdomen. Women who suffer from backache during pregnancy should do this exercise.


How to Do Wall Slides?

Here is how you can do wall slides:

  • Put your back against the wall while maintaining a standing position
  • Put your hands up while pressing your shoulder against the wall
  • Now bend your knees and slide your back along the wall until your knees are at a 45-degree angle (looks as if you are sitting on an invisible chair) while inhaling
  • Now straighten your knees to slide up the wall and go back to the starting position
  • Repeat this 10 times.

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Pelvic Tilting/ Angry Cat 

You might experience pelvic strain and suffer from back pain while pregnant. However, exercises like pelvic tilt or angry cat pose can help you to get rid of back pain. 

How to Do Pelvic Tilt?

Here is how you can do pelvic tilt:

  • During pelvic tilt, lie on your back with feet flat on the ground
  • This pose required 60-degree flexion to the knees
  • Now press your lower back against the ground by tilting backward while exhaling
  • After this, relax your lower back by tilting forward and inhaling
  • Repeat several times.

Cobbler Pose  

This is next on the list of exercises for normal delivery comes the cobbler pose. Women need to perform this exercise with extra care. This workout helps to prepare your pelvic area and its surrounding region for normal delivery. A strengthened and flexible pelvic floor serves as a prerequisite for normal delivery. 


How to Do Cobbler Pose?

Here is how you need to perform the cobbler pose:

  • Sit on the floor and straighten your legs in front of you with flat feet on the floor
  • Now slide your feet closer to you to put your knees in a bending position
  • Now press the bottom of your feet together and allow them to open like a book
  • Hold this position for as long as you can
  • Lift your knees back together and straighten your legs back
  • Perform several repetitions.

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Downward Dog

This is another workout that is beneficial in pregnancy and improves your chances of normal delivery. Your doctor can predict your chances of normal delivery by monitoring your health throughout the pregnancy, as revealed by Dr. Sarah Perveze, a renowned family physician from MD Medical Center in Lahore. 


How to Perform Downward Dog?

Here is how you can do downward dog:

  • Rest on your feet to bend forward and press your fingers and palm on the floor
  • Now press your left and right knee alternatively and straighten them
  • Repeat this several times.

While doing these workouts, make sure to consult your physician because some of these exercises are not recommended for the later pregnancy stages. Also, follow proper instructions given by your doctor and perform them as recommended by the top gynecologist from Gulab Devi Hospital Lahore.

6- Other Exercises for Normal Delivery 

Other than these, walking and swimming are some of the most recommended workouts that you need to do during pregnancy. 

Tips for Working Out during Pregnancy

Here are some of the tips to work out in pregnancy that can help you to get the best out of these workouts and ensure a normal delivery. 

  • Always warm your body before getting into the workout
  • Drink small amounts of water throughout your workout
  • Avoid high-intensity workout
  • Keep an eye on the waning signs.

A Word from Healthwire!

Workout during pregnancy is generally safe however, some women might suffer from some complications. 

If you start experiencing any troubling signs and symptoms while working out during pregnancy, then make sure to consult your doctor immediately. Some of the concerning signs can include extreme pain, abnormal vaginal bleeding, nausea or vomiting, etc. In this situation, you need to contact your doctor immediately. 

You can consult the best gynecologist via Healthwire to ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy experience. 

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