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Erectile Dysfunction: Here is How Smart Technology is Causing Infertility in Men

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Hey Men!!!! Put aside your smartphones and pay heed to what I am about to say: Overuse of electronics, smartphones, and laptops can cause various sexual health problems in men.

You Wake up. Look for your smartphone. Check your social media or Email. Google something that was stuck in your mind for a long time. Or you go browsing the best apps or exercises for burning calories. 

Sounds familiar? Right! Well, there is no doubt that technology has made our lives easy. From the moment we wake up and go to bed at night, technology has eased our lives in countless ways. 

Okay, Okay I know, In fact, I am sure that all of you already know about this. But does it ever come to your mind that technology or electronics can be potentially harmful to you? Actually, Yes!!! You might be surprised to know technology does come with a price and it can have side effects on males’ sexual health. One such example can be Erectile Dysfunction (ED). So, if you are trying to find out what causes infertility in men? ED can be one of the culprits. Let’s have a look at what erectile dysfunction is. 

What is Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence?

Erectile dysfunction or Impotence in men is an inability in a man to keep sufficient firm erection during sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is one of the common threats to male health. About 1 out of every 10 men suffer from this. Even though it is common in older men. However, it is not related to ageing and it is treatable easily using medication, surgery, or other therapies. Erectile dysfunction can cause infertility, sperm count, and other hidden health issues in men. 

The major erectile dysfunction cause is atherosclerosis and diabetes, which constitutes about 70% of the total ED causes. Psychological factors contribute 10-20% of the impotency. Other factors include injury, lifestyle habits, and medications. 

Erectile dysfunction is without a doubt a complicated process. It requires transmission of the sensations from the genital area towards the nervous system and then return via the nervous system to muscles and ultimately towards the blood vessels of the penis. So, anything that interferes in this whole process, for example, any injury or disease that affects muscles, blood vessels or nerves, etc can cause erection problems. Anxiety and depression are signs of hidden health issues and can also affect erectile dysfunction in men. 

Having said this, there is speculation going on that current technology or electronic devices are the culprits of various male sexual health problems. Now let’s look at the science behind them.

Is Your Laptop a Culprit of Your Low Sperm Count? 

A laptop is one of the best buddies of “Men”. Yeah!!! I mean wherever you are, either in your bed, on a couch, or working at the office, a laptop will always be accompanying you. The reason being that the current era is digital and the world has become a global village. Everything is mostly digital. 

If you are thinking, “can laptops cause infertility?” You need to have a look at this current study. According to the study published in the journal of “Fertility and Sterility”, a wirelessly connected computer or laptop of yours can cause severe side effects. It can lessen the sperm count and quality in men. In that study, the sperm was collected and then were stored either under a wireless laptop or normal conditions. The results showed that the samples stored under the laptop had more DNA damage and their motility was affected. 

So, if you are looking for an answer, can radiation cause infertility? The answer to this lies in the aforementioned study that suggested that direct exposure of the radiations coming from the laptop can adversely affect the sperm and the chances of reproduction. The researchers even speculated that if a computer is placed near testes, it can cause male infertility. For this very reason, it is also called laptop infertility. 

Work From Home- A Trigger for Erectile Dysfunction? 

At one point, where the world has become digital. Work from home or remote work is the new norm of the current era. As compared to before, it is way easier to work from home. But, again, it may have its downside. Researchers are linking it with increased stress and affected male sexual health. 

Stress and adrenaline are linked. The more you are stressed, the more your body will release adrenaline. And unfortunately, adrenaline is more like a strong anti-erection hormone. Since working at home is stressful, it can indirectly affect erectile dysfunction in men. But the good news is that this kind of ED is temporary. It is easily treatable and reversible. So, make sure you leave your work at your office and relax at home. 

Smartphones Use is the New Bedtime Routine

Unfortunately, our new lifestyle makes us technology addicts. Due to this, smartphones have become our bedtime routine. Unfortunately, as per studies, this can affect your sex life and sexual health. Studies show that people now spend more time on their laptops or smartphones before going to sleep. The result is less time on health and more time spent on the screens. Radiation from the continuous use of smartphones is equally harmful to causing infertility in men.

Social Media Diversion

The buzzword “social media” doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Before turning out the lights, you might find it fun to scroll through your social media or post comments. Right! But this will only make you less likely to talk to your loved one or even take notice of your deteriorating sexual health and life. At times, the use of electronic devices or smartphones during bedtime signals a partner that he’s completely interested in them and unfortunately this leads to poor sexual dynamics. 

Unfiltered Internet Access

Thanks to technology, even people from remote areas have access to the whole world. At one point where technology has eased the life of people, it has also opened rooms for bad habits. One such is access to watching porn. Apart from being religiously forbidden, watching porn comes with various physical and mental health issues. According to the research presented at the EAU (European Association of Urology), watching porn has increased the cases of erectile dysfunction. 

Further studies also highlighted the fact that there is a strong link between porn addiction and erectile dysfunction. People below the age group of 35 years showed more addiction and sexual health issues. The findings even contributed towards male infertility. 

It might not seem easy to break away from the cycle of porn, but you can help yourself to get out from it. You can do this by:

  • Avoid watching porn
  • Install porn blocking software on your laptop or computer
  • Look out for the reason why you should avoid porn and how it is affecting your health and note it down
  • Reach out to a sexologist or other rehab centres

How to Unplug from Technology

Men have developed an unhealthy habit of spending hours on their laptops either for work or to enjoy their favourite shows, sports, etc. More interaction with screens simply means less time with their partners. And not to forget the harms of radiation on male sexual health.

However, no need to worry, the issue of ED can be easily treatable before it causes male infertility. If a man can easily realize his issue and limit screen time, they can easily overcome their sexual health issues. Erectile dysfunction can be really serious and it can cause impotency and other life-threatening health issues. In case of any male health queries and concerns, you can easily reach out to the best sexologist via Healthwire.pk.

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