Everything you Need to Know About Hydrafacial Benefits

by Iqra Zafar
Everything you Need to Know About Hydrafacial Benefits

Change is the new constant! And our beauty industry is no exception to this.

COVID-19 pandemic has tremendously changed our lives and even us. The effects weren’t only limited to the health care sector, but even our beauty routines were hit by this. Ever changing beauty industry has witnessed a paradigm shift when it comes to consumer behaviours and their beauty preferences after the COVID pandemic.

COVID Pandemic and Self-care Trend

Searching for the best salons near us to study about the hydrafacial benefits while staying at home during the pandemic, we have already come a long way.  

Forced closure of beauty salons and other facilities, we were forced to self-serve ourselves. From mastering the at-home manicures to dying our hair, we turned into our stylists, dermatologist and colourist overnight. All these practices and experiments made us all looking for a beauty do-over.

While considering the currently available options in the market, what’s better than going for a hydrafacial treatment?

Well, you might have heard about this before and if not then let’s explore what it is and what are the potential benefits of a hydrafacial treatment!

Hydrafacial- A Popular Beauty Trend

Hydrafacial is a trending skincare treatment option that is currently ruling our beauty industry.

Unlike previous times, beauty trends come and go faster than ever. Considering all this situation, it becomes hard for us to keep up with these trends and every time we end up hearing about the unheard beauty trends. Hydrafacial also comes on the list!

Talking about the popularity of hydrafacial, every 15 seconds, a hydrafacial is performed somewhere on the planet. Surprised? Well, the number of annual hydrafacials are more than the Botox injections.

What is Hydrafacial?

Just as the name indicates, it is a facial. A FACIAL treatment aiming to improve your skin.

 Hydrafacial is a medical-grade hydradermabrasion treatment that refers to an advanced dermatological procedure for deep skin cleansing and detoxification in combination with hydrating serums.

The procedure is performed by a device that glides over the face performing the necessary steps of hydrafacial using hydrating serums. Owing to many hydrafacial benefits, the practice has become a new trend in the skincare industry that is likely to stay longer than we expect it.

Steps in Hydrafacial Treatment

Hydrafacial is a multiple-step process ensuring that you end up with clear, bright, younger-looking skin without any compromise. Here are the important steps of hydrafacial, including;

  • Skin detox
  • Cleansing and Exfoliation
  • Acid peel
  • Vortex Extraction
  • Hydration
  • Rejuvenation
Steps in Hydrafacial Treatment
Steps in Hydrafacial Treatment

1- Skin Detox

The first step of hydrafacial is the skin detox that is known to improve lymphatic circulation. This not only results in an increased blood flow but also helps the toxins to move out. Skin detox done by a lymphatic massage helps to drain the accumulated lymphatic fluid in the nodes to improve oxygen supply. This helps to restore the skin texture and its tone as well as is quite relaxing.

2- Cleansing and Exfoliation                                                                    

The next step in hydrafacial is the cleansing and exfoliation of the skin. The basic purpose of this step is to remove the dead skin cells by using a deplaning device. The device runs over the face and opens the skin pores and removes the debris and dead skin cells from the uppermost skin layer.

Open pores can lead to better skin hydration. Dead skin cells make your skin look dull so the removal of dead skin cells is the first step towards glowing bright skin.

3- Acid Peel

Hearing the word acid peel might seem painful but it isn’t. Unlike the previous times, when acid peels were used to be a painful procedure but not this one. Acid peel uses glycolic acid and salicylic acid that loosens the pores. The mixture isn’t irritating just like most glycolic peels and doesn’t end up in discomfort.

4-Vortex Extraction

The next step in hydrafacial is the extractions and probably the most exciting yet disgusting part of this facial treatment. You may love it or not to see those interesting videos where facial extractions take the debris out from the skin and that’s exactly what happens in this step. Unlike the manual extractions, the extraction process in hydrafacial is vortex-extraction that uses a nozzle to create a vacuum that pulls out all the odds from your skin.

5- Serum Application

Extraction is followed by the serum application that infuses your skin with collagen and antioxidant-rich serum. This infusion accounts for skin elasticity as well as for proper hydration. This infusion is made possible by using a vortex-fusion device without any redness and burning sensation in your skin.

