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Everything you Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

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HAIR can be as unique as people themselves are. While many among us enjoy this perk effortlessly (all thanks to the GENES!) but for many others, these come along after lots of struggle.

Looking at the other side, hair growth isn’t only limited to our head. Don’t forget about the body and facial hair and you will always be reminded of these if you are an Asian. And honestly speaking, no one wants to have these.

Unwanted Hair – A Common Problem

These UNWANTED HAIR have been discussed for quite a long time, especially since techniques like laser hair removal have emerged. Previously, waxing, shaving, threading, use of hair removal creams have been practised for years. Now, modern hair removal treatments such as laser hair removal are ruling the world.

Irrespective of your requirement or a recent vogue, you have questions regarding the efficacy and safety of this treatment. Without gender exceptions, both men and women are inclined towards it.

No matter if you just want to get rid of thick body hair or you are a woman experiencing abnormal male-patterned hair growth due to conditions like PCOS, here is your ultimate guide to laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal- What the Hype is About?

Laser hair removal is a modern way to get rid of unwanted hair. In this procedure, a laser beam is used to target unwanted hair growth. During this procedure, a light beam is passed through the skin that gets absorbed by melanin (pigment present for skin colouration).

After absorption, light energy produces heat that destroys hair follicles that hold the hair strands and is responsible for hair growth. Destruction of hair follicles leaves them incapable of hair growth thus, eliminating body hair.

Laser Removal Types

Laser hair removal can be of many different types. Depending upon the skin type and procedure outcomes following are the laser removal types to choose from;

  • Alexandrite laser hair removal – fastest, least painful hair removal type uses laser having wavelength that targets the melanin pigment
  • Diode laser hair removal – laser hair removal method that uses single wavelength length and is usually preferred for slightly darker skin tones
  • Ruby laser hair removal – first and oldest laser removal method that is mostly used for thin and fine hair type and preferred for lighter skin tones
  • Neodymium (Nd) and long-pulsed (LP Nd) YAG Laser Treatment – this method uses a wavelength that is absorbed by haemoglobin and is well-suited for all hair and skin types.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Laser hair removal is a widely accepted practice for facial hair removal. Irrespective of what’s causing this unwanted hair growth, laser hair removal covers it well. Many laser hair removal benefits make it a better choice as compared to conventional hair removal approaches.

1- Targets In-Grown Hair

Conventional hair removal approaches such as shaving or waxing can result in excessive in-grown hair. Ingrown hair is quite a problem and can be difficult to deal with. Waxing or shaving unevenly breaks hair strands that later cause ingrown hair. 

Laser hair removal offers the advantage of removing ingrown hair. Unlike other hair removal ways, it doesn’t cause abrupt cutting of hair follicles. Instead, hair strands grow normal after laser removal offering this added benefit.

2- Precise Treatment

Laser hair removal treatment especially targets the area that is known to contain hair follicles. Areas with excessive hair growth are targeted through this. Laser hair removal leaves surrounding areas unattended. Further, considering the hair growth cycle’s stage in a specific area, laser hair removal is precisely done to attain better results.

3- Time-Saving

Consider every time you have to take an hour or more from your jam-packed schedule. How many hours you have wasted till now. If you are tired of spending too much time, laser hair removal comes to the rescue. Depending upon the extent of hair growth, you can get rid of all that unwanted hair in a few sessions, saving a lot of time in the long run.

4- Guaranteed Results

Talking about the output of laser hair removal, there is enough evidence to support the efficacy of this treatment. Laser hair removal offers instant and long-term results that make it a better choice. After consecutive sessions, you are more likely to experience a significant reduction in unwanted hair growth.

5- Less Discomfort

When it comes to hair removal options, pain is an important factor to consider. The extent of pain a person goes through is different for every other individual. The sensation of pain depends upon many factors including a person’s tolerance, the area being treated as well as the type of laser treatment chosen. Generally speaking, laser hair removal feels like a pinch so this hair removal method comes with minimal discomfort.

6- Flexibility

Laser hair removal, though having its ins and outs, is more flexible than other hair removal methods. You can schedule your session the way you want. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for shaving in between consecutive sessions. So, it offers more flexibility than any other method that makes it a convenient approach.

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Just as laser hair removal benefits, there is enough discussion on laser hair removal side effects. Here are some of these you want to know about;

  • Depending upon the skin sensitivity, one might experience some sort of redness or irritation on areas where laser removal was performed.
  • You can experience irritation immediately after a laser treatment.
  • Another laser hair removal side effect is that one might see some changes in skin pigmentation on the affected area. Laser hair removal can either leave you with a lightened or darker skin.
  • After laser removal, your skin becomes prone to skin infections due to damaged hair follicles in the area.
  • Under rare conditions, laser hair removal can also result in scarring on the skin. However, it only occurs if the dermatologist fails to perform the procedure correctly. 
  • Laser hair removal also make you suffer from strawberry legs (a harmless skin condition).

Read more about how to get rid of strawberry legs.

Bottom Line!

Are you tired of waxing, shaving or other conventional hair removal methods? Laser hair removal can be a perfect fit for you!

Laser hair removal is the procedure that aims to get rid of unwanted facial or body hair. There are different laser hair removal types one can choose from. Depending upon skin type, skin colouration, hair growth type, choice of laser hair removal can vary from person to person.

Be mindful that alongside many laser hair removal benefits, there are many laser hair removal side effects one needs to consider. You can book an appointment with a top certified dermatologist in Lahore and make an informed decision regarding laser hair removal.

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