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Cellulitis Treatment: Which Options are Effective to Consider Immediately?

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Cellulitis, does this word sound unfamiliar to you? Usually, people don’t have an idea about it. Because cellulitis is not a common term that we listen to in our daily lives. Cellulitis is a bacterial skin infection. It sometimes becomes painful.

This bacterial infection doesn’t involve too many symptoms. If your skin is becoming discolored or red it may indicate the presence of cellulitis. However, the skin sometimes can also get inflammation. Do you want to know how you can confirm whether redness, discoloration, or swelling is cellulitis or not?

In this regard, Dr. Shaiqa Ali, who is a renowned dermatologist and has experience of fifteen years, says that you need to touch your red or inflamed skin, if it feels hot or tender then there are high chances of cellulitis.

The appearance of cellulitis is different on various skin tones. For instance, it appears red or pink on lighter skin tones. In contrast, cellulitis will appear purple or dark brown if you have a darker skin tone. However, cellulitis treatment would remain the same for every skin tone.

Cellulitis majorly affects the skin and the tissues under it also get affected. If you don’t take measures to control it at the initial level then it can spread to the bloodstream or even lymph nodes.

Before discussing treatment options or home remedies for cellulitis, it will be good enough to deeply dig into its causes.

Cellulitis Causes

There is no other thing than bacteria that cause this cellulitis. Mostly, there are two types of bacteria that are behind this health condition. When streptococcus and staphylococcus (types of bacteria) enter the skin, they cause a bacterial skin infection.

The way of entering the skin can be different. These bacteria can enter through a crack, wound, or surgery scar. Cellulitis can affect anyone but some factors can increase its risks.

Factors to Increase Cellulitis

These factors can make you more prone to cellulitis:

Being a Child

Children get more wounds, injuries, small cuts, and insect bites. These things make them prone to this bacterial infection as bacteria enter the skin easily due to them. A child will also become more prone to cellulitis if his/her immune system is weak.

How to prevent your child from cellulitis?

Being a parent, you will find ways that can help in preventing cellulitis in your child. The first way to prevent it in your child is to save him from skin cuts, cracks, and wounds. Furthermore, you will give your children foods that will strengthen their immune systems. The improvement in the immune system will reduce infection risks.

Long-Lasting Skin Problems

Some long-lasting skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema are also factors that can make you prone to cellulitis. These conditions break the skin and it becomes easy for the bacteria to enter. 

Weakened Immune System

General physicians from Bahria International Hospital say that a weakened immune system always increases the danger of health problems. Bacteria and viruses can attack the body with severity if the immune system is weak.

Cellulitis treatment can become more effective if there is a diagnosis of which factor made you experience it. The treatment options for this bacterial infection can vary due to its severity, causing factor, etc.

Cellulitis Treatment

A dermatologist always recommends treatment for cellulitis. Self-medication for this bacterial skin infection is not a wise step to take. Because you will never know which medication will be an effective treatment for your condition.

There are two effective treatment ways for cellulitis. One is the use of oral antibiotics. Sometimes, cellulitis affects people with a dental abscess. If that is the case, a dermatologist may recommend Amoxil capsules.

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The other effective treatment for cellulitis is the use of intravenous use of antibiotic medications. However, this way of treatment will be recommended for those whose infections are serious or severe.

Besides these two treatment options, is it possible to treat cellulitis at home? The answer is given below.

Treatment of Cellulitis at Home

As mentioned above, bacteria are the sole reason for this skin problem. The attack and growth of these bacteria on the skin can’t be controlled without the use of antibiotics. 

Usually, people ask about ways to treat cellulitis at home. Well, dermatologists believe that there is no way to treat cellulitis at home. There are some precautions that you can take at home to speed up the recovery process.

For instance, covering the wound, keeping the environment around you clean, and elevating the affected area can be effective things to do at home.

Alongside these precautions, don’t try any home remedy for cellulitis. Because you don’t know how any remedy will react to the condition. If, unfortunately, home remedy leaves bad effects on skin conditions, then it can become difficult to manage them.

Finally, we discuss some common questions about cellulitis whose answers you need to get in order to prevent any complications.


What is the definition of cellulitis?

Cellulitis is a bacterial infection that affects the skin. It usually affects the feet and legs. However, cellulitis can also appear on other body parts such as the arm or face.

What are the symptoms of cellulitis?

Cellulitis does not cause too many symptoms. It only makes the skin red, inflamed, and painful. In addition to this, cellulitis can make the affected area hot and tender.

What are the signs that cellulitis is healing?

The signs that indicate cellulitis is healing are clearly noticeable. When you feel less pain and there will be a reduction in redness and inflammation, it will indicate that cellulitis is healing.

Is cellulitis a serious condition?

Like many other health conditions, if you don’t get proper medication for cellulitis, it will get serious. Controlling a serious condition is always difficult. Therefore, if you control this bacterial infection in the beginning, then it will not be a serious condition.

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