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6 Black Coffee Benefits – Weight Loss, Heart-Health and Much More

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A cup of black coffee in the day can supercharge your morning!

Well, I know this could be the case with many of us who can’t begin our day without pouring in some coffee. This could be one reason for drinking black coffee every day. However, only if you know about the other black coffee benefits you may not push it aside. 

But what is black coffee? What is it good for? How much black coffee should I drink in a day? Let’s answer all your questions regarding this popular beverage. 

Black Coffee – What the Hype is About?

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Coffee is a good source of caffeine. Black coffee is the form of coffee that is made by adding ground coffee beans into hot boiling water. A cup of black coffee and you are all set to go!

Before we talk about black coffee, let’s talk about its nutritional value.

Nutrition in one cup of black coffee (240g) made without adding sugar and cream in it.

  • Calories 2.4 
  • Carbohydrates 0g
  • Protein 0.3g
  • Fats 0g

Other than this, coffee also contains minute amounts of potassium, folate, manganese and magnesium. Now we know enough about nutrition in black coffee, we know that it doesn’t contain too many calories. 

Health Benefits of Black Coffee – Weight Loss, Cardiac Health and Much More

French pressed, iced or instant, no matter which way you like it, there is always a reason to add coffee to your diet. Here are all the prominent reasons for which you need to add coffee to your everyday routine. 

1- Black Coffee for Weight Loss

Black coffee on an empty stomach is good for weight loss!

I am sure you have heard about this if you are trying to lose weight. Among many reasons to drink black coffee every day comes its role in weight loss. Here is how it can help you to shed those extra pounds.

Black coffee is a good source of caffeine which means that it can kick off your metabolism thus helping you burn more calories.

Want to reap more from your workout session? Drink a cup of black coffee before it to stimulate your calorie burning process

It is rich in antioxidants that limits the fat storage as proven by the research. Further, black coffee helps you get rid of retained water in the body. Another reason why you prefer black coffee for weight is its ability to suppress hunger which results in reduced calorie consumption.

For all these reasons, you can start using black coffee for weight loss. While using black coffee for weight loss, make sure to not add any artificial sugars or creams in it as this will result in more calories intake comprising its efficacy towards weight loss. 

However, black coffee can’t do anything alone. You have to follow as you have to choose from the best weight loss diet plans alongside workouts.

2- It Promotes a Healthy Heart

Next in the list of black coffee benefits comes its role towards better heart health!

Regular consumption of black coffee can keep many heart problems at a bay such as heart attack. The secret lies in its antioxidant content that makes it a good addition to your heart-healthy diet. You may not be very fond of drinking black coffee every day but it can keep your heart free from inflammation.

Read more about ways to keep your heart healthy!

3- Makes Your Brain Brainy!

Yes, you can be smarter if you are drinking coffee daily! 

Just like being good for your heart, black coffee is also beneficial for your brain.

It makes you alert earlier in the morning preparing it for the day. Not only this, regular coffee consumption can slow down the age-related decline of brain function. So, if you want to prevent the onset of diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and dementia then drink black coffee every single day.

4- Promotes A Healthy Liver

Just like all other organs, the liver is an important one. If you want to keep your liver healthy, the consumption of coffee is an important one. Regular coffee consumption can help to keep all the liver problems away. Drinking coffee regularly reduces your chances of developing any liver diseases like fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer etc.

5- Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes type 2 is a lifelong condition that can result in many complications later in life. Drinking coffee regularly can reduce your risk of suffering from diabetes complications in life. 

Not only this but coffee increases the production of insulin in your body. So, alongside making wise dietary choices and following a good workout routine you can manage type 2 diabetes very well. 

6- Cleanses Your Stomach

Just like your heart and liver, your stomach needs proper cleaning and drinking black coffee is beneficial in this regard as well. 

Coffee is a diuretic in nature which means you are going to visit your bathroom more frequently. This is exactly where drinking black coffee cleanses your stomach. These frequent urination episodes help with the removal of toxins from the body that can affect your digestive health. So, drinking coffee can improve your overall health by cleansing your stomach.

Just like black coffee and green tea, you can even go for treatments like hijama (all thanks to numerous hijama benefits for weight loss)!

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Are There Any Side Effects of Drinking Black Coffee?

Apart from all these health benefits of black coffee, sometimes overconsumption of it can lead to certain side effects. Here is what you can experience if you drink too much black coffee.

  • You can experience sleep troubles 
  • Too much caffeine can result in anxiety 
  • Sometimes, overconsumption of this supreme beverage can give you a headache
  • It may disrupt your heartbeat
  • Vomiting and nausea are some other side effects of black coffee. 

Are You Ready to Reap Black Coffee Benefits? 

Black coffee is good for your overall health for all these reasons. No matter if we talk about the use of black coffee for weight loss or better cardiac health, it is going to be good for our overall health. 

When you begin with it, your body takes time to adapt to this change. However, if you still experience any changes while drinking black make sure to talk to your physician regarding it. You can book appointments with the best certified general physicians in Lahore via Healthwire.pk to make informed decisions regarding your health.

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