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11 Easy Exercises for Bed Bound Patients to Stay Active

Exercises for Bed Bound Patients
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People who are bedridden need to exercise to keep themselves active. I am sure, you must have taken care of a bed-bound person or you might be taking care of one. For people who experience serious injuries, this stay in bed can get a little longer. Now this means that there is a higher chance of the muscles getting weak and the body becoming frail. 

For bed-bound patients, two things are extremely important to be taken care of. One is their hygiene and the other is bed exercises to keep them active. Exercises that help in preventing or minimizing complications through exercises you need assistance from a caretaker. 

A lot of times, patients who are unconscious or paralyzed need professionally trained nurses or extra help to move them.

Bed Exercises for Bed Ridden Patients

For elderly people and those who are bedridden, it is restricted for them to do daily chores. This inactivity of muscles for a longer period can cause muscle soreness and complications. For that, several exercises can help. These are mentioned below: 

Exercises for Hands, Shoulders, and Arms

1. Shrugging Shoulders

Although all of us shrug our shoulders every day, not a lot of people know that this is one of the great exercises for bedridden patients. This exercise works best when it is done while sitting down. Shrug shoulders in a way that the shoulders reach the back of your head. It is best to repeat it 5 to 10 times a day. 

2. Palm Stretching

One of the most simple bed exercises for bed bound patients is palm stretching. To do this, open your palm and extend your fingers for a few seconds. Try to extend as much as you can until you feel a stretch.  Now, touch your thumb with each finger individually. Repeat the same for both hands. 

3. Arm Raises

A very simple exercise is to raise your left arm as high as you can above the head. After repeating it five times, repeat this five times with your right arm. 

Now, raise your left arm again in front of you and then change your arm five times. These are called forward arm raises. Now, for one of the best bed exercises for arms, raise your arm straight out to the side, this is called lateral arm raise. Do it one by one for each arm. If you have the strength, then do this for both arms at the same time. 

4. Arm Crosses

For this, move your arms to the sides until you feel a minor stretch. Now, bring the arms closer to each other in a way that they pass each other in a cross. Arm crosses can work great and help you in reaching the things that are away from your table or are far from you. This helps a lot in maintaining muscle function in patients on bed rest.  

Exercises for Neck 

5. Head Rotation 

One of the easiest bed exercises for the neck and shoulders is head rotation. You can do this while sitting. You need to tilt your head to one side and then rotate it 360 degrees gradually. Repeat the exercise from one side and then repeat it in the reverse direction. 

6. Head Turns

Dr. Idrees Ahmed who is one of the best chiropractors and physiotherapists in Pakistan says that this exercise can be done while lying down or while sitting. For this, you need to turn your head slowly from one extreme to another. Stretch your head in a way that you feel extreme tension on the side of the neck. Repeat this five times a day and increase the number of repetitions every few days. It is one of the best exercises for bed bound patients. 

Bed Exercises for Legs, Ankles, and Feet

7. Leg Rotations

This exercise is one of the best exercises for bed-bound patients performed while lying down. To perform this, keep one of your legs still. Move the other leg to the outer side, a little away from the first leg. Bring it back again and repeat it for the same leg several times. Now, do the same for the outer leg. 

8. Ankle Rotation

For this one, extend your legs while sitting down or lying down. Now, raise your leg slightly above the surface. Rotate your ankles clockwise and anticlockwise. Do this at least five times each. It is your choice to do both ankles separately or at the same time. 

9. Toe Bends

While lying down, flex your toes when you point them for this one out of all bed exercises. Stretch the toes outwards and then inwards, towards yourself. If you are too sick then make sure your caretaker does this exercise for you.  

10. Ankle Bends

You can do this exercise while lying down or while sitting. End your toes in a way that they are pointing towards the ceiling and then backward. You can also do this when your legs are raised. 

Full Body Exercises for Bed Bound Patients

11. Hip Raises

Hip raises can be a little tricky and difficult for patients to perform. To do this, you can lie down on your back and raise your lips slightly from the bed. 

You need to keep the hips in the air for a few seconds before you bring them down. This exercise requires a little bit more attention as compared to others. But if this one is performed every day, it can help you stay away from getting bed sores and can save your back from chronic pain that comes after lying for hours. 

Anyone can perform these exercises, as these can help a lot in getting you back moving and can help a lot in getting active. 

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