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Masturbation Effects on Kidney – 7 Masturbation Questions You are Afraid to Ask

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Periods, abortion, and addiction are some of the taboos of modern human societies that we normally keep out of our polite conversations.


We often do not dare to talk about this despite knowing what impacts it can pose on our physical and psychological health.

Masturbation is one such act! 

This is a way to attain sexual pleasure by physical stimulation of your genitals. The phenomenon is quite common in both genders. In spite of being this common, there is a lot we don’t know about this.

For instance, what are masturbation’s effects on the kidney, or if masturbation can initiate hair growth on my hand palms and so on… I am sure there will be many others that often cross your mind but you have been afraid to ask those.

Let’s find answers to some uneasy questions about masturbation!  

Common Masturbation Questions 

There are many things we tend to hear about masturbation. There are different kinds of religious and cultural views on this act of self-pleasure. However, it still remains widely misunderstood. Let’s find answers to some of the common questions about masturbation.

1- Masturbation Effects on Kidneys – Does it Cause Kidney Stones?

This is probably one of the most common questions asked about masturbation.

Many people believe that it can cause severe side effects on our kidneys and can result in kidney stones or infections. However, there is no truth in these. Despite many other side effects of masturbation on human health, it causes no impact on our kidney health. There is no such evidence that releasing too many sperms can result in kidney pain, stones, or even kidney failure.

2- Will Masturbation Make My Bones Weak?

After knowing about masturbation effects on the kidney, let’s talk about another common masturbation question. 

Many people ask if masturbation can result in bone weakness. Well, this can be true to some extent.

The reason is that masturbation can result in nutrient loss from the body. These nutrients such as zinc play a crucial role in bone growth and bone regeneration as proven through many scientific studies. Zinc is also an important part of collagen that acts as a foundation matrix for our bones.

You may end up losing these important nutrients from your body while you are masturbating. This results in the compromised ability of bone regeneration and poor bone growth due to nutrient deficiency. 

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3- Can Masturbation Cause UTIs?

Another thing that bothers people about masturbation is whether this can cause UTIs.

Well, urinary tract infections are quite common and many things such as masturbation can be linked with this. Many people can contract UTIs if their hands and genitals are not clean enough. The physical stimulation of the genitals requires touching it through your hands or sometimes through any stimulator. If any of these contain germs on them then you can surely get UTI from masturbation. 

To minimize your chances of acquiring UTIs due to masturbation, make sure to urinate immediately. Also, clean from front to back to reduce your chances of contracting UTIs.

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4- Can Masturbation Cause Back Pain?

After knowing about the impacts of masturbation effects on the kidney let’s address another common question; can masturbation cause back pain? 

Well, the answer to this can be yes. Practicing poor body posture while you are masturbating is surely one of the important causes of back pain. Further, back pain due to masturbation can also occur due to hormonal level changes in the body. Masturbation limits the production of testosterone, oxytocin, DHT, etc. in our body which triggers the release of prostaglandins E2. This increased production of prostaglandins E2 causes inflammatory pain. So, yes masturbation can result in lower back pain.

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5- Can Masturbation Cause Vision Loss?

Just like masturbation affects the kidney many people tend to associate this with vision loss as well. 

Well, the answer is no. Releasing sperm through masturbation doesn’t hamper your eyesight. So, you will not go blind due to over-masturbation. Though it can affect your health in many other ways this will not damage your eyesight or will give you dark circles.

You may experience eyesight troubles due to many other reasons. If your eyesight tends to get weaker then make sure to visit your doctor for the right advice.

You can consult the best ophthalmologist in Lahore via Healthwire to discuss your visual health.

6- Can Masturbation Cause Frequent Urination?

This question is also about the effects of masturbation on the kidneys.

As told earlier, masturbation harms your kidneys in no way so it can’t affect your urination frequency. Despite the fact that the urethra in males is responsible for the release of both sperm and urine from your body, still masturbation doesn’t impact your urination frequency. While in the case of females, the openings are separate so there is no correlation between the two.

Though masturbation can harm your health in other ways it has nothing to do with your urine production.

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7- Can Masturbation Make My Palm Hairy?

No, there is no truth in this. By no means masturbating can cause hair growth on your palms.

The reason is that there are no hair follicles in your palm from where hair strands can come out. So, yes masturbation can’t make your palms hair and this is just a myth, say renowned physicians from Shaukat Omar Memorial Hospital Karachi. This claim was probably used to refrain people from masturbating. 

A Word from Healthwire!

I am sure now you have got answers to many of your masturbation questions. From masturbation effects on the kidneys to the eyes, we now understand the phenomenon much better.

Masturbation is an act of self-pleasure that is prohibited due to many moral and religious reasons.

Not only this but over-masturbation can also impact your physical and mental health in many ways.

It can impact your energy levels and can also affect your sexual performance in real life. It can also result in swollen genitals and alter your sexual behaviors. Further, many people can develop it as an addiction. So, by no means masturbation is good for you.

Now, I hope this gives you enough reasons to refrain from masturbation rather than believing those false lies!

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