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COVID Tongue Symptoms – What You Need to Know

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COVID infection can cause many symptoms, including sore throat and fever. 

Many people have been infected since March 2020. Many people experienced different symptoms. But the medical professionals got different data about the symptoms of COVID-19.

For example in the new COVID spread of 2022, new kinds of COVID tongue symptoms may also appear, which makes your tongue swell and sore. 

According to the data, the early symptoms of COVID infection include fever, shortness of breath, and fatigue. But the evolution in COVID infection has made changes in the symptoms. For example, the delta variant brings different symptoms as compared to omicron. The new COVID symptoms include tongue with white patches, ulcers, or even bumps.

Let’s explore more about the new COVID symptoms.

COVID Tongue Symptoms

COVID-19 symptoms also include tongue ulcers, swelling, inflammation, and bumps. It is also known as the COVID tongue. It turns the tongue into white patches and also causes swelling. People may also experience ulcers or bumps on the tongue.

Sometimes, more than one problem can combine and lead to tongue symptoms. Recent research on COVID Tongue shared has some interesting aspects of the conditions. It highlights how breathing tubes and other COVID treatments can also cause swollen tongue and mouth irritation

Having a burning sensation or losing taste are the signs of COVID infection. But do you ever wonder how COVID turns your tongue red with bumps?

Well, keep reading to find the answer.

What Makes Your Body Cause COVID Tongue?

There are many viral or bacterial infections that can affect the tongue. Sometimes, a swollen tongue may indicate any other illness. But when you get infected with COVID, your body can affect the tongue in multiple ways, such as:

Dry Mouth

COVID-19 causes dry mouth by not allowing your salivary glands to cause saliva. But it also affects your oral health and your tongue.

COVID-activating Oral Herpes

When you experience inflammation, it may activate other viruses in the body. Infecting with COVID-19 can lead to activating other viruses like the herpes virus that can also cause mouth ulcers.

Oral Thrush

COVID causes oral thrush in some cases. Many infections can lead to oral thrush. People who get infected with COVID-19 and take medicines for its treatment can also experience its side effects.

An Immune System Response

Your immune system fights off an infection, whether it’s bacterial or viral. In response, it may cause swelling throughout your body. It may also include COVID tongue symptoms.

Does Everyone Experience COVID Tongue Symptoms?

More research needs to be done to find out how rare COVID tongue symptoms are. There are only a few studies that show only eleven percent of people with COVID tongue are hospitalized.

You should not avoid the symptoms, including your swollen tongue, fever, body pain, sore throat, etc.

How to Treat COVID Tongue Symptoms?

Well, health experts or scientists are still on their way to finding the treatment for COVID tongue symptoms. Sometimes, the symptoms may go away on their own, or they can be controlled with COVID medications. People with severe tongue symptoms may need some antibacterial or artificial saliva to combat the causes, like dry mouth.

Your doctor can also help with some OTC or prescribed medicines to treat inflamed or swollen tongues. If there is another cause or an underlying condition that causes your tongue to turn red, your health expert will treat the causing factor, as told by Dr. Sana Iqbal, one of the leading health practitioners at MD Health Center, Lahore. 

What Experts Say!

Swollen tongue with white patches does not always indicate that you are infected with COVID-19. If you have other symptoms with a swollen tongue like pain, fatigue, cough, fever, shortness of breath, nausea, etc. you should seek medical help and wear a mask to stop the spread of the virus. COVID tongue symptoms develop white patches, swelling, and bumps.

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