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Get to Know About Chiropractic Pain Management

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Chiropractic is a physical therapy which aims at providing ease and comfort in case of pain via a non-invasive method. 

Chiropractic is a booming field with more and more people becoming aware of the advantages of chiropractic treatments on overall health and stability.

Here we will try to get into the details of the chiropractic and we will discover how good this potential method is for chronic pain management.


Chiropractic procedures are primarily focused on the body’s own healing abilities. A chiropractor will not suggest the medicines for pain relief. 

Instead the chiropractor will try to focus on improving the neuromuscular system with the aim that the procedure will be helpful for those suffering from chronic arthritic and lower back pain.

The frequently adopted method which has shown considerable results in improving chronic pain among patients is spinal manipulation.

Chiropractic or spinal manipulation is done by various methods and there are many methods that can be performed in this case.

In case of spinal manipulation, the chiropractor will try to adjust the vertebrae that can be done via physical methods and can also be done by the special medicated equipment.

In the case of a physical method, a chiropractor uses his/her hands to adjust the vertebrae and push them back in their normal positions. 

Whereas in case of equipment, many latest studies have shown the effectiveness of using different tools for treating musculoskeletal conditions. There are chiropractic guns that are used to give jolts and pressure to the affected area.

Other Procedures 

The chiropractic procedure can be used in conjunction with many other non-invasive methods. Those methods may include the following

  • Physical therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Relaxation or meditation
  • Easy exercises 
  • Weight loss counselling

The methods are used depending upon the case under observation and a chiropractor will suggest these methods when the rate of success will be much higher. 

How Is This Method Performed?

This chiropractic method is performed after a thorough discussion with the patients. 

On the designated day of your procedure the chiropractor may run some lab tests or X ray to be sure of the success rate of the procedure.

Then the actual procedure will start where the chiropractor will provide force on specific and targeted areas to improve the nerve supply and to alleviate the pain.

This push given by the chiropractor will set the nerve or the blood supply which is present at that area free. Improved nerve impulses and better blood flow will help your body to manage the pain on its own.

There is much research that is done and they have shown the link of the pain with the nerves and blood supply. As a result you may feel relaxed. 

Also the other treatment is to adjust the vertebrae. The force supplied on vertebrae will help in keeping them in place. As a result the overall body posture is managed.

Benefits of Chiropractic in Pain Management 

There are many benefits and advantages of chiropractic procedures. From treatment of pain to a less addictive mechanism, there are many aspects to it as well.

The major advantages are as follows.

1. Relief Pain 

Pain from any ailments can be cured by chiropractic methods. In many cases people who are suffering from arthritis, back pain and shoulder immobilisation often tend to go for this method.

 The method has been proved to be a successful alternative to many other surgical procedures. 

2. No Heavy Pain Killers

Pain which is associated with the nerves or the obstructed blood supply is treated by taking heavy doses of painkillers. These pain killers most of the time make a person addicted to them. 

The pain will not subside unless or until the person takes the painkillers. These painkillers are also dangerous for many internal organs like the kidney and liver as well. You should not take any pain killer on your own. For temporary pain relief, doctors often suggest some pain killers like Synflex.

3. No Surgical Procedures

 Being a non-invasive method it is the best alternative that can help you with pain management and can help a person in carrying out the normal and everyday routine work. 

This also means that there is speedy recovery as there are no set protocols to maintain which can take place in case of surgical procedures.

There are no frequent visits to the hospitals and the patient can recover from the pain issues with the help of his/her own body’s ability.

Drawbacks of Chiropractic Procedure

There are certain downsides and drawbacks associated with this procedure as well. However the degree of these drawbacks is very less compared to the efficacy of the treatment. 

These drawbacks are not frequently observed but they can occur in rare cases:

Disc herniation

As the chiropractor puts pressure on the vertebrae there are some slight chances of the intervertebral disc getting herniated or getting out of the position.

However, getting this procedure done from a trusted source reduces the possible shortcomings to a minimum level. 

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Nerve Compression in Lower Back

There are clusters of nerves originating from the spinal cord. This is a sensitive region as the whole body movements and reflexes are being controlled by this region. 

So if the pressure is unnecessary and if it is beyond a threshold level then there are chances of the nerves getting damaged in the process. 

However, getting these procedures from a well reputed hospital or healthcare service provider can help you to keep all these apprehensions to a minimum level.

Malfunctioning Nerves in the Neck Region

This is a very rare case in which the nerves in the neck region if not properly treated can lead to grave consequences. There are many issues that can arise due to the disturbed nerve supply in the neck region.

However this is a very rare case and there are very few incidents that can  be linked with this. It is therefore suggested to get these procedures done from trusted and verified service providers.

When Not to see a Chiropractor ?

There are a very few cases when you should not go for a chiropractic method. If you are suffering from any related health issues then don’t go for the procedure.

If you are suffering from osteoarthritis and you have weakened bones then this method will not work for you. 

If you have any physical injury then you shouldn’t go for a chiropractic procedure as it can put an extra strain on the tissues that are already in the process of healing.

If anyone is suffering from cancer, then going for a chiropractic treatment is not encouraged. One should seek other methods to treat the pain issues.

The Takeaway

The method is no doubt paving the ways for a better and more sustainable future. The procedure if done accurately then it can save you a lot of hospital bills and can also help to avoid the surgical procedure. Your primary healthcare provider can prescribe you pain killer if you experience severe symptoms.
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