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Semen Leakage – How to Confirm Whether Sperm Went Inside?

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Intercourse is all about biology, whether you’re hoping to conceive with your partner or making sure it doesn’t happen. 

Unfortunately, few men are aware of it, and persistent misconceptions about it keep you in the dark.

Even though everyone is aware of how fertilizing an egg results in pregnancy, the question of how to confirm whether sperm went inside or not remains.

In this article, we will try to cover all aspects of semen leakage, and how to confirm whether sperm went inside. Keep on reading to educate yourself on these less-talked but frequently asked questions. 

What is Semen Leakage?

We must first understand semen in order to comprehend semen leaks. 

Semen is the whitish fluid that is expelled from a man’s penis after ejaculation. Seminal fluid, which is created by the prostate and seminal vesicles, makes up the majority of it. 

The little glands behind the prostate are called seminal vesicles. Sperm makes up a modest portion of semen.

Most people believe that sperm only exits the penis during sex or masturbation. Semen may occasionally leave a penis even when a person is not sexually stimulated.

Semen loss occurs frequently during sexual engagement. There are other issues that could result in semen leaking. Some may not necessarily require treatment since they have an underlying direct cause, whereas others may.

What Causes Semen Leakage?

Other typical reasons of semen leaking, besides conscious sexual excitement, include:

  • Nocturnal emissions
  • Adverse effects of medicine
  • Prostate issues
  • Nerve damage

Other symptoms may also be present in certain diseases. The following information will help you understand the other symptoms and how to treat the underlying causes:

  1. Sexual Arousal

Many young men consider it natural to leak sperm when they are aroused or just have sexual fantasies. Although it can be messy and uncomfortable, it does not signify any sexual issues or other conditions.

Additionally, some semen may seep out just before or after ejaculation.

During sexual stimulation, another type of fluid may also flow out. Frequently, this liquid seeps before the ejaculation. It can serve as a lubrication during sexual activity and is chemically distinct from semen. 

It is still possible that it contains sperm, so it is advised to use a condom before engaging in any sexual activity or contact.

The withdrawal method, in which you “take out” your penis from your partner’s vagina before ejaculating, isn’t a very effective birth control strategy because some active sperm can still be expelled unexpectedly. Additionally, if you use the withdrawal method without a condom, you run the risk of contracting STIs (STIs).

  1. Nocturnal Emissions

The most typical time for nocturnal discharges, commonly known as “wet dreams,” is during adolescence and occasionally into a man’s 20s. Nocturnal emissions are a common occurrence among guys.

Nocturnal emission is an uncontrollable ejaculation of semen while you’re asleep. It may occur if your sheets or during a sexual dream stimulate your genitalia. Instead of a full ejaculation from a wet dream, there can be some semen leakage.

In any case, once a boy reaches puberty, nocturnal discharges become extremely prevalent.

  1. Side Effects of Medication

Semen leakage can also be brought on by drugs like antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and some hormone therapies.

Semen leaking and other sexual adverse effects are possible with the antidepressant medication class known as SSRIs. These other outcomes include:

  • Weak libido (reduced sex drive)
  • Erectile dysfunction with delayed ejaculation

Depending on the SSRIs dosage, kind, and combination with other drugs, these side effects may occur. 

If you are currently taking one of these medications, you should balance the benefits and drawbacks of doing so as well as any potential adverse effects.

  1. Prostate Problems

The gland responsible for producing semen, which aids in sperm transportation from the penis through the urethra, is your prostate. Numerous health issues can affect your prostate. Prostatitis and prostate cancer are two examples of these issues.

The prostate is inflamed and enlarged in prostate disease. It may be brought on by; bacterial contamination, anything that causes inflammation and an immunological reaction, including a nerve injury.

Less is known about the causes of prostate cancer. However, certain genetic alterations appear to have a significant influence. Prostate cancer, like prostatitis, can result in; inability to urinate, discomfort in the pelvic region, modifications to ejaculation, blood in the semen.

Semen leakage may be one of the signs of these prostate issues.

  1. Nerve Damage

Your ejaculation may change as a result of a nervous system injury, which might cause semen to leak. The nerves responsible for ejaculation may be impacted by advanced age, infections, injury to the spinal cord, and groin surgery.

Ejaculation requires intricate connections between the brain, spinal cord, and nerves to take place. Nerve-related illnesses including diabetes, stroke, or multiple sclerosis can alter ejaculation and sexual function.