6- Rejuvenate

The last step (optional) in hydrafacial treatment is rejuvenation where LED is applied to soothe the skin. LED light exposure reduces skin redness and improves collagen production. After this six-step procedure, you will be left with smooth, glowing and younger-looking skin.

Hydrafacial Benefits to Know

Targeting many of our skin problems, hydrafacial is a promising approach to treat many of our skincare problems. Here are some of the benefits of hydrafacial, including;

1- Even toned skin

Uneven skin tone is one of the commonly encountered skin health problems. With many other possible solutions to the problem, hydrafacial has its role. Alongside all other pigmentation creams and serums, a customized hydrafacial that fulfils your requirement can be the best solution to your uneven toned skin.

2- No more congested pores

Addressing most of your skin imperfections, hydrafacial is the best treatment option you can rely upon. Clogged skin pores is another skin health issue that can affect the overall appearance of your skin as well as determines your susceptibility to an acne breakout.

Skin pores trap dust, sebum and bacteria that can leave those congested. Hydrafacial technique that uses suction to clear out your clogged pores is your ultimate solution for cleaning your pores.

3- Younger looking skin

Skin ageing is a normal process that is characterized by fine lines and wrinkles. Hydrafacial uses the technique of spiral suction that helps to remove the dead skin cells. Unlike the use of chemical peels, the treatment uses water instead of acids that don’t result in skin irritation.

4- Improved skin texture

Hydrafacial is the technique that not only cleanses and exfoliates your skin but also assures proper skin hydration. This results in an overall improvement of skin texture and appearance with immediate results.

5- Hydrafacial for blackheads

Blackheads appear when the skin pores are clogged by the dirt, sebum or dead skin cells. Hydrafacial treatment is quite effective against the blackheads treatment as it doesn’t let your skin pores be blocked thus deterring the formation of blackheads.

6- Spot treatment option

Skin spots are quite common yet problematic. Be it the sunspots or the age spots, it can affect the overall skin’s appearance. With hydrafacial technique using water to improve the blood flow and improving impurities, it is possible to treat these scars.

Owing to this benefit of hydrafacial, it is advocated as an effective alternative to laser spot treatment. In contrast to these popular skin treatments, hydrafacial side effects are unknown thus, making it a potential candidate for spot treatment.

7- Reduced pore size

Skin pores trap dirt and other products under the skin’s surface. These trapped dirt particles can result in the skin’s pore enlargement. However, a hydrafacial that deeply cleanses your pores takes away all the dirt and impurities. Removal of impurities shrinks the skin pores and a smooth skin appearance.

8- Hydrafacial benefits for acne

Acne breakouts, considered a part of growing up can be troubling for anyone. Among many possible causes of acne breakout, clogged pores and excessive sebum production are the prominent ones. While keeping your skin clean remains the best prevention against acne, hydrafacial can also play its role. Hydrafacial not only deep cleanses your clogged pores reducing your risks of acne breakout.

Other than hydrafacial benefits for acne there is a lot of confusion on the role of hydrafacial in an acne breakout. However, there is no truth behind popular belief on hydrafacial side effects.

Hydrafacial side effects and safety concerns

Despite all these benefits of hydrafacial, there are always questions doing rounds regarding the safety of this treatment. Unlike most cosmetic treatments, hydrafacial is considered relatively safe with minimal or no side effects. Hydrafacial doesn’t cause acne breakout or skin allergies and is completely safe unless you have overly sensitive skin prone to allergy.

Bottom Line!

Hydrafacial is a minimally invasive skin treatment that addresses most of your skin health problems. The treatment is risk-free and provides instant results. Hydrafacial treatment revitalizes your skin and leaves instantly glowing and younger-looking skin. 

The best part about the treatment is that it is suitable for all skin types and can be easily customized to cater the specific skin requirements. This 30 minutes treatment is generally safe and can help to nourish and cleanse your skin. Another important consideration of hydrafacial is that hydrafacial for men is as effective as for women.

Despite hundreds of hydrafacial benefits and safety advocacy, it is advisable to consult your physician before opting. Consulting your doctor is highly recommended if your skin is sensitive or you have suffered from a skin disease previously.Book your appointment now with Healthwire.pk and seek out help from a dermatologist to make an informed decision.

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