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5 Best Urology Hospitals in Islamabad

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When it comes to making a choice out of all the best urology hospitals in Islamabad, there are various options available. The urology hospitals in Islamabad are equipped with the best technology and are staffed by the most experienced and skilled urologists. 

From routine checkups to diagnostics tests to advanced treatments and surgeries, the best kidney doctors in the hospitals of Islamabad provide top-notch services to deal with patients. 

The urologists at the urology hospitals in Islamabad are highly skilled in treating conditions related to the urinary tract and male reproductive organs. So, if you are confused to choose between all the best hospitals, I am here to make it easy for you and am provisioning with the list of top urinary disease hospitals in Islamabad. 

Best Urology Hospitals in Islamabad

Here is a list of the 5 best urology hospitals in Islamabad to make it easy for you o choose from the best. 

1- Shifa International Hospital

Shifa International Hospital is one of the best state-of-the-art private hospitals in Islamabad offering advanced medical facilities including urology services. It is a 550 bedded facility that has been providing the best healthcare facilities to the patients without compromising medical services and is at the top of the list of best urology hospitals in Islamabad. 

Shifa Department of Urology provides the community with treatment options relevant to urologic diseases. A highly trained and skilled team of urologists and andrologists provide services for the treatment and diagnosis of urological conditions like cancer, bladder problems, kidney stones, prostate disease, effects of masturbation on kidneys, and male infertility. 

In 2001, Shifa Kidney Transplant Program was started with the objective to establish a center of excellence to treat kidney diseases. So far, the team of Shiofa has performed more than 600 kidney transplant surgeries in both pediatric and adult patients. From the time it was inaugurated, the program sticks to practices and guidelines on organ donation and transplantation.

Hospital Information: Shifa International Hospital 

Address: 4 Pitras Bukhari Road, H 8, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital, Pakistan

2- Capital International Hospital

Capital Internation Hospital is one of the hospitals in Islamabad that come in the list of the best urology hospitals in Islamabad. The hospital is known for its outclass urology services as the CEO of Capital International Hospital is a veteran urologist and has great experience in the field of urology.

The major reason for its establishment is to provide the best and most accessible treatment to patients in need. People from all parts of the country come and visit the hospital and get treatment through convenient and affordable means. 

The urology department is doing its best to provide treatment regarding kidney diseases, be it just a minor kidney stone or it is as serious as kidney failure.    

Hospital Information: Capital International Hospital

Address: Street 3 Service Road W, G 12, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital, Pakistan 

3- Hashmi Medical and ICSI Center

Hashmi Medical and ICSI Center s one of the well-known fertility centers that works great on the urology part of things. The major focus is on the treatment of infertility both in men and women and highly trained urologists work day and night to cure and treat infertility in men. 

With that, urology ailments and disorders involving UTIs, bladder control issues, and prostate issues are dealt with great care at one of the best urology hospitals in Islamabad known as Hashmi Medical and ICSI Center. 

The major urology services offered at the hospital include kidney stones, male sexual health, bladder/kidney tumor surgery, and prostate diseases. 

Hospital Information: Hashmi Medical and ICSI Center

Address: First Floor Plaza Plot 29/30 Above Save Mart, G 11, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital, Pakistan

4- Maroof International Hospital 

Started in 2009, Maroof International Hospital is a hospital built with the concept of providing the best health to every citizen. The great infrastructure and the diagnostic services including the laboratory and imaging make it one of the best urology hospitals in Islamabad.

Located in F-10, the hospital provides the best services when it comes to the urology department. The top-notch technology used to diagnose and treat patients is unmatchable. From the evaluation of the urinary tract imagining, and prostate examination, to educating patients about the side effects of masturbation, the urology team at Maroof International Hospital works together to provide comprehensive care to the patients. 

This hospital also makes its way to the best pediatric urology hospitals list providing the best-needed treatment to children.  

Hospital Information: Maroof International Hospital

Address: 10th Ave, F 10, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital, Pakistan

5- Noor General Hospital

Noor General Hospital is one of the best urology hospitals in Islamabad providing top-notch services to the public of Islamabad. It offers the most accessible, affordable, and cost-effective treatment to patients in need. Be it as common as kidney stones or as complicated as a kidney failure treatment, the staff at the Noor General Hospital does its best to provide the needed care and environment to the patients in need.

All urology-related diseases and conditions are treated at Noor General Hospital by professionals that are the best at what they do. A multidisciplinary team of nephrologists and urologists treat conditions from male infertility,  and kidney cancer, to prostate issues. These also make their way to the best pediatric urology hospital in Islamabad providing great treatment options to children with kidney issues.     

Hospital Information: Noor General Hospital

Address: Ground floor Al Rehman Plaza Near Shaheen Grocers And Chemist, G 11, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital, Pakistan

Book an Appointment with the doctors of Best Urology Hospitals in Islamabad

Now that you are aware of the hospitals that specialize in urology diagnosis and treatment, it is on you to make a choice out of all the hospitals on the list. All the hospitals mentioned above come under the best urology hospitals in Islamabad list and provide top-notch services to the patient in need. 

If you are still struggling, then connect with Healthwire in order to book an appointment with the best urologist near you by visiting the top urology hospital.

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