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How to Help Someone with Schizophrenia?

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Schizophrenia is a serious medical disorder that heavily impacts the everyday life of a person that suffers from it. From tampering with the way their consciousness works to causing them serious distress, schizophrenia leaves a person’s cognitive ability seriously damaged. 

We do understand that recovery is more of a personal struggle but lending a hand to someone can actually be useful in these instances. Therefore whether you are a family member, a friend or a neighbour do provide support to these patients. Given below are some of the ways in which you can offer a helping hand. 

Research on the Subject

One of the easiest ways to develop empathy for someone dealing with schizophrenia is by understanding this disease. Because when you learn about the signs and symptoms that’s when you understand the confusing and erratic behaviour of your close ones. 

To this date and even in this time, people have more compassion for cancer and depression but schizophrenia is still loaded with taboos and unresolved stigmas. 

Much of this stems out because of poor understanding and reluctance towards research and people often regard schizophrenics to be delusional. A patient with schizophrenia often shows the following types of psychosis which are poorly understood.


Delusions are a state of mind when one is questioning everything around them, mainly because they are unable to connect with reality. That is why they will even question the food that you are bringing for them and might raise an eyebrow even when you are simply trying to take care of them. 


Patients with schizophrenia often suffer from hallucinations because they are seeing, hearing and looking at things that no one else is. 

Cognitive Symptoms

Schizophrenia compromises the living quality of an individual in more than one way. This psychotic disorder tampers with the cognitive functions of a person. They might suffer from poor concentration and difficulty in composing meaningful sentences. 

Therefore in your quest on how to help a schizophrenic you need to separate the hearsay and myths from the truth by learning about the disease. 

Encourage Them to Get Treatment

One thing that you can do for someone who is schizophrenic and does not appreciate treatments is to carefully curate a treatment plan for them highlighting the pros and cons of it. It is possible to beat schizophrenia with treatment as long as the patient is committed to improved wellness. 

Wondering how to help someone with schizophrenia who refuses treatment, try the following steps:

  • Arrange doctor’s appointments for them 
  • Make sure to remind them of their medications, you can also help them with the medications
  • Take some time off of your schedule and get involved with them in healthy exercises
  • Make healthy meals for them and also involve them in the process
  • Visit their doctors with them 

You can also get actively involved with their treatments. This will help you to understand them better and you can be there for them during their difficult times. 

Just Listen!!!

Rather than making them see the world like it is in reality, try to just be there for them during their psychotic breaks. Because the hallucinations and delusions can be overwhelming, confusing and urging them to break everything apart. This is the time when they need you and your understanding the most. 

You should try to show your empathic side and ask them what they are experiencing and how they feel during those episodes. The simple act of listening and giving them validation that you are here for them is the best you can do for them. It will urge them to feel that they are not alone and helps with their anxiety as well. 

How to Talk to Someone who has Schizophrenia?

You should take to a schizophrenic patient in a calm and composed voice. Also, make sure to keep your tone non-judgmental and as clear as possible. 

Familiarize Yourself with the Early Sign of Schizophrenia

This is also one of the most important things to learn when you are dealing with a schizophrenic patient. According to the doctors of the Mamji hospital, initial understanding and diagnosis might help with the condition in its lateral stages. 

Some of the early signs and symptoms of schizophrenia are as follows:

  • A sudden drop in overall performance at work or school
  • Erratic behaviours that might come off as strong and bizarre
  • Not feeling secure with others around
  • Not showing feelings or emotions, giving a stern reaction on most occasions
  • Seeings or reacting to things that are not there, in reality, 
  • Little to no attention on self-care 
  • Poor hygiene maintenance
  • Not thinking clearly or loss of focus

Keep in Touch with Them 

According to a research, people who are suffering from schizophrenia might tend to isolate themselves from the crowds because of their hallucinations. But if you are wondering what helps schizophrenia? It’s a connection or staying in touch. 

Do not let your loved ones succumb to the darkness that is ready to engulf them. On the other hand, become a partner of them in all the chaos. Lend them a helping hand and pull them out of this maze. Go beyond in-person interactions and engage with them through emails, video calls or text messages. 

Invite them to your gatherings and if they are not comfortable with showing up then you should simply give them enough space. 

Assist them in Making a Crisis Plan

Making a crisis plan is actually one of the best things that you can do for a person who is dealing with schizophrenia. A crisis plan is something along the lines of what you should do or who should you reach while they are suffering from “a psychotic episode”.

And in case someone does not have a crisis plan then you can help them with one. Given below are some of the ingredients of a good crisis plan:

  • Phone numbers of the family, friends or guardians
  • Contact details of the hospital they are getting treatment from or the number of the doctor that they frequent 
  • A list of medications
  • Any history of self-abuse, drug-use of suicide attempts
  • Anything that can act as a trigger
  • Methods that can help to break the episode

How to Help Someone With Schizophrenia – Reach out to Healthwire

Remember that support from closed ones can actually cater to the signs and symptoms of schizophrenia to some extent. People can make a comeback to normal life with the perfect blend of professional help and support. If you have more queries on how to help someone with schizophrenia you can reach out to the best psychiatrists via Healthwire. They are available around to clock for in-person or video consultations.

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