Coronavirus Outbreak: 15 Immune Boosting Foods You Need To Stock Up On

by Seemab Chaudhary
Coronavirus Outbreak: 15 Immune Boosting Foods You Need To Stock Up On

Hope is better than living in the darkness. At this time, when we open our eyes in the morning and watch the news about coronavirus rise and death rate, it gives us goosebumps. But we should not lose hope because researchers say that a strong immune system can fight off all the viruses and bacteria.

We all need a strong immune system to fight against the coronavirus. It is a fact that a strong immune system keeps you healthy and active. Immune boosting foods are beneficial for us if we want to survive this pandemic. No one can deny the bacteria present that surrounds us. A healthy immune system can stop bacteria growth and deal with many infections.

According to studies, the immune system is made up of cells, tissues, organs, and proteins. They form a system that fights off pathogens. Here, I am pointing out all the bacteria, viruses, foreign bodies that can enter your body and cause disease. CDC also says to focus on nutrition as it prevents many potential diseases.

People often believe in a myth that foods to boost the immune system are enough to cope with coronavirus. Experts strongly believe that we all should roll up our sleeves on COVID-19 vaccination.

“Explore Why Strong Immune System Is the Need in Today’s Covid-19 Times

A strong immune system supports your body as it introduces itself to the new variants. So, You should take some steps to increase your immunity response. 

How Immune Systems React To Pathogens’ Contact?

When the germs or pathogens enter your body, your immune system generates the response. This response contains the release of the antibodies that get themselves attached to the antigens on the pathogens. In the next step, these antibodies kill the antigens and stop the further spread.

People Often Ask:

What is the most powerful immune booster?

Experts say that vitamin C is one of the biggest immune system boosters so far. When you do not intake enough vitamin C, you are most likely to get sick. Vitamin C is also crucial for healthy lungs. If you have breathing issues, visit your doctor to get a healthy lungs food plan. Multiple immune boosting foods consist of vitamin C that we will discuss in the last section. 

Do You Know The Signs Of The Weak Immune System?

People often neglect some basic signs that speak about their weak immune system, such as:

  • When you have a cold all the time
  • When you have tummy troubles
  • When you feel tired and fatigued
  • When your wounds do not heal fast
  • When you develop infections frequently

What Weakens Your Immune System?

Multiple reasons can weaken your immune systems, like alcohol, smoking, and an unhealthy diet. Germs that cause AIDS can destroy the blood cells and weaken your immune system. Foods that weaken your Immune system:

  • Highly Refined Carbs
  • Fried Foods
  • Processed Meats
  • Fast Foods 
  • Salty Foods

Let’s explore the immune-boosting foods you need during this pandemic.

Foods to Boost Immune System during Coronavirus Outbreak

1. Dark Chocolate, Load up with Antioxidants Properties

Studies reveal that dark chocolates contain the antioxidants properties that enhance your blood flow, boost gut health, manage your stress, etc. Antioxidants that are present in dark chocolates are called theobromine. These antioxidants protect the cells of your body from free radicals.

What Are Free Radicals?

Free radicals are the molecules that your body produces after having a meal. They can damage the cells of your body and lead to various diseases.

While eating dark chocolate, you should remember that it includes high calories and contains saturated fat.

2. Elderberry, Fight Off Infections

I have heard from my grandparents that they have been using elderberries for many years. People who eat elderberries have a strong immune system, according to recent research. This fruit consists of antioxidants that fight against inflammation. It is also beneficial for people who have flu viruses.

3. Oily Fish, Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Oily fish is one of the best immune boosting foods because they are highly loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. It has been proved as one of the best foods to boost the immune system. The intake of omega-3 fatty acids boosts your immune system and lowers the risk of rheumatoid arthritis.

Do you know What Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is?

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease that is caused when your immune system affects the healthy part of your body but mistakenly. It can affect your joint pain and happen on both sides of the body.

4. Sweet Potatoes

Orange-fleshed sweet potatoes are loaded with a natural source of beta-carotene. It is a plant-based compound that provides vitamin A to your body which is critical to boosting the immune system.

Sweet potato is one of the best immune-boosting foods that are high in beta carotene that provides an orange skin color. Eating sweet potatoes helps to protect your skin against ultraviolet (UV) rays.

5. Citrus Fruits – Vitamin C

When I’d caught a cold, my mum just made fresh citrus fruit juices that boosted my immune system and helped me to recover fast. Many people who catch the cold go for vitamin C intake because it increases the white blood cells production that fights off the infections.

The best form of Vitamin C is the ascorbic acid that is known as L-ascorbic and L-ascorbate. Vitamin C fruits are the most effective foods for the strong immune system as it lowers the cold symptoms and boosts the functionality of the immune system.

Citrus Fruits for Strong Immune System

  • Tangerines
  • Limes
  • Grapefruit
  • Clementine
  • Lemons

If you think that intake of vitamin C once in a while is enough for your immune system health, you should not follow this myth. Researchers say that your body does not produce or store vitamin C. Such a fact reveals the importance of frequent intake of Vitamin C.

During the coronavirus pandemic, you should develop a strong immune system that is only possible when you increase the intake of vitamin C and eat immune boosting foods for a strong immune system.