How to Prevent Semen Leakage?

If you are currently going through semen leakage problems, try doing the following to assist lessen or prevent semen leakage:

  • Masturbating before going to bed to avoid having wet dreams
  • Diet and exercise to lower the risk of prostate cancer
  • Exercising frequently to manage weight, as excess weight raises the risk of cancer and puts additional strain on the bladder
  • Talking to a doctor about any potential side effects of any new medication
  • Visiting a doctor for routine checkups or if there are problems with urination or sexual function

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Home Remedies for Semen Leakage

You can get relief from semen leakage by using some natural treatments. There are countless foods that can help with semen leakage.

Foods High in Fructose

Fructose is abundant in fresh fruits and vegetables. Sperm contain a significant amount of fructose. A diet lacking in nutrients and sugar might cause the body to produce fewer sperm, which can result in watery semen. 

Include fruit in your diet, including apples, amla, grapes, berries, watermelons, guava, mangoes, and pineapples.

Milk and Dates

Each day, consume 10 dry dates soaked in milk for four hours. Dates are a great source of carbs and nutritional fiber. They are packed with vitamins that can increase sex endurance and thicken semen.

Foods Rich in Zinc

A lack of zinc, a vital mineral, can lead to issues with fertility, such as watery sperm. A zinc deficiency can also cause the body to produce less testosterone, which lowers libido drive. 

Consume meals high in zinc, as well as zinc supplements. 


Selenium deficiency also results in semen leakage. 

Add staples like brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, oysters, lamb (mutton), chicken, eggs, oats, onions, and lamb in your diet.

Vitamin C-rich Foods

Amla, lemons, oranges, mangoes, strawberries, guava, papaya, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, and potatoes are a few examples of foods high in vitamin C. To stay healthy and fertile, eat them frequently every day.

Vitamin E-rich Foods

Vitamin E-rich foods include oils like sunflower oil (not refined), peanut oil, corn, olive oil, and sesame oil. 

Your diet should include foods like butter, eggs, soy, wheat germ oil, walnuts, sunflower seeds, copra (the white part of the coconut), etc.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a crucial vitamin that vegetarians particularly need. This vitamin supports the body’s metabolism as well. Foods like fish, oysters, salmon, sardines, liver, kidney, etc  are excellent providers of vitamin B12


It is crucial to practise “stress management” in order to maintain good mental and physical health. Many harmful effects of stress can be seen in the body. It interferes with every delicate organ in your body’s ability to function. When you are stressed out at work or at home, it is imperative that you get treatment.

Frequent Exercise 

Keeping your energy levels at their peak can be achieved by exercising frequently. Exercise increases testosterone levels, which encourages the production of more sperm in the testicles.

Restful Sleep

Your body needs restful sleep in order to function properly. You need to sleep soundly for at least 8 to 10 hours each night.

Avoid Sugary Beverages

Colas and fruit drinks with the highest sugar content must be avoided. 

Treatments for Semen Leakage

The underlying reason will determine how to treat semen leaking.

What to do If Semen Leakage is due to Sexual Arousal?

Semen leakage during arousal is typical and natural. There is no need for treatment.

A doctor could suggest medication if excessive volumes of fluid leak out and this creates discomfort or embarrassment.

How to Treat Nocturnal Emissions?

Wet dreams are a common occurrence, so there is no need for treatment. After adolescence, they usually become less common.

The following advice may help lessen or stop wet dreams from happening if they are upsetting you or making you feel uncomfortable: practicing relaxation methods before bed, such as meditation, talking to a psychologist about dreams, or masturbating before bed.

What to Do for Prostatitis?

Depending on the underlying reason, there are many approaches for treating prostatitis.

A doctor may give an antibiotic prescription if bacterial infection is the cause of prostatitis. Anti-inflammatory medicines and muscle relaxants are further prostatitis treatments.

Home treatments might also help with some prostatitis discomfort. Examples are:

  • Consuming a lot of water
  • Bathing in warm water
  • Avoiding spending extended amounts of time sitting
  • Abstaining from foods like citrus fruits that could aggravate the bladder

We have established what is semen leakage and what to do about it. Now, let’s get to know the signs to confirm whether sperm went inside and what you can do about it. 

Signs to Confirm Whether Sperm Went Inside 

Semen is ejected from your penis. And according to study, semen contains millions of sperm cells that enter the fallopian tube through the vagina. If the penis enters the vagina during unprotected sex and you ejaculate, sperm has unquestionably entered your partner’s body.

