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4 Healthiest Tips for a Healthy Heart

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4 Healthiest Tips for a Healthy Heart
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A Healthy Heart is the true reflection of a healthy lifestyle. Heart diseases have become a leading cause of death each year, which is why being aware of your heart health is very important.

The choices we make from a younger age are the determinants of how our health will be when we become old and weak. Small changes regarding your health can turn your life all around, resulting not only in a healthy heart but also an overall healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Adopt

1- Exercise for a Healthy Heart

One cannot stress enough on the importance of doing regular exercise. Stressed? exercise. Obese? exercise. Want clear skin? Exercise. Working out seems like the only and best solution for so many health issues these days. This is majorly because of how digitally busy we have become. Spending hours over social networking and often working from the same seat from 9 to 5. To help yourself, you can start with small steps. Start off with a small walk every day. Put on a timer for about 15 minutes and walk a little faster than your normal pace. After a few days put the timer to 20 minutes. Keep adding in more minutes until you achieve 10,000 steps each day. If you are someone who finds walking boring, you can simply opt for a beginners cardio and get started on a healthy heart journey from there.

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2- Eating Healthy

Your overall heart health has a lot to do with what you eat. You must have heard of people having a heartache just because they were eating way too many fats. People with high blood pressure are advised to consume less cholesterol and fatty foods. Here is what you can do to make your eating habits healthy;

  • Lower your sodium intake. Most of us eat salt way more than we should. Less salt is recommended after you cross 30.
  • Consume less fatty foods. This includes refined oils, red meat and junk food. While consuming red meat is good for your health it should not be consumed on a regular basis, given the high cholesterol in it. You might as well switch to lamb/ goat/ white meat if you are someone who absolutely cannot skip meat. Similarly, in place of cooking in canola oil you can choose olive oil for your cooking. This is because it is less saturated and contains healthy fats which our bodies need.
  • Add in more veggies and fruits in your diet. The simplest way of achieving a healthy heart is to simply start throwing a dash of any available veggie in your regular meals. Grab an apple in place of a sugary biscuit. Switch to dark chocolate from milk chocolate. Small changes can bring about huge changes in your diet and lifestyle. The best way of consuming maximum veggies and fruits is to simply throw everything in a blender and make a delicious smoothie. Make a pact with yourself that you have to start adding a little bit of raw veggies in your everyday regular meals.

3. Skip on Smoke and Alcohol

Smoking is more damaging to your heart than to your lungs. Same goes for alcohol. Quit smoking as soon as you can and avoid passive smoking as well. If you like sipping on alcohol every now and then, then please know alcohol can end up being severely detrimental for your overall health. Instead try placing a fruity ice tea in your fridge you can sip onto every now and then.

4. Stay Stress Free

Stress is not good for any of your bodily functions. While being a little worried is normal, excessive stress can result in low immunity. At times we cannot dodge extreme stressful situations. In that case you can distress yourself through the following way;

  • Do a 10-minute Yoga. There are amazing apps and videos on YouTube which will help you get into beginner level Yoga.
  • Meditate. Early morning hours are the best time to destress yourself and go into a deep dive of clearing your mind and worries. Take out 5 minutes out of your day and once again look for an online YouTube video to start meditating your worries away.
  • Take a warm bath. Dip yourself into a fancy bath. All you have to do is add some Epsom salt, some lavender oil, few rose petals and simply lay down in your bath tub for 10 to 20 minutes. You will instantly feel better.
  • To clear your mind, you can go for a long walk at some peaceful park or by the beach. You can also go for a small hoke, or biking or fishing. Anything that includes movement will instantly lift your mood up and give you a break from your worries.

Motivation is the Key!

There are so many ways to keep your heart healthy, however the best one is to stay motivated and positive. Try to keep yourself as happy and stress free as possible. In case you are still concerned about your heart health you can get in contact with one of Healthwire top cardiologists. All you have to do is book an appointment or opt for an online video consultation from your home at Healthwire.pk.

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