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6 Most Advanced Karachi Psychiatric Hospitals to Battle Mental Problems

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Psychological problems are on a rise these days. A number of social and financial factors are contributing to these problems. Some physical diseases such as stomach or intestinal diseases are also causing mental disorders.

Usually, people experience stress and depression every day. The number of patients affected by depression is more than any other mental condition. According to the WHO, 3.8% of the total population experiences depression worldwide. Mental problems are normal like bacterial or viral infections.

But experiencing these problems for weeks or months can cause severe health implications. Many people with mental problems don’t get proper treatment because they fear what others will think about them. Due to this fear, they continuously experience mental problems without telling anyone.

On the other hand, people who make themselves ready to get treatment for mental problems, find it difficult to select the best psychiatric hospital for them. Similarly, finding psychiatric hospitals in Karachi can also be troublesome for patients.

In this article, we are covering the most advanced Karachi psychiatric or nafsiyati hospitals to help patients. These hospitals will help you connect with the most qualified psychologists and psychiatrists who will effectively care for your problems.

Karachi Psychiatric or Nafsiyati Hospitals

These are some Karachi Nafsiyati hospitals that are providing trusted and up-to-date solutions for your mental problems. You can choose any of these hospitals according to your proximity.

Anklesaria Hospital

Anklesaria hospital is providing the best medical facilities to diagnose and treat different physical and mental diseases. The commitment of Anklesaria Hospital Karachi toward advanced treatment options has been maintained since its establishment.

Consultants from different specialties such as gynecology, obstetrics, and psychiatry are practicing here to help patients. Anklesaria hospital has a team of qualified psychiatrists who are trained enough to treat different mental conditions. You find treatments for the following mental conditions here:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Bipolar or eating disorders
  • Unusual or abnormal behavior
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Problems related to memory
  • Anxiety disorders

Anklesaria Hospital is offering quality services in other specialties such as oncology and hepatology. This hospital also comprises 70 beds overall, 9 beds in the Intensive Care Unit, and 2 ventilators. In addition to all these facilities, Anklesaria hospital has four operation theaters and a well-equipped labor room.

Atia General Hospital

Atia General Hospital is also the best Karachi nafsiyati hospital for finding solutions for mental disorders. The psychiatric department of this hospital is well-established and psychologists and psychiatrists are treating mental patients every day. Atia General Hospital is also one of the busiest hospitals in Karachi.

There is a facility of 80 beds in this hospital, and patients can get advanced medical and surgical services 24/7. At Atia general hospital, psychiatrists completely diagnose many mental conditions. They assess the mental condition of every patient by asking a standard set of questions to check the sign of mental problems.

One benefit of visiting this hospital for mental problems is that you will get every possible treatment and solution for them!

DHA Medical Center

DHA Medical Center is also a famous hospital to get the most effective treatment for mental problems. In every specialty like psychiatry, DHA Medical Center is offering state-of-the-art medical services. This medical center has a team of psychiatrists and psychologists to facilitate patients with mental problems.

At DHA medical center, you can get medical services for your mental problems such as eating or anxiety disorders. Psychiatrists will always diagnose your mental condition and then would recommend an effective solution for your condition. 

Haleem Hospital

Haleem hospital also has a place among the best nafsiyati hospitals in Karachi. Along with many psychiatry treatments for different mental conditions, Haleem Hospital Karachi is offering the best healthcare services in North Nazimabad. 

Psychiatrists at Haleem hospital are using the latest ways to diagnose different mental conditions. These psychiatrists have an experience of quite several years. And they can effectively treat anxiety or bipolar disorder, as well as problems like depression.

Usually, people with mental problems need several therapies to overcome them if they get severe. The psychiatrists at Haleem hospital will give these therapies in the best possible way to help these patients.

Hillpark General Hospital

Hillpark general hospital is a good healthcare specialty where you can find many treatment options for your mental or psychological problems. Psychiatrists at Hillpark General Hospital are practicing every day to help patients who are experiencing psychological issues.

At Hillpark General Hospital, psychiatrists make sure to give confidence to patients with mental conditions, so that they can easily tell them about their conditions. This hospital has a team of experienced psychiatrists who have been practicing for years.

In addition to good psychiatric services, Hillpark General Hospital is also famous for its other medical services in various specialties. It also has a capacity of one hundred beds and is located at Main Shaheed Road.

Indus Hospital

Indus Hospital Karachi is also offering effective treatments and solutions for mental disorders. It is also an advanced hospital when we talk about Karachi psychiatric hospitals. To upgrade health services for mental conditions, Indus Hospital Karachi launched a center in 2020. This center was named Pursukoon Zindagi Wellness Center. Since its establishment, this center is helping patients with mental problems to improve their emotional and mental well-being.

Psychiatrists and psychologists at this center are providing different medical services such as health counseling, and patient support, and are raising awareness about the importance of mental health. Besides providing the best services in a psychiatric specialty, Indus hospital is offering quality services for many other specialties such as nephrology and hematology.

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