Interesting Keys To Learn About Covid-19 Vaccine

by Faisal Rafiq
Interesting Keys To Learn About Covid-19 Vaccine

We need to learn about how our body fights before learning about how vaccination works. When germs enter our body, like a virus, etc., they attack and multiply. When they invade our body, they cause a condition that is known as infection. Our body has different mechanisms to fight against the virus that causes illness.

When a virus has one or more mutations, it is referred to as a “variant” of the original virus, according to WHO. The Virus evolves, and it involves different changes that are known as mutations. New variants of coronavirus are back with more strong negative effects.

Unfortunately, it is a nightmare that we keep having these days in the form of coronavirus third-wave (COVID-19 mutation). But despite the bitter reality, we have got the COVID-19 vaccination in our hands. 

The time has come when we finally think to live a life without the fear of COVID-19. Yes, here I am pointing out the COVID-19 vaccine that has been authorized by the U.S Food and Drug Administration. 

How Can We Prevent Future New Variants Of COVID-19 Virus?

WHO shared that people can reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus if they follow the basic safety measures, such as wearing a mask, good ventilation, physical distancing, avoid gatherings, hand wash frequently.

Increasing vaccine manufacturing will protect the people before they expose to the virus and with the new variants. The fewer people get affected by the virus, the lower the chances of the virus mutations. People need to reach out for vaccination that will minimize the risk of transmission.

How COVID-19 Vaccine Works Against New Variants?

The approved Vaccine may work against some new variants or may provide some protection, according to WHO. Experts are still searching about the behavior or new variants. In the future, we can expect some changes in the vaccine to fight against new variants. 

Being a researcher, I have seen inaccurate information about COVID-19 that keeps confusing the people if they need to get vaccinated or not. This is the reason that I have come with some myths and facts to clear the air.

Myths and Truth about COVID-19 Vaccine 

Myth#1: COVID-19 Vaccine can Make you Sick

This is the most common myth about the vaccine we are hearing these days. You need to debunk this kind of myth because the COVID-19 vaccine is authorized. As per the report, many vaccines are still in development that will help our immune system to identify the virus and fight with it. 

Every vaccination causes mild symptoms of illness when it develops a stronger immune system to fight against the virus. You can experience a mild fever as a result of this process because your body protects itself from the virus. Remember that vaccination will not cause any chronic illness. 

In this process, the body takes a few weeks to develop a healthy immune system that helps to deal with viruses that cause COVID-19. It might be possible that you get infected with such a virus just before or after the vaccine that gives no time to a vaccine to build an immune system and to provide protection. 

Myth#2: I will Test Positive after getting a COVID-19 Vaccine 

The authorized vaccine or the other vaccines that are in the development phase cannot cause you to test positive on viral tests. 

It might be possible that you get tested positive on antibody tests if your body develops an immune response. If your body builds a strong immune response, there is some possibility that you still test positive on some antibody tests. Such tests show you had been infected already and may have some kind of protection against the virus. 

Researchers are working on how COVID-19 vaccination may impact antibody testing results. 

Myth#3: COVID-19 Alter DNA

The very first fact about the COVID-19 is that it has nothing to do with your DNA. As per the report, two vaccines are in use, messenger RNA and viral vector vaccine. The messenger RNA (mRNA) never goes inside the nucleus of the cell where your DNA is kept that reveals that it has nothing to do with your DNA.

COVID-19 mRNA functions with the natural defense of the body and leads to developing immunity to disease. The viral vector vaccine is used to send the message to the brain cells to start build protection. It allows the immune system to recognize the virus and activate the immune cells to fight against the infection.

Truth#1: You still Need Covid-19 Vaccine if you have had COVID-19 and Recovered 

Even if you are fully recovered from the COVID-19, you still need the COVID-19 vaccine. Experts are not sure how long you are protected from getting exposed to the virus again. 

The new variants of the virus come stronger than the previous ones, as we can see how corona third-wave rose in only a few days. You could get infected with the virus again anytime, so it is crucial to get the vaccine. You need to discuss with your doctor first about getting a vaccine because you were treated with monoclonal antibodies.

Truth#2: Can I Take Vaccine if I want to get pregnant

No matter when you want to get pregnant in the future, you should reach out for the COVID-19 vaccine. According to the reports, there is no verification of vaccine harming pregnancy.

How COVID-19 Vaccine Work?

The major function of the vaccine is to develop immunity to a virus. It intends to develop antibodies that recognize the infection and fight against them. The vaccine also prevents you from getting sick, and always remembers how to deal with such a virus.

Who Should be Vaccinated First?

According to reports, vaccine manufacturing capacity is not enough to hit the worldwide need in 2021. Such a statement reveals an important fact that not everyone can be vaccinated. WHO recommends vaccinating the frontline health workers because they are at high risk of COVID-19 contact. 

Do Vaccines Affect Fertility Issues?

You might be watching some shows on social media where people are debating on vaccine’s side effects. Experts say that not a single vaccine, including COVID-19, can affect fertility in men or women. 

How long will COVID-19 Vaccine protect me?

A recent survey reveals that people who have had the COVID-19 have been exposed to it a second time. But this time, they experience mild symptoms. Experts are looking for ways to improve the vaccine, so it can boost the immune system for a long time and provide better results.

What vaccine do you use if you already test positive for COVID-19?

Getting the vaccination may help the people who are tested positive, according to the U.S centers for disease control and prevention (CDC). But the experts are still looking for the answers to these queries.

Do I need to wear a mask after getting the COVID-19 Vaccination?

 Studies say that 1 in 20 people may get exposed to illness or any infection. Experts are still not sure if you can transmit the virus to others after vaccination. You need to continue your life with more precautions and never forget to wear your mask.

Should my Young Kids Get a COVID-19 Vaccine?

We all know that adults’ immune systems are different from the children. According to WHO, COVID-19 vaccine is not recommended for the individuals under the age of 16-18 years. Trials are still conducted so there is no confirmation what the future will bring.


Stop believing the people who spread false statements about the COVID-19 vaccine. For the time being, we should follow the SOPs strictly and protect ourselves and others even after being vaccinated. The current situation demands for a healthy system that is only possible with immune-boosting foods.

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