Here are the signs to confirm whether sperm went inside:

Broken Condom

Your condom may tear during vaginal sex as a result of friction, inadequate lubrication, or coming into touch with a sharp edge. Rare occasions may result in the condom rupturing inside the vagina as you ejaculate. Sperm will ascend the vaginal tube in these circumstances.

There is a substantial likelihood that semen may seep into the vagina if your condom ruptures during ejaculation or sexual activity.


Pre-ejaculate, often known as pre-cum, is released as you become aroused. 

But what is pre-ejaculate? It is the semen that is expelled during an orgasm but before you fully climax. What use does pre-ejaculate serve? It lubricates your partner’s vagina and balances the urethra’s acidity to provide sperm with a clear pathway in. 

Pre-ejaculate is thought by many men not to contain sperm. However, research indicates that 4 out of 100 women can become pregnant through sexual contact with it. According to studies, sperm may be present in the fluids that are expelled from the penis before ejaculation.

Read more about foods to cure premature ejaculation.

Not Using Protection

You can get semen in the vagina if you don’t use protection or if the protection fails during penetrative sex. The protection may break for a variety of causes, including friction and insufficient or no lubrication. 

Occasionally, the man’s ejaculation can be strong enough to rip the protection apart. To avoid this condition, one must purchase condoms of the highest quality.

It is best to take precautions to prevent pregnancy if you discover the protection is damaged and the man undoubtedly had an orgasm. You can forgo taking action if you are certain that your ovulation day is not imminent. 

To prevent pregnancy, you can speak with a doctor and take a pregnancy tablet.

Using External Elements

To make time in bed more exciting and to maintain the variety, many people delight in employing toys. While you might want to focus on your performance, failing to take the possibility of fertilization into account could have unanticipated consequences.

One must make sure that no residue enters the body when employing external objects during sexual activity. You do not need to be concerned if you use these devices for your own enjoyment. 

When not wanting to become pregnant, it is preferable to avoid it if there is a potential of discovering semen in the vagina.

Anal Sex

You might be engaging in unprotected anal sex in the mistaken belief that it won’t result in pregnancy. 

However, sperm cells frequently migrate toward the female sex organ without our knowledge. While the likelihood of pregnancy is far lower than while having frequent sex, the hazards are still present. 

Utilizing protection at all times is the best approach to prevent risking this.

How Long Should You Keep Sperm Inside to Get Pregnant?

According to research, sperm can stay alive for up to five days in the female reproductive system. There are many different birth control options available, including tablets, spermicidal lotions, condoms, and cervical caps, to mention a few, but none of them are 100 percent effective. These techniques just reduce the likelihood of becoming pregnant.


The sensation you receive during sexual contact is the best way to determine whether sperm went inside or not. A male experiencing an orgasm is unique in terms of the internal force and emotion.

To choose how to handle a sensation, it is critical to have a comprehensive understanding of it. When wearing protection, it needs to be examined for leaks or tears. If all the evidence points to semen inside your vagina, you must take precautions to avoid getting pregnant. However, if you try to conceive but are unsuccessful. Try again! Consult a well-known gynecologist for every query. 


Can a Girl Expel Sperm Without Becoming Pregnant?

No. There is always a chance that your partner could become pregnant if sperm has come into touch with her vaginal canal. You must wear protection during sexual activity in the form of a condom if you want to prevent pregnancy.

If the sperm is released, can your partner become pregnant?

Yes. Even if sperm or semen leave the vagina, your spouse may become pregnant. Following unprotected sex, sperm discharge from the vagina is quite natural.

Does Sperm Come Out After Sexual Contact?

Once sperm enters the female uterus, doctors are still unable to remove it. Sperm leakages after a sexual encounter, some even several hours or days later, are completely typical if you have been engaging in unprotected sex.

Can a Trace of Sperm Lead to Pregnancy?

You only need one of your sperm to fertilize an egg. To become pregnant, only one sperm is required. Therefore, the answer is yes; however, other criteria such as your sperm count and motility must also be taken into account.

If She Washes Out The Sperm, Can She Get Pregnant?

Yes. For reasons of hygiene or to avoid getting pregnant, some women want to remove sperm or semen from their vagina. Women employ this technique to quickly expel sperm from their bodies. In actuality, though, even urinating after unprotected intercourse won’t prevent your partner from getting pregnant.

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