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Is Packet Milk Good For Health? Find Out The Answer!

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Milk is an important part of our lives. From everyday use in many forms milk always finds one way or another to enter our lives. Be it a joyous festival or a celebration, where kheer and cakes are customary, you will find milk in almost every other thing. 

But in view of this, it is also necessary to be aware of the best quality milk available in the market. There are multiple varieties of milk being sold in the market these days. From fresh milk to packet and carton milk, the competition is so fierce and tough that it is not possible to tell which type of milk is beneficial for you. 

In this blog we will try to find out the reality of packet milk and we will try to find the answer to the most popular question these days i.e. “ Is packet milk good for your health?” So let us delve into the main question without wasting any further time. 


Milk is the best source of calcium and proteins. Along with this milk also contains minerals like phosphorus and potassium. Milk is also a source of vitamin D. These essential minerals and vitamins make milk the best drink for our body. The calcium available in milk is essential for strong and healthy bones. 

Vitamin D is necessary for the maintenance of body cells and is also required as it helps in absorption of calcium from the diet to the body.

There are many other health benefits of milk. But do these minerals and nutrients are available in all the types of milk? Is it safe to consume every type of milk available?

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So let us jump to different types of milk available in the market these days. 

Types of Milk Available 

Raw Milk

The milk which you get directly from the cows is referred to as the raw milk. There are many microbial agents available in that milk as it is obtained freshly from the cows. This type of milk is fueled with many essential nutrients and minerals in sufficient amounts. 

This milk is then boiled to kill any harmful bacteria or microbes present in it. The milk is then fit to use. 

But the question is still the same. Is it safe to consume raw milk?

The answer to the question is Yes but there are many other things that should be considered before using this raw milk. 

Make sure that the milk is not treated with harmful chemicals to increase the consistency. Also make sure that you take the milk from a trusted vendor.

With the advancements in the fields of technology and science, it is now possible to get more milk from the cows than their original capacity. For this increased production of milk, these vendors often give oxytocin injections to the cows. 

This extra milk will not have the same caloric content like the normal raw milk produced without these chemicals.  So it is necessary to validate the authenticity and originality of the milk before purchasing and consuming.

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Packet Milk

The other type of milk that is in use these days is packet milk. Packet milk or poly milk comes in a packaging made up of a special type of polythene. This type of milk is also deemed fit for the use as it contains little to almost no additives in it. 

Also the milk is suitable for use as it requires boiling after opening the packet which means that this milk isn’t treated in factories.

The shelf life of this milk is also less which indicates that there are no added preservatives in it.

So is it safe to take this type of milk?

The answer to the question is again a Yes. But to be on the safe side go for the packet milk which will have a low shelf life. Low shelf life means less preservatives added which in turn means a more healthy quality of the milk.

Organic Milk

 With most of the manufactures moving towards organic products. Organic milk is not lagging in the race too. This milk is also deemed fit for the use as it has an organic origin.

Let’s just keep it simple. This organic milk is obtained from the cows that are  fed the organic diet. These cows are never subjected to injections that can enhance the milk production. 

So is it safe to consume this organic milk? 

Yes and a big yes! This sort of milk is fit for consumption and is healthy as it is having a great caloric content. Another thing that adds to favour of this milk is the organic origin of the milk.

Tetra pak Milk 

Now coming towards the most controversial type of milk available in the market these days. This tetra pak milk has stirred many controversies. We will sort this issue once and for all. Let us have a look into the manufacturing of it from the very beginning.

The milk is obtained from cows and then the milk is subjected to ultra high temperature techniques. 

These ultra high temperatures are needed to kill almost every microbe from the milk. This is done to ensure that no bacteria can reside inside it.

Tetra pak milk has a very long shelf life that is only possible if there are many preservatives available in the milk.

Then the milk is added into the six layers package and is then dispatched  off.

But is it suitable to consume tetra pak milk?

The answer to the question is entangling and perplexing. With many different opinions available it is difficult to answer the question but on a baseline, there are side effects of tetra pak milk.

From the extra preservatives to killing the useful nutrients of the milk, the milk will not bring any good to the consumer.

According to a report published in Dawn, only six brands of packet milk are deemed fit for use in Pakistan.

The Takeaway

So in the view of the above discussion it will not be wrong to conclude that raw milk and organic milk are the best options available so far.

Other types of milk do contain a considerable amount of preservatives which make the milk less beneficial for health. If you want to get the best advice on nutrition and diet, then make an appointment today with the best nutritionist.

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FAQ: Should you Boil milk Many Times?

Certainly not. You should not boil milk many times over and over again to kill the microbes and bacteria. A good one boil will make the milk free from these harmful bacterias. Boiling the milk many times also removes the essential set of proteins and minerals from the milk. So it is necessary to give a considerable amount of heat at a time so that it will kill off all the harmful bacterias.

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