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10 Signs for Hidden Health Issues

10 Signs for Hidden Health Issues

Are you among those people who take their health lightly? Or are there times when you have noticed your health is not being good but, you still pass the issue thinking it’s just your imagination? You might be thinking it’s not a big deal but, in the back of your mind, you are too afraid to find out about it after consulting a doctor? 

If you have such thoughts then you are not alone, as per various studies, self-neglect is one of the leading causes of worse health issues. So, you need to notice the signs.

Your body does give you signs and warns you to check on your health before it becomes a life-threatening disease. Your body will first whisper to you, if you avoid it, then your body will start to yell and you have to stop and think over it.

Now, you might be thinking about how your body will whisper to you? Right? These whispers in general term what you can call are the warning signs that can be something serious. So you need to know them and help yourself and your family live a healthy life.

There are many hidden health issues about which our body give warning signs.

List of 10 major neglected signs that your body is giving you regarding your health

1. You Always Feel Tired

Feeling tired after a strenuous work routine or during childcare is natural. But, if you are having this feeling of exhaustion regularly even after taking proper rest then it could be due to any health issue. Your tiredness could be due to the improper function of your thyroid gland. Or it may be due to adrenal glands or simply your body is utilizing all its energy to protect you from the overload of work or other activities such as consuming alcohol, cigarettes, processed foods or other environmental problems that you are bombarding yourself with. 

Your tiredness is also commonly due to stress. when you are always putting yourself in an alert position, you are basically over-using your body. Due to this, your body is in hyper-active mode, to protect you from any illness, infections and even cancer. This constant over-drive exhausts your body. At times, this temporary fatigue can severely affect your nervous system.

So, pay attention to your ‘Tiredness” this may help you in saving your life.

2. Your Skin Looks Pale

In winter, your skin is bound to look dull and it’s common to lose the summer glow skin. It’s nothing to worry about. It is, however concerning, if your skin suddenly starts to look pale as this is a warning sign that blood flow in your body is reduced. 

A pale skin tone may also suggest that your body is producing fewer red blood cells. If this pale skin colour is accompanied by fatigue or weakness then you have anaemia. This anaemia is telling you that your blood is having problems distributing oxygen throughout the body.

For this, you need to add iron-rich foods such as dark leafy green vegetables, dried fruits and red meat in your diet. 

Don’t neglect your sudden change in skin colour, get your blood checked to know about your iron level and opt the diet as per your dietitian to treat anaemia as long term side effects for anaemia get worse. 

3. Your Strange Food Cravings

It’s perfectly normal to crave something sweet or junk food once in a while so don’t blame the foods. However, if you constantly and regularly have strange food cravings then this is more than a nutritional disorder, it could be the deficiency of Vitamin C, iron and magnesium. You definitely need to consult your DOCTOR!

4. You’re Getting Shorter

Strange, but it is true for people. Let’s say your height, what you measured two or a year was 5’11 but now it’s 5’10. It means you are shrinking. Now you must think why are you shrinking? This happens when due to “Osteoporosis” your bones start to degenerate. Osteoporosis is not the problem of the aged people. You may have been healthy all your life but now your body is telling you that something is wrong with your bones. If you don’t take measures for it, you might end up having a humpback or hip fracture. Make sure you are taking sufficient natural Vitamin D and Calcium. 

5. You Are Gassy 

Extreme gas like bloating can be a sign of serious digestion issues that your body is giving you. If it is a problem for you more than often then it means you have any food allergy or any sensitivity. It could also mean that you are suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

6. You Snore A Lot

While snoring seems normal but it can actually be a sign of Sleep Disorder– Sleep Apnea. This disorder is characterized by the blockage in your airways, putting you at a high-risk factor for “Pulmonary Hypertension or High Blood Pressure” and “Heart Failure”. 

7. You Always Feel Anxious

Feeling anxious or having anxiety is often linked with mental health. It is right but it can also penetrate the physiology of your body and trigger heart diseases. If you are always feeling anxious this could also be due to the imbalance in your sex hormones, adrenal tumours, hypothyroidism and other illness. 

8. Cracked Lips 

Cracked or dry lips is definitely a sign of dehydration. But, if your lips are cracked at the corner of your mouth then you suffer from “Cheilitis”. It is a sign that your body is deficient in Vitamin B12, which increases your risk of anaemia and other illnesses.

9. Frequent Heartburn

The uncomfortable burning sensation in your throat or in the chest is known as Heartburn. It is due to the acid produced in your stomach. Heartburn is caused by eating spicy foods, smoking or drinking alcohol. If it remains regular and frequent then it can eventually lead to inflammation in your oesophagus which can ultimately lead to ulcers and then serious bleeding if ignored. If you ignore this continuous heartburn, you are putting yourself in higher risk towards “oesophagal cancer”.

10. Frequent Breaking Out of Your Skin

Last but not least. The largest organ of your body is your skin. Your skin is also the very first thing to be likely to get affected and give warning signs for your ailing health in case of a stress response. Frequent skin issues such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, dark circles and other skin problems are telling you that your health is deteriorating. 

In the End,

Your health should be your top priority. These are just 10 Signs if you observe any of these signs or any change of pattern in your health, do not shy away from consulting a doctor. Early diagnosis would help you in leading a healthy life. 

If you are still not sure what to do with these warning signs you can easily reach out to medical specialist to get yourself checked.

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