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10 Things You Need To Know About Bleeding Gums

10 Things You Need To Know About Bleeding Gums

Smiling is such a welcoming gesture and who doesn’t love a beautiful smile? Right! So, oral hygiene is not only important for a beautiful smile but for strong and healthy teeth. But, at times, most of us focus more on achieving a white bright smile and overlook our gums. What we forget here is that healthy teeth need healthy gums. 

Bleeding gums are one of the common oral health issues. Every one of us must have suffered from gum bleeding at least once in a lifetime. Bleeding gums is not only among the very first signs of gum disease but also that you might be brushing your teeth so hard. So, next time if you think about why do gums bleed randomly, you need to think if you are brushing your teeth so hard. 

Unfortunately, new stats show that it is one of the most overlooked dental issues. Just because it is common for everyone to suffer from bleeding gums, it shouldn’t mean that we should ignore it. 

Now you must be thinking about why do gums bleed randomly? Why do gums bleed so easily? Why do gums bleed after brushing? Why do gums bleed while brushing? Why do teeth bleed when you brush them? Or even how to stop gum bleeding immediately? Right?! 

So, if you have these questions in your mind then, Read On.

10 Reasons You Need To Know for Bleeding gums

1. Brushing Your Teeth Hardly 

You can be someone who takes care of his/her oral hygiene and yet you must be thinking why do your gum bleed when you brush them? The answer to this question is very simple. Most of us believe that brushing our teeth harder can clean our teeth. But, this is not true. In fact, brushing your teeth with force can damage your enamel causing pain, discomfort and eventually gum bleeding. 

You should feel lucky if this is the only reason for bleeding gums as you can fix it easily. When you brush your teeth, instead of putting force on your teeth, you should be taking it as more of a massage for your teeth.

2. Wrong Toothbrush Cause Bleeding Gums

You must be looking for home remedies for bleeding gums and bad breath without realizing that what if the culprit is your toothbrush? Yes, the other reason why gums bleed randomly is using the wrong toothbrush as well. 

In order to clean their teeth, people often opt for toothbrushes having hard bristles in order to clean their teeth. This is an extremely wrong and harmful practice for your teeth. You should be rather choosing the opposite and use toothbrushes with soft bristles instead of hard ones. 

The toothbrushes having soft bristles are good as they are less likely to damage your teeth. These brushes are even able to sweep easily under the gum line, thus removing the bacteria and plaque that cause various dental decay and diseases.

3. Gingivitis

Gingivitis is another answer to your question which you ask yourself for mouth bleeding for no reason. Not only is it a common reason for bleeding gums but also the earliest sign and stage of gum diseases. Your gums bleed due to the infection and swelling that is caused by bacteria and plaque. 

If you ignore this issue, the disease will progress at such a pace that you’ll find it very hard to control it using natural remedies for bleeding gums. Eventually, you’d be visiting your dentist. But, no worries, you can easily get rid of gingivitis and bleeding gums by adopting good oral hygiene.

4. Pregnancy Gingivitis 

Women suffer from a change in the hormonal level during their pregnancy. Hence, it is very common for women to suffer from bleeding gums during their pregnancy. But, no need to worry, as aforementioned, it is an early stage of gum disease. Therefore during your pregnancy, if you suffer from bleeding gums, you should talk about it to your doctor to get it cured. 

5. Flossing

It is an essential part of your oral hygiene, but, if you are someone who is new and has just started flossing then you might suffer from bleeding gums. It is natural and nothing to worry about. This is actually a sign that your gums have not been taken care of properly and is inflamed. But, with time, when you become used to it, your gums won’t likely bleed.

6. Poor Nutrition and Dietary Habits

In our busy routines, we often skip proper meals and eat junk or processed foods. Little did we realize that these processed foods and even potato chips can cause gum bleeding by irritating your gums. You need to add veggies and fruits that are rich in various minerals, good for your overall and dental health.

7. Stress

Stress- one of the most common and leading causes of various diseases. When you are anxious or stressing out, you are suppressing your immune system. This affects your body’s ability to fight gingivitis. Not only do you need to manage your stress, but you also need to focus on improving your oral hygiene.

8. Diabetes

If you suffer from diabetes, then one of the common symptoms are bleeding gums. Your ability to fight off infections decreases due to diabetes. Gum disease and other dental issues progress faster if you suffer from diabetes. It is extremely important that you consult your dentist and get your customized oral health plan.

9. Smoking

Smoking is injurious to your health and if you are a smoker, the chances of developing bleeding gum increases. Quitting smoking is not only good for your health but also reduces the risk of many other diseases. However, if you are unable to quit smoking then you need to talk to your dentist to be able to reduce the risk of gum disease and disorders. 

10. Medicines

There are certain medicines that make your gums sensitive and thus it makes it easier for your gums to bleed. In this case, you need to consult your dentist, when you are starting a new medication and suffer from bleeding. So, if the cause of gums bleeding is any medication then your dentist will help you with mild oral hygiene that is not only gentler but is equally good for reducing the random bleeding of gums.

TakeAway Note,

Healthy gums are essential in order to support healthy teeth. If you suffer from bleeding gums frequently, then it’s better to consult your dentist instead of only opting for natural remedies for bleeding gums. You also need to improve your oral hygiene practice as the bleeding gums issues can be improved by a healthy oral hygiene practice, diet and lifestyle.

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