5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Against COVID-19 Infection

by Aiman Tahir Laghari
5 Ways to Boost your Immune System Against COVID-19 Infection

You are washing your hands regularly and thoroughly, even keeping a social distance, disinfecting your surroundings and following every precautionary measure to protect yourself from COVID-19 infection, but what about your immune system? Are you taking care of your immune system as well? If you haven’t thought about it yet, you have to reconsider your “Safety Priority”, because people with the  “weak immune system” & “overactive Immune system” are more prone to infections and other diseases.

Boost Immune System Using these Simple Steps 

There are numerous ways to boost the immune system. This will not only decrease your chances of being vulnerable towards COVID-19 but towards multiple other diseases as well.

You might have noticed that there is always that one certain person either in your family or workplace who rarely gets sick, even when others are having seasonal flu, that one certain person doesn’t fall victim to the flu. You must be thinking that if that person must be having some magical powers or is super-man. The answer to this question is quite simple, everyone has a different immune system. Some have a good immune system while others have a weak or overactive immune system, so that is why the body of an individual behaves differently to any infection and disease.

But, no need to worry, there are many ways to boost the immune system. This may sound like an extraordinary thing to do but, in reality, it is quite easy and simple. Most of these steps are simple and do not need any major change in your lifestyle. 

So, even if you are not infected or exposed to COVID-19 infection, still you need to take care of your body for your overall health and protection against Coronavirus. Following are the 5 ways to boost your immune system:

1. Nutritious Diet Helps Boost the Immune System 

It is rightly said that “You become what you eat”. Eating a nutritious diet can do wonders. Many supplements to boost Immune systems are now easily available in the market. But, the best way to boost your immune system is by consuming organic food which includes fruits and vegetables. However, first and foremost, eat food with low sugar content. 

Yes, the high content of sugar in food can affect your immune system and it’ll lower the ability of your body to fight against any infection as it impairs the function of white blood cells. Studies show that foods rich in vitamins such as fruits and vegetables, even chicken soup or bone broth are proven to be among the immune system boosting food. 

Protein-rich foods are also Immune Boosters. Eggs, almonds, yoghurt, milk, broccoli, oat are among protein-rich foods. Protein contains amino acids and among those amino acids is L-arginine which helps in the immune system by generating T-cells that fight invaders in the body.  Protein is vital for both immune cells and other body cells. Various L-arginine studies on people having burn wounds and flu have shown that it helps T-cells and increased the process of healing. 

Herbs have been used for centuries due to their medicinal property. Herbs such as Black cumin seeds, Oregano, Tumeric, Garlic etc are known for their positive effect on the immune system. Even the mushrooms have an anti-inflammatory property which is beneficial for the immune system. 

So, incorporating these immune system boosting fruits and vegetables into your diet will decrease your chances of getting sick.

2. Take Sufficient Sleep 

Proper sleep does wonder. Yes, you have read it right! Sleep affects your immune system in a number of ways. Sleep plays a vital role in creating the right immune cells to fight off the invaders in your body and even diseases. If you are someone, who suffer from insomnia, you need to be more mindful and manage your insomnia as it’ll affect your health. Studies have shown that when you are sick, sleep sends certain immune cells to the lymph nodes where they go and fight the infections. 

Now, considering the current situation of our country, if you under quarantine, self-isolation or even lockdown, there is no need to panic due to COVID-19 rather it’s a chance for you to take proper sleep. Researches have shown that when you are not taking proper sleep, your body makes fewer Cytokines, which is a type of protein that targets inflammations and infections. Cytokines are both produced and released during sleep. 

So, if you are Sleeping less, you are reducing your body’s ability to respond to infections or any disease in general.

3. Manage Your Stress to Boost Your Immune System 

Stress is definitely a catalyst for many diseases. If you are stressed, the stress hormone or corticosteroid is able to hinder and suppress the normal function of the immune system by decreasing the number of Lymphocytes. 

It is normal to panic considering the current scenario, but you must have to keep a check on yourself because chronic stress can make you more vulnerable to infections and diseases.

Reducing and managing stress helps support normalizing your immune system. One study reported that anticipating a funny or happiness even increase the level of endorphins and other hormones that induces a state of relaxation and help the immune system. Meditation, yoga even offering prayer are also proven to help you reduce and manage your stress.

4. Exercise- But Not Too Much 

Exercise is an immune booster. Exercise helps the immune system in producing more blood cells that attack bacterial invaders and fight infections. Regular exercise is helpful. Studies have shown that people who exercise moderately 5-6 times in a week have half as many sore throats and colds as people who don’t exercise.

But, you have to be careful, Too much exercise is stressful on the body and put a burden on your immune system. Make sure to keep stress low, and if you are tired then take rest.

5. Avoid Smoking 

Last but not the least, Smoking makes you more prone to all sorts of infections, diseases and other auto-immune disorders (when your immune system start treating the body’s own cells as invaders). If you are a smoker, not only you are increasing your chance to be infected by COVID-19, but you are also increasing the infection chances of people around you.  Care for yourself and of your family & friends. 

Apart from, these simple steps, there are many other ways to boost your immune system. Getting enough sunlight is also good for health. Researchers have discovered that sunlight increases the ability of T-cells to fight off infections. But considering the current quarantine, isolation and lockdown, it is better to follow the rest of the aforementioned ways and the instructions provided by your local health authority.

So, Exercise, Sleep, Eat some Vegetables and Fruits, calm your nerves and avoid smoking. Do these simple, yet life-changing steps and improve your immune system as it will do wonders!

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