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6 Best Liver Transplant Hospitals in Pakistan to Help You to Start a Healthy Life

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A liver transplant is a surgical way of treatment for people whose liver does not function properly. The liver stops working effectively if it gets affected by cancer or other diseases.  These diseases can lead to liver failure, and it is difficult to control this failure with other treatments.

Liver failure can occur very quickly. If it occurs quickly then we call it acute liver failure. Though, acute liver failure is an uncommon condition that can occur due to the use of several medicines. A liver transplant will treat acute liver failure.

The liver is the largest internal organ and is responsible for life-supporting functions. Therefore, getting a liver transplant for people becomes necessary with acute or chronic liver failure. However, it can be troublesome for people to find the best health specialty to get a liver transplant.

Finding the best liver transplant hospitals in Pakistan can also be difficult. If you are finding it difficult to select an appropriate liver transplant hospital, then this guide is for you to choose the best hospital in major cities. You will be able to find liver transplant hospitals in two major cities Lahore and Islamabad.

Best Liver Transplant Hospitals in Lahore

Here are some hospitals in Lahore that provide the best facilities for liver transplants:

Bahria International Hospital

Bahria International Hospital is an advanced hospital that is providing outstanding health services in Lahore. Along with many other health specialties, the Center for Liver and Biliary Sciences is quite famous at Bahria International Hospital.

This center is a world-class facility to treat different diseases of the liver and gallbladder and is approved by Punjab Human Organ Transplant Authority (PHOTA). It is providing liver and kidney transplantation services for adults and children. Hepatologists at this center are also treating conditions such as congenital liver disease, liver cancer, and liver cirrhosis.

The Center for Liver and Biliary Sciences is also offering different liver surgeries such as:

  • Liver resection for metastasis and liver cancer
  • Liver haemangioma
  • Liver surgeries for tumors in children
  • Laparoscopic keyhole surgery for cysts
  • Abdominal vascular shunt surgery

Doctors Hospital

Doctors Hospitals Lahore is a renowned hospital that has a capacity of 250 beds. This hospital has been fulfilling medical needs for more than twenty years. Doctors Hospital Lahore is famous for different medical specialties such as cardiac care, kidney transplant, and liver transplant.

The liver transplant department of Doctors Hospital is using the latest technology to transplant the liver. This department is fully equipped with advanced equipment. Hepatologists and liver transplant surgeons are using state-of-the-art equipment such as Cavitron ultrasonic surgical operators.

Every piece of equipment at the liver transplant department of Doctors hospital meets international standards. During a liver transplant, a team from the anesthesia department is also present to manage hemodynamic changes. These changes often occur during a liver transplant but the team takes care of these changes to ensure the safety of patients.

Evercare Hospital

Evercare Hospital is among the best hospitals when it comes to liver transplant hospitals in Lahore. This hospital was established in 2019 to provide a wide range of medical services. Since its establishment, it has offered the best diagnostic and treatment services. The hospital makes sure to use the latest technology for different treatments and surgical procedures.

These surgical procedures involve laparoscopic surgeries and liver transplants. Evercare Hospital Lahore has a team of qualified consultants. This team has the expertise of years in the field of hepatobiliary and liver transplantation. 

After discussing the best hospitals for liver transplants in Lahore, it is time to find out hospitals in Islamabad that are famous for this transplantation.

Best Hospitals for Liver Transplant in Islamabad

These are hospitals in Islamabad that are providing the best services for Liver transplants. You can also find the best solutions for your liver disease from these hospitals.

Shifa International Hospital

Shifa International Hospital Islamabad is a pioneer in the services of liver transplants in Pakistan. This hospital has the largest team of qualified and well-experienced liver transplant surgeons to provide the best medical facilities.

Hepatologists and liver transplant surgeons at Shifa International Hospital are facilitating liver patients against many diseases such as fatty liver disease. These surgeons perform every liver transplant in a safe and effective environment. 

Recently, this hospital has become the first hospital in Pakistan to complete one thousand living donor liver transplants. The liver transplant program at Shifa Hospital has been running since 2009 to help people access the best treatment.

PAF Hospital

PAF hospital in Islamabad is another best healthcare specialty for liver transplants. This hospital has a capacity of six hundred beds and is affiliated with Fazaia Medical College. PAF Hospital Islamabad has state-of-the-art medical facilities and different teams of healthcare practitioners.

 Some of the common medical services at PAF hospitals are related to radiology and hepatology. Like many other specialties, hepatologists and liver transplant surgeons are using electro-medical equipment to make it more effective.

Ali Medical Center

Ali Medical Center is also among the best liver transplant hospitals in Islamabad. It is a multi-specialty hospital that has a capacity of seventy-five beds. Ali Medical Center Islamabad comprises various medical facilities such as modern operation theaters, d`elivery rooms, and a neonatal intensive care unit.

Qualified consultants from different specialties such as hepatology are ensuring quality medical services. Hepatologists are facilitating patients by offering various treatments for different diseases such as liver cirrhosis.

In addition to liver cirrhosis, you can also find solutions for abnormal LFTs, complicated liver diseases, and autoimmune hepatitis at Ali Medical Center.

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