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What is the Best Time to Sleep and Wake Up?

What is the Best Time to Sleep and Wake Up?
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Early to bed, and early to rise, make a man healthy wealthy, and wise. 

Sleep is necessary not only for your brain function but also for the maintenance of your overall well-being. While we sleep, our body tends to support our nervous system and allows the body to get recharge. Thus, wondering about the best time to sleep and wake up is natural and necessary. 

Just like your phone needs a charger after it has run out of battery, your body needs uninterrupted and smooth hours of sleep for optimal working. But job commitments stressed academic habitat, and poor dietary habits contribute to poor sleep. Poor sleep then inadvertently affects the body’s functioning capacity.  

Therefore in order to extract the best time calculator to sleep and wake up, you first have to make yourself familiar with the sleep cycle. Given below is the necessary information in this regard. 

What is Circadian Rhythm?

Circadian rhythm is your body’s internal clock. This clock mainly consists of the 24-hour cycle and runs in the background so that the body. This biological clock system runs the necessary and pivotal body functions in the background. One of the major circadian rhythms is our sleep-wake cycle

In addition to the sleep-wake cycle, the body’s circadian rhythms are also associated with menstrual cycles and ovarian cycles in women. This biological clock is then influenced by environmental factors such as light and temperature. 

Circadian rhythm plays a much-needed role in the body’s sleep cycle. That is why when this clock is not aligned due to stress or some other factors, you can suffer from the aftermath of sleeping problems. One major sleeping issue in these scenarios is insomnia. 

That is why giving two cents about your sleep cycle is recommended!

Did you know? Deep sleep is the most important sleep stage. Deep sleep is when you are high on dreams and your body functions at a progressive pace. 

What are the Best Sleeping Hours? 

There is no exact definition to describe the best sleeping hours. But one cannot deny the importance of sleeping at night. According to various researchers, one hour of sleep at midnight is better than 4 hours of sleep during the day. This is because of our circadian rhythm which works best under the influence of light. 

According to the medical health specialist at Imam Clinic Karachi, the best window for sleep lies between 8 pm to 12 am. During this period, our brain is able to get all the non-REM and REM sleep. 

Non-REM Sleep REM Sleep 
During this stage you are neither fully awake nor completely asleep. During this stage, your brain sorts all the recollections of the brain makes new memories and decides which memories you don’t need anymore.  

That is why make sure to get at least 6 hours of sleep during this time period. Optimized sleep pattern help to stabilize the body functions and boosts happy hormones in the body

How much Sleep do We Need? 

Even though it is still under research how much sleep is needed yet there is some average amount of sleep that you need to know about. Given below is a healthy analysis regarding the age and the average recommended amount of sleep for different age groups. 

Age Recommended Amount of Sleep
0-3 months14-17 hours total 
4-12 months12-16 hours total
1-2 years 11-14 hours total
3-5 years10-13 hours total
9-12 years9-12 hours total
13-18 years8-10 hours total
18-60 yearsMinimum 7 hours at night
61-64 years7-9 hours per night

What are the Side Effects of Not Getting Enough Sleep? 

We all are aware of the aftereffects of tossing and tuning in bed. From making us cranky to insufferable, lack of sleep also affects our physical well-being. Not being able to sleep properly, tampers with your immune capacity, exposing you to a plethora of infections and diseases.

Lack of sleep not only results in dark hollow circles around your eyes but also leads to various health complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. All of these are serious health issues that should be treated properly. Furthermore, not being able to sleep also increases the risk of heart issues and reduces your productivity. 

Sleep deprivation also causes memory loss and reduced motor skills. 

What is the Best Time to Wake Up in the Morning? 

The best time to wake up in the morning is between 6:30 am to 7. Waking up early is considered to be one of the healthiest morning habits that shape the rest of your day. 

What are the Side Effects of Getting Too Much Sleep? 

There is enough data about the side effects of getting too much sleep but the disadvantages of too much sleep often get under the radar. In case you have the urge to sleep for more than 8 hours then you are getting too much sleep. 

Sleeping too much can increase your chances of depression, less productivity, and anxiety. It also leads to asthma and obesity. 

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What is the Best Time to Sleep for Weight Loss? 

The best time to sleep for weight loss is 10:10 pm. A good night’s sleep is helpful for various body functioning but it becomes inevitable when you are trying to lose weight. Therefore try to sleep around 10 pm if you want to enjoy the perks of weight loss in a healthy manner. 

What is the Best Way to Fall Asleep? 

Good and satisfying sleep is necessary for good skin, better mental health, and a superior immunity system. But even the trivial task of falling asleep can become tiresome if you are dealing with a lot of stress or have trouble falling asleep. Here are some helpful tips that are recommended by renowned psychiatrist Dr, Hafiz M. Imtiaz Afzal, these tips are tricks that will help you to sleep fast. 

  • Adjust the room to the right temperature
  • Maintain a sleep schedule
  • Engage in physical activity 
  • Do not take naps during the day (especially if you have trouble falling asleep during the night)
  • Stick to a healthy, balanced, and nutritious diet
  • Try relaxing music
  • Make your sleeping area more comfortable
  • Avoid using the screen when it is your bedtime
  • Get help from essential oils
  • Do not drink coffee or tea to avoid going to bathroom
  • Visualize things that make you happy

When Should I go to Sleep?

The best time to sleep and wake up varies from individual to individual depending upon the age group that they belong to. The simplest way to calculate the best time to sleep is to first figure out the time that you need to wake up. From that time, calculate 7 hours by doing a backward count

For example, if you have to wake up at 7 am in the morning then you need to sleep by 12 pm. But in the case of children, the best time to sleep will be changed. Moreover, try to stick with this sleep schedule even on weekends. Otherwise, there is a high chance of you suffering from Monday blues ( insert sad emoji). 

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A Word from Healthwire

Summoning it all, the best time to sleep and wake up is the one that allows you to stay fresh and productive the next morning. Quality sleep time is necessary and make sure to draft a sleep schedule so that you can enjoy the benefits of good sleep. 

In case you need further assistance regarding trouble sleeping or how to fall asleep fast you can reach out to the best sleep medicine specialists via healthwire. They will guide you properly. 

Till then make sure to catch up on some extra ZZzZzzz…….

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