6. Sunflower Seeds

We often eat what we like in taste, but the coronavirus outbreak has made us think that we also should eat for our immune system, so it can fight against infections and stop the growth of bacteria.

It contains vitamin E, selenium, and zinc that contribute to enhance the immune response and guard against many infectious diseases. Vitamin E is the most effective antioxidant that provides protection against free radicals that damages the body’s cells.

7. Red Bell Peppers

You can’t get vitamin C from the citrus fruits only but can have from red bell peppers. Studies reveal that they are powerful immune-boosting foods you need during COVD-19. It contains the beta carotene that boosts the immune system. Not only a healthy immune system, but you can also get healthy skin with the intake of Vitamin C.

8. Watermelon

In summer, watermelon refreshes the mood and your energy level. Studies say that it is also beneficial for the immune system because it consists of antioxidants, which are known as glutathione. If there is any infection to develop in your body, watermelon will fight against it.

9. Low-fat Yogurt – Foods to Increase Immunity 

Probiotics that are found in yogurt lower the symptoms of colds. Prebiotics in yogurt boost the immune system that is also known as microorganisms. Yogurt is one of the best immune-boosting foods and a great source of lactobacillus that fights off bad guys in your body.

You should not eat the flavored sugar because such yogurts are packed with sugar. Buy plain yogurt and add honey or ispaghol.

10. Poultry, Immunity Booster

Whenever my mom gets sick, I always make chicken soup for her because it helps her feel better. Chicken soup has many health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and providing essential proteins to boost the immune system.

11. Kiwi, A Pack of Antioxidants 

Kiwi is highly packed with vitamin C that boosts the immune system response. You will get a burst of immune-boosting nutrients, like folate, potassium, vitamin K, etc., in its every bite. Kiwi is also rich in antioxidants that are essential to fight off bacteria and deal with infections.

12. Green Tea

Green tea consists of flavonoids which are a type of antioxidant. Studies reveal that green tea is rich in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that boosts immune function. When you make green tea, EGCG is preserved because it is steamed but not fermented.

One of the beneficial compounds found in green tea is the L theanine that has a powerful ability to increase the number of regulatory T cells.

13. Spinach, A Vitamin C Powerhouse

Spinach is a great source of vitamin C that contains many antioxidants and beta carotene that promote the ability to fight against the infection of our immune system. With the pack of vitamins and minerals, spinach has been proved highly effective as one of the best foods to boost the immune system. Essential compounds in spinach replenish the blood cells that increase immunity.

14. Papaya – A Tropical Healer

Papaya provides vitamin C twice as recommended in one fruit. It depends on you how you like to eat papaya, smoothie, or a fresh salad. There is an enzyme present that is known as papain with inflammatory effects. 

When you eat such fruits to avoid inflammation, you will be less likely to get sick or develop any disease. Such properties are also useful when it comes to fighting against bacterial infections like sinusitis. You can say that papaya is one of the powerful immune boosting foods that you need for this pandemic.

Studies reveal that potassium, vitamin B, and folate are crucial compounds for cell builders.

15. Ginger – A Perfect Match

Experts believe that ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that are crucial to fighting off illness. Ginger, an immune-boosting food has anti-inflammatory properties that will help you deal with a sore throat, inflammatory ailment, and swollen glands.

Gingerol is the main compound of garlic that is used in many dishes. It deals with nausea and alleviates pain. Researchers say that ginger is beneficial for an upset stomach and improves digestion.

What’s More for a Healthy Immune System?

1. Exercise Along With Immune Boosting Foods

Pair up a healthy diet with exercise to boost your immune response. Immune exercises are made to detox the lymphatic system and allow your body to fight against many germs. Explore what immune-boosting exercise you need to follow.

2. Practice High-Intensity Interval Training

Experts say that routine exercises that pump the hearts are crucial for a healthy life. HIIT is one of the best ways for heart-pumping that acts like a steroid for your immune function. But make sure that you do this exercise only a few times a week because excessive exercise can affect your immune system negatively.

3. Try Rebounding 

It is a type of exercise that follows jumping on a mini fitness trampoline. It is one of the best ways to detox your body and drain your lymphatic system. If you do want an easy-to-do exercise, rebounding is the best fit for you.

4. Routine Walking

Eating foods to boost the immune system is the right choice but pair it up with walking to get a pack of benefits. People who walk after having a meal are less likely to catch the flu or experience obesity issues. Walking after a meal leads to an increase in immunity.

Lifestyle Changes for a Healthy Immune System

During the coronavirus breakout, we need to make sure what we are doing and eating. Sometimes, we make many efforts and follow SOPs strictly but still get tested positive for COVID-19. We need to get ready with immune boosting foods and a healthy lifestyle. 

What healthy-living strategies you need to follow for a strong immune system:

  • Say No to Smoking
  • Manage Stress Level
  • Control High Blood Pressure
  • Don’t drink alcohol
  • Wash your hands frequently to avoid infections
  • Get enough sleep
  • Go with a healthy weight
  • Drink Water, water, and water


You should not stick with one of these foods but go with a variety because it is the key to proper nutrition. Focus on serving sizes and fulfill the daily intake of essential nutrients and minerals. Immune-boosting foods help you deal with the millions of germs. Researchers say that a healthy immune system can help you fight against any infection and prevent you from the dangerous effects of coronavirus.

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